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How can Service Management Software save your Business Money? Part II






> How can Service Management Software save your Business Money? Part II

4th April 2019 - Just as important as driver and technician performance, the back office must be able to process all customer & technician data while generating invoices and inventory information without error.

With a comprehensive service management platform, the back office staff has access to live real-time data which fully reflects the service experience. Without having to wait for drivers to return to the office to provide service information, the back office can instantly produce invoices for customers.

Depending on the functionality of the system, you may be able to produce invoices within the platform itself, such as with the 5-in-1 functionality of JobWatch. Together with real-time alerts and visibility of progress against the work plan, mobile workforce management platforms can significantly improve back-office efficiency.

Within the BigChange platform, customers saved an average of 8 hours per mobile worker per month in back office time. On a small scale, these savings make a big impact, on the larger scale, service management software can save your organisation tens of thousands of pounds annually.

First-time fix rate & Improving Customer Satisfaction

The core element driving retention and customer satisfaction is the ability to solve the customer’s problem(s) during the first contractor or technician visit. Known in the industry as first-time fix rate (FTFR), this factor is often the make it or break it in building customer loyalty.

To improve FTFR, service providers and contractors must optimise:

  • Procurement of parts and consumables
  • Scheduling of technicians (based off skill set and proximity)
  • Management of workflow (to ensure protocols have been followed)
  • Parent-Child relationships (to ensure the best communication between back office and service contractors)
  • Client communication

Inventory Procurement & Preventing Overstock

You can’t solve a problem without the right tools for the job. Just as it is critical to have a technician with the right skill to resolve an issue, as well as all the specific items needed to fix the problem on the spot.

From smaller organisations with more limited resources to large companies with hundreds of employees and capital to back them, the ability to prevent overstocking can make a significant difference to your business’s bottom line. By ensuring that contractors don’t overstock parts and inventory, a business can reduce operating costs and ensure cash is not tied up in stock.

Real-time, cloud-based inventory ensures that contractors are always properly supplied with all parts and tools for each job. By minimising the number of required contractor visits, customer satisfaction drastically improves, while technicians can save, on average 10 hours of travel time per month.

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Please read part III to learn about can Service Management Software can improve workflow compliance and save you Money!! To read Part I click Here.

4th April 2019



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