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Integration of location technology supports more precise planning and arrival times, and could reduce the time spent finding job locations by up to 30 minutes per person each day

BigChange, the field service management software provider, today announced that it has adopted location technology what3words to provide more accurate addresses for job locations, making it easier for field service teams to find their site.

By integrating the technology into its job management platform, BigChange has made it possible for customers to add a what3words address to any job booking. 

what3words has divided the world into a grid of 3m squares and given each one three random words from the dictionary: a what3words address. A what3words address provides an extra layer of accuracy to a traditional address, meaning that field teams will arrive at exactly the precise location.

This latest BigChange innovation supports more precise job planning and customer service alerts for BigChange’s customers globally, and enables field service teams to be directed to an exact location – including specific building entrances or destinations in parks, rural areas and building sites not covered by street addresses. This means that no time is wasted looking for the correct location.

More than 100 UK emergency services organisations already use what3words to achieve faster and more accurate responses. BigChange estimates that what3words could save individual field-based employees up to 30 minutes per day in time spent locating jobs.

Richard Warley, BigChange CEO, comments:

“Demand is booming for field service businesses. They are looking for innovations that make scheduling slicker, boost productivity and customer experience, and help them grow stronger.”

“This powerful functionality will enable BigChange customers to plan better, provide more precise arrival times with confidence, and save valuable hours every week by directing field-based teams precisely where they are needed.”

James Cochrane, Partnerships Lead at what3words, comments:

“We’ve all experienced the horrible feeling of being late to a job because the address wasn’t accurate, and you couldn’t find exactly where you needed to be. what3words acts as a tool in your pocket to ensure you’re directed to the right place, first time, every time.”

According to a study by BlueSnap, most organisations still rely on traditional AR (Accounts Receivable) processes. It’s not surprising, therefore, that over 80% of B2B executives say that late payments threaten the future of their company.

Organisations that don’t receive payments on time suffer from stunted cash flow, loss of valuable time better spent on other tasks, and hindered business growth.

However, there is a solution.

By switching over to automated accounts receivable software, you can simplify your AR process and receive payments by the deadline. In turn, you’ll be able to improve your business finances, maintain your competitive edge in the market and take on more projects in the future.

Sharing BlueSnap’s latest findings on B2B payments, this article will explain how automated accounts receivable software works, how it can help small businesses and why B2B payment automation is a must-have for dynamic finance functions.

How Does Automated Accounts Receivable Software Work?

Automation is changing the way we get paid. In the B2C world, many traditional payment methods, such as cheques, are being replaced with innovative, electronic alternatives.

Now it’s time for B2B payments to catch up.

Businesses that adopt new payment technology can get ahead of the curve by making the most of solutions including:

Submitting invoices via email automation
Automating bill payments
Generating online customer bill payments

But how does automated accounts receivable software actually work?

Accounts receivable automation, or AR automation, transforms clunky, manual payments by processing them electronically. In a nutshell, the system creates invoices based on your company’s data, delivers them automatically to the client, sends payment reminders and resolves payments with accounting systems and bank accounts.

Removing the repetitive, time-consuming and potentially error-prone tasks involved in manually processing an invoice ensures that your business gets paid on time. Less time spent chasing down late payments results in an improved cash flow, happier customers and suppliers, and boosts team morale.

Using Payment Technology to Overcome Top AR Challenges

It’s no secret that the current B2B AR processes employed by many organisations are hurting business. In fact, 93% of companies say they’ve experienced negative consequences due to outdated processing methods.

Using automated accounts receivable software, you can overcome the challenges presented by manual processes and legacy systems. Here are just some of the ways your business could benefit from digitising your AR process:

1. Improved cash flow

Overdue invoices can occur for numerous reasons. Perhaps there was an error on the invoice and the customer is disputing it, the paperwork has become lost or forgotten about, or maybe your company is inadvertently stalling the process by waiting to send invoices out in batches.

Either way, late payments cause significant financial pressure for businesses, with 35% of organisations revealing that they’re unable to grow due to cash flow problems.

Worse still, poor cash flow can do a lot more damage than just stunting short-term business growth. If your customers aren’t paying you on time, the following may suffer:

New Projects:

On average, 30% of an organisation’s monthly revenue is tied up in AR at any given time, straining finances.

Without the funds to invest in new equipment or take on other projects, businesses lose out on opportunities to create new value. Additionally, staff are forced to waste precious time on chasing down late payments, taking focus away from other crucial priorities that keep companies healthy.

Your Credit Rating:

Reportedly, over a quarter (27%) of customers exceed their payment terms, which often leaves businesses in a state of financial limbo.

