Since implementing the cloud-based 6-in-1 solution, EB Gas has seen a 20% increase in the number of routine service jobs it can allocate, and engineers are 30% more efficient at capturing onsite information using mobile devices that are live-linked to the back-office system.

“Before BigChange 80% of our processes were paper based. This required an extensive resource to support and, when it worked it worked well, but one small glitch and the process fell apart as paperwork is easy to lose, it can be incorrectly completed and different systems don’t always join up.

“We chose BigChange primarily because it combined all the elements, we needed in one easy to integrate easy to use system. BigChange also gave us the ability to create and customise our worksheets and certificates.”

Kevin Byrne, Managing Director, EB Gas Services

EB Gas has now armed all field staff with a mix of mobile phones and tablets in order to access the BigChange job management system, which incorporates a mobile workforce app, customer relationship management (CRM), job scheduling, live tracking, financial management, and business intelligence tools in one system.

Customers are added to the CRM and categorised by type, which is proving useful for reporting, sales, and marketing campaigns, and all staff and vehicles are managed through the BigChange system. Time sensitive alerts for impending deadlines, such as MOTs, service anniversaries and even renewal dates of engineers’ professional qualifications, and real-time tracking of vehicles improves resource management, allowing better allocation of engineers for emergency call-outs. Planned staff absences are also incorporated for improved job allocation.   

EB Gas uses BigChange job scheduling for all works, including recording pre-work site surveys and issuing customer quotations. Deliveries and training days are also booked onto the system to ensure full visibility of the entire workforce. Customisable job sheets and work certificates make it easier for engineers to complete and ensure the timely flow of information between field and office, informing customer communications and stock ordering. Engineers can also access details of previous work as well as site-specific information, such as equipment manuals and diagrams.

“BigChange has allowed us to plan our jobs more efficiently, taking into account location, materials, and staff availability, and reduce the potential for problems. With customisable workflows and documents and the real-time exchange of information between the field, back office, and customer, we are also much better placed to deal with issues if and when they arise.” Sean Gaffney, IT Coordinator, EB Gas Services.


Resource intensive paper management processes supported by disconnected software systems impacted productivity and efficiency.


Customisable documents

Fleet management tools

Integrated CRM

Online library


A single easy to use, easy to integrate system with customisable workflows and documents supporting efficiency and productivity increases and a reduced reliance on paper.

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We chose BigChange primarily because it combined all the elements, we needed in one easy to integrate, easy to use system. BigChange also gave us the ability to create and customise our worksheets and certificates.

Kevin Byrne, Managing Director, EB Gas Services

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EB Gas Services

Established in 1966 as a domestic and commercial gas centre selling bottled gas and domestic gas appliances, EB Gas has developed into one of the largest gas service and installation companies in Ireland. The EB Gas team operates across Ireland and the United Kingdom with its core team of 24 employees boosted by trusted sub-contractors. Registered with both Gas Safe and RGII, EB Gas offers a range of services from the supply and delivery of LPG bottles through to the design and installation of commercial catering set-ups. EB Gas operates a mixed fleet of service vans and delivery trucks and completes around 8,000 jobs a year.

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