Part 3

How can Service Management Software save your Business Money? Part III

Leeds, UK – Jobs are completed correctly when a company’s workflow process are followed. Technology can ensure that technicians follow safety and workflow process (risk assessments, method statements) without exception.

By mandating that workflow processes are followed for every project, maintenance request or service operation, workers improve their success rate.

With clear-cut directives outlining step by step directions (depending on your system this may also include uploading of images at each step to prove the protocol has been followed) technicians can focus on solving the issue at hand without the worry about missing vital safety, legal or maintenance requirements.

Through the use of management software, such as BigChange’s JobWatch, the back office can improve compliance of safety, operations, and legal procedures by upwards of 81%. In the end, drivers and technicians following all company policies- from servicing machinery to interacting with a customer- ensures the job will be done correctly, the first time, every time!!

Is Service Management software right for your business?

Traditional methods of managing mobile workforces rely upon a dizzying array of papers and phone calls; missed appointments and a problematic first-time fix rate. New fully mobile systems, like BigChange’s JobWatch, can significantly improve customer retention and satisfaction by improving communication between workers in the field and the back office.

Improved visibility between service staff and the back office reduces the time needed for manual administration, while improving the timeframe for scheduling and dispatch of team members to work sites.

For customers, the ability to track services and transaction history can drastically improve satisfaction rate. Bringing together technicians and managers with customers in one place enables everyone to do their jobs better. Saving time, money and making sure the job is done right.

Service Management software aims to optimise system-wide communication while organising customer data for project technicians and office managers. In creating a central hub for all aspects of the service operation- from customer calls to step by step servicing workflows- your business can;

  • Improve worker productivity
  • Decrease fuel costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Decrease overstocking
  • Ensure industry best safety standards are followed
  • Improve first-time fix rate
  • Simplify workflows and invoicing

If you’re looking to improve productivity and savings across the board you may want to seriously consider comprehensive service management systems, such as BigChange’s JobWatch with 5-in-1 functionality to streamline how your business operates.

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