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How to Improve Customer Convenience in Field Service Organisations






> How to Improve Customer Convenience in Field Service Organisations

A large part of a field service business’ day is scheduling and managing appointments. Yet, shockingly, 25% of companies currently use inefficient spreadsheets and manual data entry to create their schedules. The remaining organisations may rely on whiteboards, old technology or other error-prone processes. 

If you haven’t yet adopted job management technology, you’ll likely find that manual methods cause slow business operations for you and create inconvenient situations for your customers.

Unfortunately, traditional methods of scheduling jobs aren’t going to cut it in the modern world. Customers are used to seamless, convenient experiences that spreadsheets, paper-based documents and legacy systems cannot provide.

This article will guide you on how to improve customer convenience in the field service management industry using software to deliver superior, speedy services.

1. Offering Self-Service to Improve Customer Convenience

In 2019, 88% of consumers expected an organisation to have a form of self-service portal available. This self-service portal could be for anything from customer service queries to appointment booking. And the fact that customers seem to prefer to help themselves first, instead of talking to a business representative, cannot be ignored.

To provide your customers with added convenience, you should use job management software that allows people to book appointments when it suits them. Consequently, they can book when they need to, instead of waiting for business hours to contact your offices and organise a booking.

The added advantage of using job management software to manage appointments is that it immediately sends customers’ booking details to your back-office staff. Your team can then use the in-built intelligent scheduling assistant to optimise your schedule. For example, the software can create a more streamlined calendar based on each appointment and their purpose, freeing up any time that had previously been unavailable for booking due to errors caused by out-of-date manual scheduling processes. 

Aside from being able to take on more bookings, you can also respond to emergency call outs, as the schedule can be flexible enough to accommodate emergent customer scenarios. Finally, more appointments available means your customers will be more likely to find an appointment that suits them — and it means more cash flowing in for you.

5th February 2022 - 2. Real-time Updates for Improved Communication

Organisations that fail to modernise and adopt technology to maximise their communications with customers now risk becoming obsolete. With a staggering 89% of customers preferring an “Uber-like” service for tracking technician arrivals, traditional methods of managing your schedule aren’t going to be convenient to your clients and keep them coming back in the future.

The latest field management software allows you to update your customers in real-time with GPS tracking. They’ll be able to track where their technicians are at the touch of a button and go about their day safe in the knowledge that they won’t miss their engineers’ visit. So, never again will your customers have to wait at home all day with an inconvenient, vague time frame for arrival.

3. Go Digital with Your Documentation for Better Customer Convenience

In the UK, late invoice payments have risen by 23% since the start of 2020, potentially due to manual or laborious payment processes. Make sure your business isn’t missing out on making payment convenient for your customers, and in turn, being paid faster.

Often, it takes a few weeks for an accounts payable team to create and deliver a paper invoice to a customer with traditional accounting methods. 

But, with digital payment methods making sending money simple, paper invoicing and delays aren’t convenient for your customers. Using a digital field service management platform allows you to digitise all your important documents. For example, BigChange has an integrated invoicing feature to make the payment process far more straightforward. 

Once a field technician has completed a job, they can fill out all relevant information on their mobile and send the customer a digital invoice in seconds. This invoice will also link up to any contact information on the platform’s integrated CRM (customer relationship management) system, meaning there will be fewer human error mistakes than if invoicing was manual or hand-written.

Your customers can then digitally pay their invoice immediately using a range of convenient, online options. Not only do online payment methods ensure that your business bills are settled quickly and on time, but customers will have a smoother experience in dealing with the company and be more inclined to use your services again.

4. Anticipate Your Repeat Customers’ Needs

Suppose your field services company deals with a lot of regular maintenance. In that case, you could use software to make repeat bookings even more convenient for your customers by saving them wasting time on any administrative tasks.

Software such as BigChange allows your business to send automated texts or emails to remind customers it’s time to book so they don’t have the headache of needing to remember. The scheduling assistant can also automatically catalogue routine maintenance to save customers from contacting your firm at all. 

Not only are you anticipating customers’ needs with these automated features, but you’re simultaneously providing a smoother, more frictionless experience, where customers have to do as little as possible to achieve the result they need.

Job Management Platforms Provide Greater Convenience to Your Customers

Software not only supports convenience when it comes to invoices, though. It’s no secret that the emergence of COVID has changed customer needs for good. Companies could no longer rely on “business as usual” because of the essential need to protect their workers and customers from illness, meaning more services had to move online. However, even as COVID restrictions become increasingly relaxed, customers still expect the same level of convenience that digital processes offered them throughout the crisis. 

With BigChange, you can move your entire operation online. You’ll be able to give your customers a convenient and efficient service with features such as:

  • Self-service portal for online bookings
  • GPS tracking for technicians vehicles
  • Automated text updates
  • Automatic repeat booking 
  • Fast and simple invoicing and payment methods
  • ‘No touch’ signatures to prioritise health and safety
  • Storage for important documentation so that all employees have access to crucial information about the job

Improve Customer Convenience and Provide Speedy Services with BigChange

Some systems manage relationships. BigChange helps you master them.

Our fully integrated CRM system gives you a 360˚ view of every account, contact site and contract. Deliver positive customer experiences at every level thanks to an array of dynamic product features.

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5th February 2022



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