When you don’t have enough cash flow to cover operational costs, you may have to take out a loan or use a credit card. However, if you’re unable to pay your debts back on time, your credit score could take a hit, making it trickier and more expensive to obtain loans in the future.

Supplier Relationships:

Two fifths (40%) of businesses say they pay their suppliers and partners late. If your customers aren’t paying by the deadline, you’re going to struggle to pay your suppliers. In the worst case, suppliers may refuse to work with you in future due to a poor payment record.

Automated accounts receivable software can significantly lower the risk of late payments. Digitising invoices and storing them in an easy-to-use platform removes the potential for human error and prevents documents from getting forgotten about or lost. Plus, payment technology reduces the amount of time spent on arduous, manual paperwork on both ends. It’s never been easier to receive a payment on schedule.

2. Better Customer Relationships

In a world where innovative B2C payments are the norm, why should B2B payments be any different? Many customers have come to expect a simple, seamless payment experience. Instead, customers are confronted with antiquated and frustrating AR processes.

Consequently, 30% of businesses say they have lost customers and contracts because of their unsatisfactory AR processes.

Businesses must begin adapting to the more common payment methods customers use to fulfil invoices from B2B organisations such as:

Credit cards (21%)
Automated clearing houses (ACH) or local bank transfers (12%)
Wire transfers (13%)

Implementing state-of-the-art payment technology improves the overall customer experience and maintains your relationships on a long-term basis. Positive, consistently satisfied customers may be encouraged to reinvest in your business.

3. Improved Morale Within the AR and HR Teams

Traditional payment processes take a significant toll on AR teams and human resources, who currently have to spend around 11 hours managing a single invoice across an average range of five different systems.

Unsurprisingly, the root cause of the issue stems from the fact that 38% of businesses still require manual input at some point of the payment lifecycle. In some cases, the AR team must manage the entire process manually, from creating and sharing invoices to customer communication and payment.

As a result, 29% of businesses report that they have difficulty keeping their most talented employees.

Long and frustrating payment processes steal time away from work that motivates employees. When the team has to spend their days posting out invoices or taking lengthy calls that online portals could easily replace, staff turnover increases and ignites a vicious cycle of costly recruitment, job dissatisfaction and resignation.

Furthermore, the unanticipated pandemic’s impact on staff members’ ability to process cheques throughout office closures served as a wake-up call for companies with an ongoing reliance on manual invoicing. If anything, the COVID-19 crisis highlighted the benefits of technology in maintaining business-as-usual, regardless of the situation.

Accounts receivable automation not only frees up your employees’ time, boosting productivity and motivation, but it also mitigates any risks associated with traditional, paper-based payment methods.

4. More Visibility Over Budget

As it stands, around 37% of organisations are unable to forecast cash flow accurately because of the uncertainty that manual AR processes cause. Subsequently, many business leaders are left in the dark about their company finances.

Modern payment technology gives you far better visibility over operational spending and other key metrics. By handling your AR processes through software, you’ll always have access to the latest and most accurate data whenever you need it.

Real-time reports lead to greater transparency and better decision-making because you won’t have to rely on uncertain cash flow forecasts. Instead, you can quickly visualise exactly how and where your business is spending money, calculate how much you’re owed and analyse customers’ behavioural trends including repeated late payments.

5. Increased Profits

According to research, the average cost of processing a single invoice in the UK is between £4-25, and the cost increases further with human error. The current lifecycle of an invoice involves around 15 people to process. It’s clear to see how staff can inadvertently raise the cost of processing an invoice.

However, there are other auxiliary expenses that soon add up over a more extended period. For example:

Office Supplies and Postage:

You need to consider the cost of pens, paper, printer ink, envelopes and postage charges when mailing out a physical invoice.


If your invoices for accounts receivable and accounts payable are physical, you need to store them securely for auditing purposes. The cost of manually filing and storing these paper documents contributes to the overall expense.

Late Fees:

Companies that employ an entirely manual AR process may find that late invoice payments delay them from being able to pay suppliers. As such, you could be paying late fees that are completely avoidable.

Here’s a simple calculation to determine how much your AR process is costing you:

Staff costs + office supplies + postage + storage + late fees / number of invoices = cost per invoice

Companies that want to survive and thrive again in a post-pandemic world can’t afford to be flippant with their finances. By breaking free from the obsolescence of manual AR processes, you can potentially save thousands of pounds each year.

How You Can Leverage Accounts Receivable Automation to Progress Payments

In order to unlock future business growth and stay ahead of the competition, organisations must be willing to modernise their AR processes.

