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Fleet Dynamic, a commercial vehicle rental and leasing company, is using the latest mobile workforce management technology from BigChange to transform their fleet management.

Providing complete automation across the entire hire and leasing lifecycle, the cloud-based, 5-in-1 solution from BigChange has helped Fleet Dynamic switch to paperless working. BigChange has also contributed to a 30 percent improvement in workshop efficiency as well as a reduction in lost charges and operating costs. 

“Before BigChange, all parts of the process, from hire request through to delivery ticket, were paper-based. We couldn’t attach additional information such as photographs, essential information including vehicle or customer details were often not captured and retrieving data to resolve queries was difficult, now, with BigChange, every time a customer account is touched, a digital record of the interaction is made, and every time a vehicle is sent out its every movement is recorded. This has helped us become paperless, which was timely in view of the pandemic as we wanted to eliminate the handling of paperwork to minimise the risk posed by the virus.”

Terry Stockwell, Sales and Marketing Director, Fleet Dynamic

With headquarters in Wigan, Fleet Dynamic was established in 2009 with the aim of providing customers with a one-stop solution for all their vehicle requirements. A comprehensive vehicle rental and leasing service includes cars, vans and a full range of specialist vehicles, for example 4 x4 double cab pickups and seven-seater welfare vehicles. The company also provides a range of interior and exterior corporate signage and Health & Safety signs as well as a ply lining business for bespoke vehicle interiors. Fleet Dynamic is a multi-award winning company and includes Manchester City Council amongst its client base. 

Using the single-platform CRM, Job Scheduling, Mobile App, Vehicle Tracking and Online Portal from BigChange has enabled Fleet Dynamic to remove paper forms and reports from its hire and lease operation. Hire requests, delivery tickets, on-hire and off-hire details are all digitally recorded by drivers using mobile devices or office-based staff using PCs. This information is then available, 24/7, from any internet-enabled device giving management total visibility of the mobile operation. Fleet Dynamic also uses the BigChange asset tracking system to provide additional intelligence and security for its corporate account customers.

Stockwell continued:

“The capture and sharing of intelligence means we can effectively manage the fleet, monitoring downtime and forward planning for servicing and MOT events. This has contributed to more efficient use of workshop time with savings of around 30 percent. Additional savings have been achieved as a result of a reduction in missed recharges and the fact we no longer have to pay for specialist software, such as an HR platform, as BigChange does it all.”

Fleet Dynamic Fleet

Heavy-lift transport specialist HTF has deployed the latest mobile technology as part of a real-time paperless system that has transformed the business in 6 months.


Plant and machinery tracking specialist R&R Direct has seen significant business growth since implementing mobile workforce management technology from BigChange during the pandemic.


SYNETIQ, the largest vehicle salvage and recycling company in the UK, has introduced a high tech system from Leeds-based BigChange that provides real-time 24/7 visibility of its collection and delivery operations.

SYNETIQ operates over 16 sites around the country and processes in excess of 100,000 vehicles per year. The new system combines mobile apps and vehicle tracking software integrated with SYNETIQ’s own salvage IT systems.

SYNETIQ, which was formed following the merger of Motorhog, Car Transplants, DH Systems and Fab Recycling. The Doncaster-headquartered company works with a number of Insurance companies, police forces and fleet management companies to collect and process written-off and unroadworthy vehicles from around the UK operating a fleet of 97 car transporters with 20 vans for transporting parts.

SYNETIQ now owns its specialist IT system, Frontier, and this is being enhanced with the mobile computing and real-time communications provided by JobWatch, the BigChange 5 in 1 mobile app.

Jason Cross, Business Development Director at SYNETIQ, says:

“With various company acquisitions and our growth plans for the business we knew our transport management system needed an overhaul as it was just not flexible enough to meet our needs,”

“It soon became clear that BigChange offered the best solution – not just through the very flexible JobWatch platform but also as a company willing to engage with us and provide integration with our Frontier IT system.”

SYNETIQ drivers run the JobWatch app on their smartphones and details for collections and deliveries are received on their phones. The app completely eliminates paperwork with on screen data entry of vehicle safety checks, vehicle collection appraisals and customer sign-offs. SYNETIQ particularly like the fact that JobWatch is an all-in-one system that can be easily adapted as their particular requirements called for a bespoke solution.

Tom Moore, Transport Manager, SYNETIQ, says:

“JobWatch makes it much easier to manage our often complex transport operations and the integrated live tracking and paper-free reporting has transformed the way we work,”

“The ease with which JobWatch can be adapted is particularly impressive. We can now simply drag and drop jobs into routes upfront or on the fly and driver check reports can be easily customised for our mixed fleet.”

