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How Field Service Mobile Apps Enhance the Customer Experience

14 January 2022






> How Field Service Mobile Apps Enhance the Customer Experience

Around half of all field service organisations use multiple platforms, spreadsheets and paper-based documents to manage their operations. However, with an enormous 76% of customers now expecting companies to anticipate their needs and deliver outstanding customer experiences (CX), traditional ways of working don’t have what it takes to meet their demands.

With manual administration methods being inherently error-prone, it’s easy for minor slip-ups to cause extensive, costly issues. Not only do such problems eat into your profits, but they can also have severe reputational repercussions if your customers are affected in the process. 

The good news is that modern field service management (FSM) technology platforms have been designed specifically to help companies realise their full potential and better customer experiences. The best platforms on the market include an integrated mobile app that equips technicians with the tools they need to impress clients every time.

In this article, we’ll explore how your field-based workforce can make the most of an FSM mobile app and enhance the customer experience.

Using Field Service Mobile Apps to Deliver a Better Customer Experience

When using a field service mobile app, your technicians will be able to do the following:

1. Get the Job Done the First Time

Field service organisations that achieve a high first-time fix rate of 70% or above boast an impressive 86% customer retention rate. With people leading hectic lives, clients appreciate it when technicians can complete the job on the first appointment.

Fortunately, with the right field service mobile app to hand, your technicians will never have to worry about arriving at a job unprepared. Once your customers have made their appointments, the booking details will appear in the system for your back-office staff. Consequently, they can assign the correct stock, equipment and assets to each job so your workers will have all the gear they need to complete the job during the first appointment.

Aside from delighting your clients by providing a rapid and straightforward service, your workers will also have more time each day to attend additional appointments and boost your organisation’s reputation.

2. Send Invoices to Customers Immediately

When using manual methods, it takes the average accounts receivable team around 11 hours to process an invoice. Unfortunately, slow invoicing processes can lead to late payments and dissatisfied customers, who don’t want to wait for days — or sometimes weeks — to pay for a service. 

In contrast, field service mobile apps can produce important documents in a matter of seconds. Once your technicians have completed their jobs, they’ll be able to pull through data from the CRM (customer relationship manager) and create an accurate invoice directly from their mobile devices. 

With the invoice being completely digital, your technicians can then send the invoice straight to the customer, who can approve it there and then. Finally, using a range of convenient, electronic payment methods, clients can pay for the service on the same day. As such, they won’t be burdened with the task of remembering to pay the paper-based invoice when it arrives long after the job is complete.

3. Share Their Location With Customers

From pizza to parcels, customers today are used to being able to live-track the whereabouts of their orders. So, why would they expect anything less from your organisation? In fact, a staggering 89% of customers say they want an ‘Uber-like’ service to track the location of their field service technicians alongside updates on their arrival times.

It’s no secret that the average workday for a field technician is unpredictable. Emergency call-outs and cancellations can mean that their schedule has to shift. But, using a field service app like BigChange’s, your workers can pause, suspend, reject and create new jobs from scratch on the field, meaning they can respond to new bookings as they arise.

However, an erratic schedule doesn’t mean you can’t provide your customers with accurate updates on the location of their technicians. Combining GPS tracking software with a mobile app enables your workers to communicate with your back-office team so they can send out notifications to customers at the right moments.

Once your customers receive their update, they’ll be able to see an estimated time of arrival and click on the live tracking link. Keeping your clients in the loop on the day of their appointment indicates that you value their time, and they should be more inclined to use your company again as a result.

Investing in Technology is Your Best Bet to Standing Out from the Competition

The global field service market is predicted to reach $4.45 billion by 2022 as more companies begin to adopt FSM platforms to meet customer expectations. Therefore, field service organisations will need to stay ahead of their competitors and be early adopters of the latest technology to avoid becoming obsolete.

When you use BigChange’s FSM platform, you’ll also have access to the free field service mobile app that enables your technicians to do the following:

  • Log expenses
  • Capture photos and signatures
  • Check quantities of stock, equipment and assets
  • Carry out risk assessments
  • Complete daily vehicle walkaround checks
  • View all information about each job on the CRM
  • Send invoices to customers
  • Fill out and submit timesheets

Arming your technicians with such a powerful piece of technology gives them the knowledge and tools they need to impress your clients, wherever they are.

Provide a Better Customer Experience with BigChange

Allow your technicians to see all job information in one place.

With the BigChange Mobile Application, your field-based workforce will have everything they need to deliver excellent service. Technicians can share real-time updates on location and job statuses, guarantee on-time customer payments with electronic invoices, and enhance communication between technicians and your back-office.

All from the palm of their hands.

Want to find out more?

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14th January 2022



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