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Why integrated mobile apps are the future of effective job sheets

2 October 2023

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> Why integrated mobile apps are the future of effective job sheets

For field service management firms, each task, be it plumbing, electrical, or commercial cleaning, demands precise instructions to complete it to the highest standard. Central to this is a tool every tradesperson knows well: the job sheet.

An effective job sheet provides clarity, acts as a reference point, and removes guesswork. But in today’s world, you need more than paper and pen to deliver excellence. So stay with us to learn why switching to an integrated mobile app can transform how you create and use job sheets. 

Let’s dive in. 🤿

What are job sheets? The basics

Split screen, on left a man in van driving looking at tablet. On right two paper showing site inspections.

In field service management, every minute counts. An effective job sheet ensures jobs and tasks are completed efficiently, reducing downtime and ambiguities. It also helps serve as a communication tool between team members, management, and sometimes even the client. 

Plus, it’s a record of work, which can be instrumental for invoicing, follow-ups, quality checks, and audit trail compliance.

📲For a deeper dive into job sheets, check out our ultimate guide here

While traditional job sheets have their merits, next up, let’s explore how technology can revolutionise these essential tools.

The integrated mobile app difference

Instead of relying on manual processes, an integrated mobile app for job management combines multiple tools into one place. It’s not just about recording job details; it’s about real-time updates, scanning barcodes and QR codes, taking images and digital signatures, and much more. 

And because it’s available on the cloud, it improves operations both in the back-office and in the field. So what does this technology actually look like in practice? Let’s take a closer look…

Mobile job sheets: A game-changing approach

Mobile tablets

With an app like BigChange, you’re not just digitising your job sheets; you’re transforming the entire job management workflow. 

Let’s take a look at what sets mobile job sheets apart:

1. Centralised information: With a tool like BigChange, all job-related info – ranging from task specifics to safety checks – is all housed in one place, making it easy for both engineers and back-office staff to find what they need. 

2. Instant updates: Mobile job sheet apps feature push notifications and real-time updates, allowing team members to stay in the loop about any last-minute changes to plans, schedules, or job statuses.

3. GPS-tracking: Knowing the exact location of each van, piece of equipment, or team member allows for better coordination and efficient dispatching. Plus, it also reduces downtime and overall productivity.

4. Offline capabilities: Even without a data connection, an app like BigChange allows engineers to access job details, ensuring uninterrupted work. 

5. Speedy invoicing: With instant job status updates, invoices can be generated straight after job completion. 

In summary, integrated mobile apps like BigChange are setting a new standard in job management. They offer a smarter, easier, and more streamlined approach. 

Want to see BigChange in action? If reading about these game-changing features has piqued your interest, why not experience them firsthand? Click here to talk to us and see how BigChange can boost your operations.

Or if you’re wondering what makes BigChange’s mobile app truly unique? Let’s delve into the standout features…

Mobile job sheet features that make a difference

In an increasingly digital world, the features that integrated mobile apps offer are transforming the way businesses manage jobs, track assets, and communicate. 

Here are some of the game-changing features that mobile apps provide:

⏰Real-time updates

One of the most crucial advantages that mobile apps offer is immediate access to any changes for all stakeholders involved. Gone are the days when teams had to manually update databases or circulate emails to ensure everyone was on the same page. Real-time updates mean that as soon as a change is made—be it a rescheduled appointment or a task update—it’s instantly reflected across the platform. This ensures that everyone, from field workers to management to clients, has the most current information at all times.

📌GPS tracking

We’ve touched on this briefly, but the value of real-time visibility cannot be overstated, particularly when it comes to knowing the whereabouts of your team. GPS tracking not only enhances safety and accountability but also contributes to better route optimisation and time management. Knowing where your team is at all times allows for smarter decision-making, from dispatching the closest engineer to a new job to rerouting teams based on real-time traffic conditions.

📊Inventory management

In traditional setups, keeping track of stock levels and order management often involved tedious manual logging, prone to human error. Mobile apps revolutionise this by offering real-time inventory management features. With the click of a button, you can know exactly what’s in stock, what’s running low, and what needs to be ordered. This type of inventory control can significantly reduce costs and improve service delivery times.