As SYNETIQ’s customers include major insurance companies accurate, consistent reporting is crucial. JobWatch has been configured to handle vehicle appraisals, both those undertaken on collection and more detailed appraisals on arrival at the SYNETIQ yard. The JobWatch app includes the required damage diagrams and record-linked photographs.

Cross explains:

“We needed to provide our insurance customers with a perfect solution and BigChange gives us that important capability. JobWatch makes it much easier to manage the business; it’s easy to track our vehicles, add and remove jobs on the fly and get up to the minute images and signature of vehicles and parts being delivered,”

Crucially, we can further integrate with Frontier for seamless working across both vehicle collection logistics and parts delivery logistics and it is all backed up with a fast and efficient service from BigChange.

In terms of tangible benefits SYNETIQ is already seeing important returns according to Cross.

“JobWatch certainly allows for better visuals on safety for drivers – working hours, breaks and mileage for example – and we have been able to track average delivery costs and try and reduce by smarter routing and utilisation; ultimately it will make us more efficient and safer.”

BigChange real-time vehicle

Paul Clark Services Ltd (PCS), the No 1 provider of specialist engineering support services, is deploying a 5 in 1 system from BigChange to transform the management of its field service operations.

Combining computerised job scheduling with real time tracking and a series of mobile apps, PCS plan to use the cloud-based JobWatch system to replace existing software and paper-based systems.

PCS has a team in excess of 120 engineers servicing mainly the bus and coach industry and the company is a ZF UK Service Partner and supports Cummins UK, providing diagnostics, servicing and repair and replacement services. The Wiltshire-based company also provide bespoke engineering support to bus and coach manufacturers such as Wrightbus and Alexander Dennis.

PCS currently has 30 engineers equipped with tablets as part of a phased implementation that is expected to see a complete switch in the near future. JobWatch offers a wide range of apps to eliminate paper work sheets, time sheets and vehicle inspection reports. The mobile apps are all linked in real time to the BigChange back office management software that offers a management complete solution for tasks such as asset management, job scheduling and customer service.

PCS commented:

“BigChange will help play its part in supporting the business”.

“We provide around 5500 to 6000 hours of engineering support each week with customers all over the UK. Managing all Paul Clark Services mobile engineers to ensure the right person gets to the right place on time takes an enormous amount of time and we knew we had outgrown our existing systems.”

Most of PCS engineers are dedicated sub-contractors which made the BigChange solution very appealing to PCS. As a cloud-based system, PCS engineers can immediately access the JobWatch apps anywhere anytime using their own devices. Live tracking also means that the PCS office has full visibility of their movements including arrival and departure from site times.

PCS commented:

“With the apps we have real time and accurate information coming back and we can send jobs automatically to an engineer rather than having to call them”.

“We can see that the BigChange solution will dramatically change the way we work by replacing the present manual systems. By eliminating paperwork and switching to app based scheduling and reporting, we will see significant business administrative improvements. That means we’ll be able to expand freely and focus more time on delivering the best service.”

PCS engineers are using their devices for daily checks on their vans, eliminating paper reports. They can also capture time-stamped photographs that are linked to the inspection reports and can be used to record any incidents.

Paul Clark Service

Brendeck, the manufacturer of commercial vehicle wash systems, has transformed its field service operations with mobile apps from BigChange.

Engineers installing and servicing hundreds of installations at some the UK’s biggest distribution depots, have been equipped with rugged tablets connected to BigChange’s cloud-based job management platform. The all-in-one system that includes CRMjob scheduling and integrated vehicle tracking and routing has replaced paper job sheets with real-time electronic reporting, boosting customer service.

Brendeck provides a one stop shop for commercial vehicle washing and supplies pressure washers and truck washers, together with servicing and chemical supplies. Brendeck washers are used by some of the UK’s largest transport operators with 14 field engineers undertaking Preventive Planned Maintenance work and ad hoc repairs.

Prior to the roll out of BigChange, Brendeck relied on handwritten paper job sheets from their engineers. However, to collate and process these paper reports was proving time consuming and there were delays in communicating back to the customer with, for example, quotes for spare parts or further servicing work.

Alan Taylor, Managing Director of Brendeck commented:

“Since introducing BigChange, we have completely transformed our field service operations.”

Mr Taylor continued:

“Because we are getting job sheets back immediately after engineer visits we in turn report back to the customer almost immediately, perhaps with a quote or equipment care recommendation.”

Back at Brendeck’s headquarters which are located centrally in Alfreton, Derbyshire, customer services have instant, always-on visibility of the engineers on the road.

Linda Clarke, Brendeck’s Finance and Operations Director commented:

“When we get calls asking ‘where is the engineer?’ we can respond straight away. Sometimes our engineer is already onsite but with large depots they are hidden from view but thanks to BigChange’s live tracking and status updates we have total visibility and customers are always impressed.”