Here are three ways you can begin your journey today:

1. Acknowledge What Isn’t Working

Companies need to be honest with themselves and recognise when processes are causing issues. For example, 98% of organisations struggled to process payments during the pandemic as a direct result of using paper cheques in their AR process.

Unfortunately, if you ignore the need to modernise, your business’ cash flow could be at risk, directly causing negative knock-on effects further down the line.

2. Embrace Automation

Companies that are willing to invest in the payment technology they need to overhaul their legacy systems and manual AR methods will flourish. Implementing automated accounts receivable software is cost-effective and easy.

In truth, more businesses than ever before are choosing to rejuvenate their AR processes. In fact, 99.7% of surveyed senior decision-makers are optimistic and open to AR automation because they believe that digital transformation will benefit their organisation.

3. Research the Right Solution for You

The most significant barrier to adoption is education. 40% of B2B companies claim that a lack of understanding of what solutions are available prevents them from investing more in AR automation and payment technology.

The good news is that there are lots of readily available tools and technologies on the market. But choosing the right B2B payment solution for your organisation is critical. To be successful, you must establish your pain points and select a system that will help you overcome them and achieve your business goals simultaneously.

Discover More About How B2B Payment Automation is Revolutionising Business

B2B payment automation software accelerates the payment process and alleviates the strain on your company, leaving you free to focus on the more crucial aspects of running a business.

Discover the ways your organisation can prosper and grow by automating your AR process.

To find out more, download the ‘Progressing Payments Report’ here.

For mobile workers, compliance checks happen daily. They need to show simply and clearly that they are sticking to industry safety measures, the law, customer requirements, and company best practices. 

The BigChange platform is designed with this in mind, and the tips below will help compliance checks run smoothly.

Mandatory Questions

When setting up worksheets to be completed on-site, simply tick the ‘Mandatory’ box next to any essential questions.

Where you need your mobile workers to complete a check before they start working, if you have one or more mandatory questions, you can set the ‘Completion time for resource’ on the worksheet to ‘Before starting the job’. This requires mobile workers to answer those crucial questions before they can get started on their job.

It’s just one way to keep your employees safe and ensure compliance checks are made on-site. 


Conditional Branching

This makes sure the right questions get asked and don’t get in the way of work. 

It allows you to set up worksheets so that questions are only shown if they need to be, which is important because irrelevant questions cause frustration and waste time in the field. 

Conditional branching has multiple uses. For example, if a frontline worker reports that a certain hazard is present, it can automatically prompt follow ups about the nature of the hazard, and give tailored guidance. If the hazard is not present, the additional questions are not shown. 

Or on a feedback form a customer rating of 1-4 could prompt more questions about why the customer was dissatisfied, while a rating of 8+ could prompt them to leave a brief, written review. 

We hope these tips make compliance easier with BigChange. We’ll be back again soon with more ways to get the most from the system.

At BigChange, keeping customer data secure is a priority. Our ISO 27001 accreditation and independent security testing regime is testament to that commitment. 

However, you also play an important role in maintaining security by keeping passwords secure. With BigChange, your data is encrypted both in transit and at rest, but using the same password for other accounts or responding to phishing emails can put you at risk. 

BigChange’s 2-Step Verification (2SV) – a security feature that requires two pieces of information to authenticate you when logging in – offers another level of protection for your account and data.

While the first piece of information is your username and password, the second is an extra credential that only you will have access to, a dynamically changing pin sent to your phone via the Google Authenticator App. You can even get the authenticator for many smart watches in addition to your phone. It makes sure that even if your password is compromised, your account remains protected.

Extra security layer

We are encouraging all BigChange customers to enable 2SV in the ‘Admin’ panel of ‘My Settings’, on the BigChange system. Hit the ‘Create’ button, and you’ll be shown a QR code that you can scan to set up 2SV. 

For more tips on security, check out our Information Security Report which lays out the best ways to keep your data safe with BigChange.

BigChange lets you automatically send worksheets to customers and save emails in your Notes at the push of a button. Read on to find out how.

The BigChange platform is designed to meet the needs of your business. An important part of that is automating repetitive, manual tasks, so you are free to focus on what matters most. 

Automate Customer Feedback and Confirmation

For example, if you’re looking to get feedback or confirmation from customers, you don’t need to spend copious amounts of time chasing them up over the phone or email. 

By using the ‘Third Party Worksheet’ feature, you can set an email to be automatically triggered by a Note or Job activity. 

This can be useful in a few ways:

  • When you create a job activity, automatically send a worksheet to the customer for confirmation of job details, and include a list of additional services they may need. 
  • When you complete a job activity, automatically send over a survey about how you performed. 

