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What is BigChange Audit?

16 July 2019






> What is BigChange Audit?

BigChange Audit is a simple yet comprehensive online application which allows companies to self-audit and help directors, managers and employees truly understand the legal responsibilities.

BigChange Audit enables straightforward auditing and visibility of all aspects of transport compliance. Utilizing cloud-based hosting allows for remote visibility of uploaded evidence providing at-a-glance compliance checks and a central repository. In total, BigChange Audit provides a cost-effective solution to address several specific risks within the business.

There are four modules which are relevant to different fleet profiles:

What is the basic functionality of BigChange Audit?

BigChange Audit provides clients with the ability to review their fleet and safety compliance; it encourages ownership of compliance by people doing the job. It’s a cloud-based audit tool which requires uploaded evidence and includes an extensive Knowledge Bank to aid users to understand and answer the questions. Easy to view dashboards also help users see where issues exist and help them to address them. Questions cover both the existence of clear processes and the active use of these processes.

Who is this product ideal for?

All clients running a fleet – where it is a few vans or a major large goods vehicle operator. The product makes visibility easy across a large geographical area. A simple red/amber/green dashboard shows a simple, visible compliance status with the ability to click through to get more detail where issues exist

What tangible impact can BigChange Audit have on your business Health & Safety compliance strategy?

BigChange Audit can make a swift and significant impact on improving a client’s fleet compliance; it can be used by the people involved in the day-to-day management of the vehicles to improve their ownership and understanding of all aspects of fleet risk: safe driver, safe vehicle and safe journey. BCA provides a value-for-money approach to demonstrating that the company is meeting its moral and legal obligations, with a clear audit trail. It is a flexible tool which can also be used for internal and external audit.

What are the benefits to the customer?

  • Audit your operation using up to date guidance and industry best practice standards,
  • Keep depots involved inputting responses and uploading evidence,
  • Complete online visibility of compliance status across the company;
  • Compliance status dashboard, audit trail and action lists accessible anywhere.
  • Make big reductions in miles travelled and time spent auditing your transport operation

BigChange Audit example diagram

What services or onboarding is included in the implementation of BigChange Audit?

We offer client-tailored support from as little as half a day a month; we always do a full training session and ensure that clients are “over the hump” with their initial gap analysis.

How does BigChange Audit meet the needs of growing businesses in implementing industry best practices?

BigChange Audit is an ideal tool for growing businesses as it enables SMEs to punch above their weight against larger competitors as clients can be confident their audits are being done in an up to date, compliant environment. BigChange Audit can also be used as evidence of best practice when clients are bidding for business.

How can customers find out more about BigChange Audit?

Please visit or call Ruth on 0113 4571000.

16th July 2019



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