Brendeck has expanded its services to include the supply of chemicals for its wash equipment and has pioneered a system for remotely monitoring chemical tank levels. Plans are being made to extend BigChange to the chemical distribution service, with vehicle tracking and drivers equipped with BigChange tablets for reporting dispensing volumes and sales onsite.

Alan Taylor added:

“There is no doubt BigChange has been good for business. It gives us a real advantage by improving the utilisation and productivity of our service operation and certainly enables us to fit in more jobs in the day.”

He continued:

“The biggest benefits are in service as we can be a lot more responsive. It is, for example, much easier to call an engineer back to a site on the same day to rectify a problem. Before we had live BigChange reporting and tracking, the return visit would have been two days later.”

The UK’s leading Commercial Vehicle Cleaning company LPW has rolled out BigChange’s 3-in-1 JobWatch system across its 130-strong fleet.

Their Mobile Fleetwash units provide convenient on-site cleaning for thousands of vehicle operators across the country including DPD, Maritime Transport, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and XPO. The all-in one JobWatch system from BigChange combines a back-office CRM system (linked to Sage 200) with job scheduling, an Android mobile app for mobile washing technicians and real-time GPS tracking of all vehicles in the fleet.

Founded in 1972, LPW have been making vehicles shine for more than 45 years and have grown to dominate the UK’s commercial vehicle cleaning market. Innovations such as the company’s Mobile Fleetwash division have brought clients the added convenience and flexibility of on-site cleaning with state of the art washing equipment and detergents. Cleaning in excess of 20,000 vehicles per week, the company identified the need to switch to a paperless and seamless approach to planning, managing and scheduling jobs, giving customers a single point of contact and the ability to make booking as easy as possible. After evaluating a number of software vendors, LPW chose JobWatch from BigChange.

The JobWatch system has revolutionised the booking and scheduling process, connecting the contact centre with mobile washing technicians in real-time. Integrated CRM ensures a single unified view of the customer across their multiple sites and individual vehicles. This has given customers a true view of cleaning KPIs and allows effective management of their cleaning plan. Intelligent scheduling allows advisers to quickly offer customers cleaning slots at a time and date to suit them, taking into account real-time technician and equipment availability, proximity to the customer and live traffic data. The intelligent scheduling engine ensures maximum flexibility for the customer whilst minimising travel time and distance, driving fuel savings and a reduction in emissions. Real-time visibility of the operation ensures contact centre advisors are empowered to answer customer questions in an instant, and automated estimated time of arrival (ETA) alerts by email and text message ensure customers are always fully informed.

BigChange technology is saving LPW hundreds of thousands of pieces of paperwork annually, replacing manual paper job-cards with electronic workflows running on a rugged waterproof Samsung Android Tablet used by each technician. Each day, technicians complete an electronic walkaround check, logging and photographing any defects that are managed to resolution via integrated fleet management functionality. On starting their timesheet, technicians have instant access to their jobs for the day with detailed information about each customer, site and vehicle. Job data is automatically loaded into the integrated sat-nav with turn-by-turn guidance and live traffic updates. On arrival, the app ensures technicians wash the correct vehicles and keeps a detailed audit trail of work completed on each car, van or truck. Photos can be captured before and after the washing process for added proof of service. On completion, customers automatically receive electronic job-cards via email, proactively confirming completion. This instant sync with the back-office means no ‘paperwork’ needs to be returned for processing and allows LPW to invoice immediately from the JobWatch system.

Daniel Woods, Group IT Director at LPW Europe commented:

“The BigChange system has been a game-changer for us. Our entire team is now seamlessly connected on one single cloud based platform and the technology is supporting our growth plans. Scheduling on-site visits to clean over 20,000 vehicles per week was proving to be a real logistical challenge but this scalable system is ensuring we can deliver a dependable and high-quality service that can be delivered at competitive cost for our clients.”

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About BigChange

BigChange by name, BigChange by nature! BigChange is an established force in mobile workforce management and telematics, offering a system that transforms the way companies manage their mobile operations.

JobWatch from BigChange is the paperless way to plan, manage, schedule and track a mobile workforce. This powerful all-in-one Mobile Workforce Management platform combines back office software, mobile apps, fleet management and real-time vehicle tracking in one simple to use system. Using JobWatch, customers can manage their entire operation, from quote all the way through to invoice.

About LPW
LPW is the UK’s largest commercial vehicle cleaning company. They offer a fixed site cleaning services at Truck stops around the country, a Mobile on-site cleaning service nationwide and also sell vehicle cleaning products ranging from jet washes and detergent to ancillary products such as screenwash and other cleaning products. They work with their clients to find the best solution for cleaning their fleets and keeping their clients brands well represented on the UK’s roads.

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