If it’s important to receive confirmation before you start a job, you can prevent work being scheduled until this document has been completed. 

Automatically Link Emails to Contacts Notes

Our next tip is to use the BigChange Outlook add-in to automatically link emails to your Contacts Notes.

The add-in icon is displayed on the ribbon at the top of Outlook, and allows you to seamlessly attach selected emails to your Contacts Notes. You can do this from your desktop Outlook app and Outlook Online. 

If your contacts email you, you can add the email easily to an open Note, or create a new one. 

If previous emails from the same contact have been saved, the add-in will automatically display the relevant Note. It can also recognise the email address and suggest Notes that might be relevant. 

This helps you share information across your organisation quickly, and to store the information where you need it, in one place.

This video has more information on installing the add-in for individual machines and via Office 365 administration. 

We hope these two tips help you save time in BigChange. We’ll be back again soon with more advice.

Introducing a new space for you to suggest and share ideas about how to improve the BigChange system 

BigChange has always aimed to understand the day-to-day challenges faced by mobile workforces, and to develop the solutions that help. 

It knows that mobile workers using the system in the field every day have a great understanding of where improvements can be made. 

The BigChange Ideas Portal is the latest way of letting users get those suggestions heard. 

Users can find the Portal by clicking on ‘Suggestion’ in the Roadcrew tab of the BigChange system. Once there, you can sort ideas by Trending, Most popular or New – or suggest an idea of your own. 

To make a suggestion, just click ‘Add a new idea’. 

Try to explain your development suggestion as clearly and concisely as possible. Other users will need to easily see the benefit to them for your idea to gain traction. To help, we have shared a template: 

As a [your role], I want to [the problem that you face], so I can [the benefit you hope to achieve].

The Portal includes a voting feature, so you can boost awareness of the ideas you feel would help most. You can also subscribe to an idea you want to stay updated on. 

For example, BigChange chose the most popular idea – “Make different job types show as different colours in the schedule” – to develop, and informed users when it was implemented earlier this month. 

Product Director Jonathan Isaacs said:

“For BigChange, it allows us to make better-informed decisions and pursue developments that matter most to our users, for customers, it lets them know their ideas are being heard and acted on. Users can give input on what they would like to see from BigChange, and crucially, receive notifications that let them know we’re listening.”

Saviez-vous que le système BigChange vous permet de personnaliser votre page de destination? tandis que si vous utilisez un système téléphonique basé sur le Web, comme RingCentral, vous pouvez voir qui vous appelle et trouver des liens vers des fonctions courantes dans le système BigChange. Lisez la suite pour savoir comment.


You can now assign a priority to your Notes – marking them to show which need to be addressed first – meaning you can focus and get to work on the most pressing tasks first.

When work piles up, our first instinct can be to get our heads down and crack on, knocking out tasks as they come through. But not all work is equal, and the more effective business has its priorities in order, working to meet the most-pressing needs first.

BigChange understands this, and wants to make it easier for all businesses to tackle work in the most efficient way. That’s why we’ve added a new function in JobWatch that allows users to prioritise Notes, making it easier and faster to see the most pressing information and to get going.

This feature lets admins create a set of ‘Note priorities’ for instance, High / Medium / Low or Gold / Silver / Bronze. These priority sets can be customised for the various different departments and note types around your business.

Administrators can then apply a priority set to a certain type of note in ‘Note types’ and choose which roles can set or change the priority.

Users can then sort their Notes by priority, to see which need addressing first, or filter so only, say, high-priority notes appear.

View a step-by-step guide to introducing note prioritisation at your organisation below:

Prioritisation of Notes is just another way JobWatch can improve productivity and customer service – and give leaders better visibility of business-critical information, fast.

February 2021 – BigChange’s new ‘Recurring Job Group Templates’ in JobWatch to simplify workflows and make job creation more efficient than ever.


25 January 2021 – BigChange has released a new ‘Out of Office’ feature in JobWatch to clear up communication as we work from home.


15 December 2020 – December’s JobWatch update makes job planning, completion and billing even more efficient


Leeds, 24 November 2020 – BigChange has introduced two new pieces of functionality to JobWatch that will help customers to work more efficiently.


20th October 2020 – BigChange is pleased to announce the latest version of JobWatch, version 5.13, is now available.


18th September 2020 – It’s difficult to notice the simple, time-wasting tasks you do everyday. To you, they’re minutes, sometimes seconds, but given enough time they stack up to become hours or days.


Powerful new functions in the latest update of JobWatch.

