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How to hit your KPIs and SLAs using job management software

9 October 2023

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> How to hit your KPIs and SLAs using job management software

Is your field service business flatlining? Or simply not growing fast enough? Your KPIs – Key Performance Indicators – show how your business is performing. Think; customer satisfaction levels, job completion rates, and financial gains.

But tracking KPIs and SLAs is tough for field-based businesses, and missing them leads to falling profits and low morale.

This all sounds a little deflating. But there is good news! There’s a proven way to nail your KPIs and outperform your SLAs. And that’s with job management software – specifically designed for your sector.

So let’s delve into how job management software can be your secret weapon to boost your bottom line.👇 

KPIs: Knowing your company’s vital signs

Before we delve into the meatier bits, let’s start with the basics. So, certain KPIs are common benchmarks in field services which allow you to assess the health of your business, and how it is performing.

Here are the most common KPIs in field services:

▶First-time fix rates

▶Engineer utilisation rates

▶Meeting Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

▶Job completion times

▶Customer satisfaction scores

You can even track profitability levels for each job.

Tracking these KPIs is essential to delivering the results you need to improve revenue. But did you know that with the right tech you can track them in real-time? 

By monitoring trends, detecting worsening symptoms, and even using KPIs to predict future demands. The numbers provide data-driven insights that you can regularly check-up on. It goes way beyond numbers on a whiteboard.

It’s not just best practice – it’s a necessity for business survival. 

Job management software: Your digital toolkit for KPI success

So, where does job management software come in? Ultimately, it’s a central platform to capture data in real-time, and more importantly, to package this into reports that actively track your business’s performance against the KPIs that matter most.

(With BigChange’s dashboards, you can immediately understand key metrics, digging down into data detail as needed.)

It literally tracks every area of your operations – from job scheduling through to invoicing. What makes it so powerful? Leading field service businesses use it to:

✅ Streamline processes – for greater efficiency, more jobs booked within a day, less admin, and greater profit margins per job.

✅ Minimise room for error and delays – for better customer experiences and higher first-time fix rates.

✅ Automating tasks – saving administration, minimising human error, and freeing staff up to focus on other business areas like service quality.

✅ Capture real-time data – thanks to automated job updates and more all on one platform (accessible via a mobile device, and even without an internet connection.

With job management software, field service businesses are empowered to make data-driven decisions instantly to propel them towards hitting KPIs.

All sounds great, but does it actually work? Let’s look at some real stats.🔎

Proof points: The stats to back up job management software

Fact: Field service businesses hit KPIs with job management software. Looking for solid proof? Here’s just a sample of results from using job management software specifically in this industry:

  • 💸 10% more revenue: Even with the same size team… Thanks to smarter scheduling and better organisation, more jobs can be completed within a day.
  • 🚗 11% less drive time: With route optimising tools and built-in sat-navs, businesses reduce the amount of travel per day.
  • 10% time-saving per job: Engineers waste a lot of time looking for job information. With BigChange’s mobile app, everything is at their fingertips.
  • 📇 10% less fuel: Avoid driving around in circles with route optimisation and even economical driving indicators to improve driver’s fuel efficiency.
  • 📈 400% return on investment 👇

In fact, with BigChange’s job management software, customers make £5 for every £1 they invest 🚀💸💸💸

Hard results to ignore.
📕 Want to hear more? Check out this infographic.

4 killer KPI features in job management software

But not all job management software is the same. And that’s why choosing the right tech is so important to generating ROI. 

Here are the top features to keep an eye out for if hitting, and exceeding, your KPIs is priority.

#1: Real-time tracking for quick decision making

This is an operational game changer. Real-time insights allow you to monitor everything from job status, technician locations, inventory levels and more.

And all these updates are instant. So, if a job lags or an engineer hits traffic, you can quickly change the schedule or update customers.

The result? Faster completion rates and more jobs booked within a day, just to start.

#2: Optimised scheduling for speed and efficiency

We’ve briefly touched on job scheduling a couple of times. You know, scheduling is the backbone of field service. But, with manual spreadsheets and processes, managing operations is clunky, error-prone, and slow. 

It’s a huge admin headache and responding quickly to changes like staff absence or emergencies is a nightmare. Automated scheduling, through job management software, brings operations into the 21st century with automated dispatching, time slot optimisation, and route planning.

The result? This feature doesn’t just maximise efficiency through minimising idle time, it reduces downtime and leads to happier customers.

#3: Data-driven insights

Comprehensive job management features like performance dashboards and trends analysis are like gold. The insight gained from real-time data allows you to mine every KPI and identify highs and lows – and then fine-tune your approach accordingly.

What’s more, it helps you to achieve your KPIs and then drive for more ambitious metrics thanks to its ability to map historic data and predict future trends.

The result? A 360-degree view of business operations so you can rapidly react to changes before they become a shortfall.

#4: Compliance and safety

Whilst compliance may be a legal requirement, it’s also a hallmark of quality service. And job management software – with its digital record-keeping, safety checklists and protocols to align operations with regulations – makes for a platform that acts as your insurance policy.

With real-time updates, job management software makes it easier for you to spot any gaps in compliance and reduce the risk of fines and legal issues.

The result? It ensures standards are met and legal boxes are checked to boost your credibility and prevent fines.

Ultimately, job management software becomes your competitive advantage. It unlocks consistent KPI success by optimising field service operations through intelligence automation and data-driven insights.

📕 Read more: Service software: Best features to look for [A checklist].

Your next steps to KPI success (plus tips to get the most from job management software)

We’ve covered a lot of ground in this short blog – from understanding vital KPIs to how job management software can help support business growth.

We’ve looked at how key features like job scheduling and real-time tracking deliver better profit margins per job, and next-level customer experiences. Not to mention easier adherence to compliance.

The bottom line? Here it is: Job management software is not just another digital tool – it’s must-have tech for field service businesses because those that use it can literally count the return on investment.

So, what are you waiting for?

Don’t settle for stagnant business performance. Grow your business today with the right job management software. Get a demo of BigChange. We’ve literally proven to grow businesses. 🚀🚀
Psst. You can read about some of them here.


9th October 2023



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