📲Direct customer communication

Client engagement has never been easier thanks to notification systems in mobile apps. These features enable communication with customers, whether it’s to update them on a service window, notify them of any delays, or simply to check-in post-service for feedback. The benefits are twofold: your customers feel more involved and satisfied, and you get real-time insights into customer satisfaction.

🖊️Digital signatures

The logistical nightmare of getting paperwork signed, returned, and processed is a thing of the past with digital signatures. Whether it’s a job completion form, a service agreement, or compliance documents, digital signatures allow for instant approvals. This not only speeds up the job closure process, but also ensures a secure, time-stamped, and legally binding acknowledgement, enhancing compliance and reducing liability.

These innovative features provide an integrated, real-time, and user-friendly approach to managing complex tasks and workflows. For companies looking to up their game and embrace the future of operational efficiency, these are the features that truly make a difference.

But if you’re a bit sceptical about the power of mobile job sheets, let’s take a look at a real-life case study…

Integrated mobile job sheets in action

Warmzilla is a national heating and home services innovator and works UK-wide with more than 500 fully vetted and approved WarmInstallers. 

The challenge

The team at Warmzilla found it increasingly difficult to scale their business while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. And the lack of direct communication with customers meant they were missing out on valuable feedback and opportunities for immediate service adjustments.

The BigChange solution

Warmzilla decided to adopt BigChange’s integrated mobile app for their job management. Here’s how it transformed their workflow. Now, pre and post implementation job sheets are digitally produced and sent to the engineer using the BigChange app. 

Once filled out onsite, complete with date, time, and location stamped photographs and customer signature, the job sheets are shared with the back-office BigChange system where the information is used for invoicing and customer follow-up.

The outcome

After transitioning to BigChange’s platform, WarmZilla saw a 50% increase in productivity. And their network of installers increased by 50% too. 

Client testimonial

“BigChange does the heavy lifting. It takes the stress out of day-to-day tasks by streamlining and automating workflows and by seamlessly integrating with our online presence and other business management systems. Unlike other systems, BigChange is extremely scalable, it’s designed to integrate and it’s built to be updated with new functionality and improved performance continuously added.” Matthew Powel, co-founder and Managing Director, WarmZilla.

If this example has given you some food for thought, these quick tips should help you to make the move to mobile job sheets.

Quick tips for a seamless transition to mobile job sheets

Moving to a mobile app-based system like BigChange can seem overwhelming. But with a strategic approach, this shift can be smooth and rewarding.

Here are some rapid-fire tips to help you make the move:

  • 🤝Get team buy-in: Share the benefits of switching to a mobile app with the whole team. Make sure everyone understands how it makes life easier.
  • ✅Choose the right software: Opt for a tool like BigChange that can be customised to fit your specific business needs. 
  • 🔎Monitor and adjust: Once the app is up and running, monitor key performance metrics to assess its impact. Make adjustments where needed.
  • 🥳Celebrate the wins: When you start seeing positive outcomes, make sure to celebrate with the team to boost morale and encourage adoption.

By following these quick tips, your move to a mobile app-based job sheet system can be smooth, efficient, and a huge step forward for your business operations. 

With these tips in mind, you’re ready to take action. But before you do, let’s recap on why mobile apps are not just a trend but a long-term solution… 

Boost operations with mobile job sheets

The need for real-time data, immediate updates, and seamless communication is more important than ever. That’s where integrated mobile apps like BigChange come into play. By adopting job sheet software with an integrated mobile app, you’re not just digitising your existing job sheets; you’re boosting your entire operational workflow. 

Features such as live updates, GPS tracking, inventory management, direct customer communication, and digital signatures don’t just replace old methods—they revolutionise them. 

With real-time data at your fingertips, you can make more informed decisions, reduce errors, and enhance customer satisfaction. Case studies have shown that companies who have made the transition often wonder how they ever managed without it.

So, what’s the next step? If you’re ready to evolve your job management system and take your business into the future, BigChange offers an intuitive, feature-rich platform designed to meet your unique needs. With our customisable solution, dedicated support, and proven track record, making the switch is easier than you think.

If you’re keen to learn more about BigChange, we’d love to talk to you.
📑Looking for more? Check out our ultimate guide to job sheets here.


2nd October 2023



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