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    Are you making use of these time-saving tips in JobWatch?

    26th April 2021 - Did you know that the BigChange system lets you customise your landing page? while if you use a web-based phone system, like RingCentral, you can see who’s calling you and find links to common functions in the BigChange system. Read on to find out how.

    The BigChange system is designed to help you run your business easily and efficiently. An important part of that is allowing personal setup so you can choose how you want to use the platform.

    For example, we found that a lot of BigChange users were logging in and immediately bouncing from the default landing page to other tabs like ‘Schedule’ or ‘Map’, but did you know there is an option to land directly on that page?

    If you find yourself constantly pushing past that default landing page to get to more urgent business, it might be worth investigating.

    You’ll find the option in the ‘Website’ tab, under ‘My Settings’ on the BigChange system. Simply change the landing page from ‘Dashboard’ to ‘Alerts’, ‘Contacts’, ‘Map’, ‘Messages’, ‘Reports’ or ‘Schedule’ and next time you log in, that will be where you land.

    Time Saving Screenshot

    Whilst you are in there, you may want to check the other Personal settings to ensure they are all set to the best fit for the way you work.

    Our second tip is about taking calls through the BigChange system. With many businesses continuing to work remotely, it’s important to make and field calls quickly and effectively. This can be done by seamlessly integrating BigChange with an internet phone system like RingCentral.

    To set this up in RingCentral, just go to the settings icon in the mobile app. Select ‘Calls’ then navigate to ‘Incoming’ and toggle ‘Launch external app or a URL on incoming call‘ to ‘On‘. Then just copy the url: into the ‘Execute Command’ box. 

    For full setup details go to the BigChange Help Centre click here.

    You can also enable click-to-call on the JobWatch platform, letting you phone JobWatch contacts at the push of a button.

    Time Saving Screenshot

    By setting this up, employees will know who is calling before they pick up the phone. The BigChange system will automatically display caller information, as well as show links to your most recent notes and jobs regarding the client. You can even start new notes before you start speaking, making sure you are ahead of the game.

    Time Saving Screenshot

    We hope these two tips will help you save time and run the JobWatch system the way you want. We’ll be back again soon with more advice.

    26th April 2021



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