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How to Keep Field Service Customer Engagement High Once the Work is Complete






> How to Keep Field Service Customer Engagement High Once the Work is Complete

For 46% of businesses, customer experience (CX) is expected to be their number one priority in the next five years. With today’s customers wanting organisations to anticipate their needs and deliver outstanding services at every buyer journey stage, a robust CX strategy is key to company survival. Unfortunately, those that fail to consider the needs of their clients risk being left behind.

But, how do you maintain a high customer engagement rate in the later stages of the buyer journey, once the job is done?

In this article, we’ll explore the top three ways you can leave a positive impression on your clients and keep them coming back for more. Plus, we’ll share how job management software can simplify the entire process.

Keeping Your Customer Engagement Rate High Once the Work is Done

89% of companies see customer experience as a critical factor in driving customer loyalty and retention. Therefore, learning how to delight your clients — even once the work is complete — is essential. Here are our top three tips on keeping engagement high in the latest stages of the buyer journey:

1. Send a Customer Satisfaction Survey

Did you know, companies that measure customer satisfaction are 33% more likely to describe themselves as successful than those that don’t? By collecting customer satisfaction data, not only can you check that people are happy with the work your technicians carried out, it also enables you to address problem areas and improve your CX. 

With modern field service management technology, it’s easier than ever to collect customer feedback. Once your technicians have completed their jobs, the system will automatically send a company-branded satisfaction survey to your clients.

The system collects all the data and allows you to see your Net Promoter Score (NPS), which indicates how willing your customers would be to recommend your services to others. You can then break your customer base down into three categories:


Detractors will usually provide an overall satisfaction score of six or lower. The chances of these customers using your business again are incredibly slim, and they may even dissuade others from purchasing your services.


Passive customer scores of around seven or eight indicate that they were happy with the service but aren’t necessarily loyal to your company. They wouldn’t think twice about switching to a competitor if they had a better offering.


A score of 9 or 10 will indicate that these customers are promoters of your organisation. They were delighted with the outcome of the work and would actively recommend your services to others.

Collecting key metrics, such as customer satisfaction, enables you to see what you’re doing well and where there is room for improvement. Over time, you’ll be able to enhance your services and, in turn, your NPS.

2. Maintain Regular Communication

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of keeping yourself at the forefront of your clients’ minds. In fact, 80% of small-to-medium-sized businesses rely on email as their primary customer retention channel. 

Luckily, setting up regular email communications with your customers needn’t be a headache with the right job management software in place. For example, with BigChange, you can use custom-branded templates to send automated emails to your client base. Plus, using the built-in, dynamic data fields, you can pull the customers’ names directly from the CRM (customer relationship manager) for a personal touch that will make them feel valued.

Maintaining communication with your clients, even after their projects are complete, is a great way to remind them of your existence and increases the likelihood that they’ll think of your business next time they require field services.

3. Leave a Lasting Impression

According to Gartner, more than two-thirds of companies now compete primarily based on customer experience. Consequently, you will need to make CX a priority to stay competitive and retain customers.

With job management software, you can deliver seamless, convenient services to your customers that will leave a lasting impression and encourage brand loyalty. For example, a platform like BigChange provides the following:

  • Easy, online bookings: no more waiting on the phone to speak to a representative
  • Allocation of stock and equipment to jobs: ensure your technicians arrive at the job with the gear they need to complete the work the first time
  • Real-time status updates: allow your customers to track the location of their technician
  • Instant, digital documents: your technicians can send invoices and essential documents to your clients in seconds for same-day payment
  • Modern payment methods: enable your customers to pay using the methods they’re accustomed to — gone are the days of paper cheques

Providing a smooth end-to-end process and excellent customer service will make you stand out from your competitors that rely on outdated, manual processes. As such, you’ll increase the likelihood that clients will remain engaged with your business long after the work is complete.

Improve Your Field Service Customer Engagement Rates Using Technology

40% of field service organisations have enjoyed business growth due to adopting state-of-the-art technologies to manage their operations. Subsequently, companies will need to modernise their processes and undergo a digital transformation to maintain a high customer engagement rate and thrive in a competitive, post-pandemic landscape.

With BigChange’s job management software, you can digitise a large portion of the customer experience, making for a convenient, straightforward and excellent buyer journey that won’t add extra administration tasks to your team’s workload.

Elevate Your Customer Engagement Rate with BigChange

All the essential information you need at the click of a button.

BigChange’s field service management system gives you a 360˚ view of every account, contact site and contract. Deliver positive customer experiences at every level thanks to an array of dynamic product features.

Find out how BigChange can help your businessbook a free consultation today. Get more helpful guides and tips delivered to your inbox by subscribing to our newsletter below. You can keep up to date with BigChange on LinkedInTwitterFacebookInstagram and YouTube.

30th January 2022



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