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Why is Customer Experience Important for a Business? The Top 4 Reasons

28 January 2022






> Why is Customer Experience Important for a Business? The Top 4 Reasons

Customer experience (CX) has quickly become a top priority for businesses, with more than two-thirds of them competing primarily on the service they offer their clients. Customers are no longer loyal to companies based on prices, products or services alone. Instead, they now also expect seamless experiences that anticipate their needs.

Therefore, organisations that don’t stay ahead of the curve and deliver outstanding services risk being superseded by their competitors. However, the good news is that implementing a great customer experience doesn’t have to be costly or challenging.

In fact, by using state-of-the-art workforce management software, you can revolutionise the way your customers interact with your business at various stages of the sales cycle. Read on to find out more about the benefits of using technology as a means of keeping your customers happy. 

The Top 4 Benefits of Improving Customer Experience

In addition to keeping customers happy, your business could greatly benefit from improving the customer experience. Here are just four of the top advantages your company could enjoy:

1. Your Revenue Will Increase

According to research, a completely satisfied customer contributes 2.6 times as much revenue as a somewhat satisfied customer and 14 times as much as a somewhat dissatisfied customer. Subsequently, businesses that make CX a priority can expect to profit more than those that don’t.

With a modern CRM (customer relationship management) system designed specifically for field service businesses, you can anticipate your clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. Back office workflows ensure that procedures are followed to a tee every time; for example, you can send your customers a survey post-job to check that the work is to their satisfaction.

Plus, personalised communications with your customers have never been more straightforward. You can use digital, custom-branded templates to provide clients with regular updates on their job status, keeping them in the loop without adding taxing administration tasks to your team’s to-do list.

By impressing your customers at each stage of the buyer journey, you can guarantee that they’ll have a positive impression of your company. As such, you’ll find that they’re willing to pay a premium for your excellent services instead of using another cheaper company that continues to use outdated, inconvenient processes.

2. You Will Have More Loyal Customers

Did you know, 82% of emotionally engaged customers always use the same company when they need something and are less likely to shop around? But, for businesses to keep their customers emotionally engaged, they must figure out how to make people feel valued at each buyer journey stage. 

Luckily, anticipating your customers’ needs and making them feel appreciated isn’t challenging with the right technology in place. Firstly, you can provide your customers with an easy-to-use portal where they can book and manage their appointment without needing to waste time on the phone. 

Then, you can send them personalised, real-time notifications on the status of their job. Finally, your technician can complete all paperwork from their mobile device and issue it directly to the customer for instant invoicing and payment.  

Your customers will appreciate the rapid, convenient service and are more likely to use your company again in the future as a result.

3. Your Customers Will Turn into Advocates for your Business

93% of today’s customers say they use online reviews to influence their purchasing decisions when researching products and services. Therefore, you must ensure your CX is worth shouting about by keeping customers happy.

Using a CRM that gives you a 360˚ view of every account, contact site and contract, you’ll have all the information you need to delight your customers at the touch of a button. The software will log every call, email and customer interaction, so you never lose critical information about a client’s job. Also, you can share and allocate cases through custom tickets and notes to ensure that the team deals with and resolves customer queries as soon as possible for a seamless workflow.

Customers who feel like your company truly cares about their needs, even after their job is complete, will be more satisfied and willing to recommend your product or services to their friends, family, and professional network.

4. You Will Stand Out Amongst the Competition

Unsurprisingly, companies that prioritise CX outperform those that don’t by nearly 80%. Today’s customers are used to speedy, digital buying experiences, so manual processes and antiquated legacy systems aren’t going to cut it anymore. 

Instead, the businesses that stand out from their competitors are the early adopters of modern workforce management platforms. BigChange’s 5-in-1 system allows you to manage the entire end-to-end process in one place, delighting your customers and making your back office team’s lives simpler simultaneously. 

By eliminating burdensome, long-winded administration tasks, your team will have more time to focus on delivering exceptional service to your customers. Using the cloud-based management system, your staff can easily schedule jobs, dispatch workers and provide customers with real-time status updates. Your technicians can then carry out each job to a high standard and instantly send your customer the necessary paperwork directly from their mobile device.

Providing such a smooth service will set you apart from the companies that continue to rely on paper-based documents and spreadsheets to manage their operations. Consequently, your business will thrive.

For more tips on how to deliver a seamless customer experience, click here.

Enjoy the Benefits of Improving the Customer Experience with BigChange

Some systems manage relationships. BigChange helps you master them.

Our fully integrated CRM system gives you a 360˚ view of every account, contact site and contract. Deliver positive customer experiences at every level thanks to an array of dynamic product features.

Find out how BigChange can help your businessbook a free consultation today. Get more helpful guides and tips delivered to your inbox by subscribing to our newsletter below. You can keep up to date with BigChange on LinkedInTwitterFacebookInstagram and YouTube.

28th January 2022



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