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How Online Scheduling Software Improves Customer Satisfaction






> How Online Scheduling Software Improves Customer Satisfaction

Let’s imagine for a moment that a customer is looking for a service and has searched for relevant companies online. Your business appears in the search results, but you’ve only provided a telephone number. Your customer doesn’t have time to sit on the phone so they move on and go with a company that allows them to book online instead.

These days many people prefer to finalise a booking with a single click. In fact, 42% of people vastly prefer online scheduling over picking up the phone. Having technology in place that makes it easy for customers to see your availability and book jobs with you is one of the most effective strategies for keeping your customers happy. 

In this article, we’ll discuss online scheduling software and share several specific features BigChange offers that can help you vastly improve customer satisfaction.

Improve Customer Satisfaction with Online Scheduling Software: Top Four Tips

1. Use Online Scheduling to Show Your Availability

The most important step in improving customer satisfaction with online scheduling software is making sure your availability is clearly presented on your website or application. If customers can’t easily book you for the times and dates they need your services, you may have already lost them. 

Fortunately, online scheduling software has made appointment booking and rescheduling easier than ever. Online scheduling software enables your customers to log onto your website or application to schedule or reschedule appointments or jobs. The ability to conveniently manage bookings will increase your customer satisfaction rate as well as reduce administrative work for your back-office team.

BigChange’s smart scheduling assistant goes even further by allowing your team to allocate and reallocate resources based on location, traffic information, job constraints, and vehicle type. Consequently,  your customers will quickly and easily get the best and nearest resource for the job.

2. Keep Customers Informed with Automated Notifications

If there’s one thing no one wants when they purchase a product or service, it’s having to call and follow up on the status of work, or the whereabouts of a worker. Providing your clients with transparency about the job status and their technicians’ locations is essential. In fact, 68% of people have a better opinion of a business when they send automatic customer service notifications. 

With BigChange’s field service management software, you can see exactly where your resources are using our GPS vehicle tracking feature. Your customers will also be provided with a link showing the technicians’ live locations for every job they order. 

Your clients won’t even have to check the platform to see where the resource is; they will receive automatic updates on the resource’s estimated time of arrival and job completion status via email and text messages.

3. Provide Customers with Automated Scheduling Options

Using online scheduling software that allows your clients to schedule jobs on their own is one step in the right direction to building a great customer experience. However, did you know that you can go beyond offering simple online scheduling and easily set up recurring jobs? 

As such, you can remove the burden from both your customers and your back-office staff to remember to book repeat appointments.

BigChange’s recurring job templates are perfect for clients who know they have a lot of jobs for you. This feature enables you to create groups of jobs to complete so you and your customers can schedule all the required work for the group straightforwardly in one go. 

When you or your customers don’t know if they’ll require further work in advance, rest assured there is still a way they can automate future jobs. If your customer realises that a job needs additional work, you can choose an automated option that captures information from the former job and automatically creates a new one instantly. 

The new job will include the job contract, original job details, skills, constraints, financial line items, as well as the original resource’s comments about the job, saving you time and reducing the amount of administration required. 

Automating and making scheduling easier for your customers makes the experience of doing business with you faster and easier, a sure way to improve customer satisfaction.

4. Quickly Book Unscheduled Jobs

No matter how busy it is, there are times when your field service technicians may have gaps in their schedules. Add to that the possibility that a technician’s next job might require significant travel time from their present location, and your resource may end up spending hours of their day not working. Not only is this bad for your company’s productivity, but it could also have a negative effect on your field service technicians’ morale.

BigChange’s online scheduling software doesn’t just offer easy scheduling for allocated jobs, it also lets field service professionals self-allocate jobs. You can enter custom pricing models for each job type as well as customer-specific prices and rating tables. Field service professionals can then filter jobs to suit their location or skills. Not only will this feature improve customer satisfaction by assigning the job to the right technician in record time, it means you can fill more jobs effortlessly. Past clients have seen a 40% increase in productivity just by using this self-allocation of jobs feature. 

Improve Customer Satisfaction with BigChange’s Online Scheduling Software

The days of always having to call to schedule a service are over. 

Customers expect businesses to use online scheduling software to meet their needs, and the faster you provide this service the better. Improving customer satisfaction with online scheduling will always start with how you list your availability to customers. 

BigChange’s intelligent scheduling will enable your clients to schedule and reschedule jobs with ease. Automated messages that show your clients if your resource is on schedule and when they finished the job will also improve your customer satisfaction rate by reducing their need to check up on the job status. 

Plus, you can free up time for your back-office staff by eliminating repetitive administration tasks, leaving them to focus on improving the customer experience. Lastly, you can take scheduling jobs completely out of your hands by allowing resources to self-allocate jobs themselves, fulfilling more client orders and resulting in faster service. 

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28th January 2022



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