BigChange has released BigChange App v5.12, and it includes new features to improve efficiency by reducing time, travel and costs.

Users can now self-allocate jobs which don’t yet have an owner. So workers carrying out a job on-site can access on their mobile a list of other jobs that need to be done at the location.

JobWatch takes into account resource restrictions, such as location and skills, meaning only relevant jobs will be shown. This improvement ensures extra jobs are carried out efficiently on-site without wasting precious time and money with another unnecessary journey. No unallocated jobs at that site but time to spare? Search for other unallocated jobs in the vicinity.

Another key feature of the update is a ‘Save User Signature’ option. Anyone working with JobWatch can now save their signature in Settings and automatically add it to any documents at the push of a button.

This change improves efficiency and creates consistency across documentation.

Remember to update your JobWatch app, as only devices with 5.12 will be able to use the new functions.

See our help site for more information on these features.

Unscheduled jobs:

Resource signature:

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could manage your mobile workforce in the cloud, all linked beautifully with your Sage accounting software?

With less paperwork and freedom from double-keying from one system to another. You’ll be able to say goodbye to whiteboards and spreadsheets. You’ll be able to schedule work smartly, in a matter of clicks and be able to utilise an easy to use app. Giving your engineers and drivers all the information they need to carry out every task, including risk assessments.

Customers can be informed by text message, letting them know that you’re on your way, while you have complete visibility of everything.

After the work has been completed, industry job cards and certificates are created instantly, and all without a single piece of paper.

Imagine if, as you created the invoice, all the information would instantly be kept in sync with Sage as well as your payments, purchase orders and contacts.

With BigChanges 5 in 1 mobile workforce management software and job management system, you have all this and more.

Discover a truly integrated solution for field service management that combines everything you need to run your business, beginning to end.

The BigChange platform provides you with a CRM so all your customer records and data are secure in one place.

With the BigChange platform you’ll have access to intelligent job scheduling, a mobile workforce app that does everything for your team whilst on the go, live tracking of your vehicles, plus access to the BigChange network that will allow you to collaborate with other subcontractors and businesses.

And the icing on the cake? Seamless integration with Sage, so everything is synced.

Watch the Video:

The power of BigChange seamlessly integrated with your Xero accounting software.

Business owners in the UK and beyond will now be able to manage their workforce, schedule jobs, meet health and safety requirements, and issue invoices, without having to waste time updating their accountancy package separately.

Leeds-based BigChange, which has created a 5-in-1 technology platform for managing mobile workers, has announced a seamless integration with online accountancy giant Xero.

The move promises to eliminate the need for ‘double keying’, whereby information has to be re-entered into separate apps or software packages. Research shows that this ‘double keying’ can lead to workers wasting as much as two hours in front of a screen each day.

BigChange founder Martin Port commented:

“We all rely on technology to run our businesses – and our lives. Apps and software make us more efficient, and remove a lot of the grunt work, allowing us to focus on the stuff that really matters. But when these apps can’t communicate with each other, we are forced to type out the same data over and over, which increases the risk of errors creeping into records.”

“It has always been our aim at BigChange to bring the world’s best software systems onto our platform. I am delighted that Xero, a leading online accounts software, is now available to our users.”

Users are able to access Xero through a user-friendly link in BigChange. Settings are configured directly in JobWatch and contacts, financial information, and invoices are easily and securely passed between the two systems in real-time. This makes it easy to see the most and least profitable jobs, for example.

Early adopters claim that the BigChange integration with Xero has already been a significant time-saver.

Julie Simpson, financial advisor at CRS Communications (Fire & Security specialists) said:

“The integration between Xero and BigChange is fantastic as records are completely synchronised between the two systems, saving us literally hours of time.”

“It makes our job a lot easier and we are much more efficient.”

According to Michael Cairns, managing director at Celsius Plumbing & Heating,

“The BigChange/Xero link not only saves a lot of admin time but on my mobile phone, I can immediately see what’s been invoiced and access our financials, anywhere, anytime. It basically unlocks accounts and opens opportunities to improve the way we work as a business.”

When invoices are created in BigChange’s JobWatch system, the information is automatically passed to Xero.

“The new link between BigChange & Xero is now seamless and instant no delays. We only have to enter data once and that cuts hours off our admin time. Now anyone can raise an invoice we don’t have to rely solely on the accounts team. This system automation will allow us to grow without increasing our back office headcount.”

BigChange not only drives efficiencies, it also allows users to team up through its network. This helps customers to scale, taking on new jobs and trusted tradespeople across multiple geographies with little risk.

According to Chris Langrick, chartered accountant and director of Langricks, the Xero integration will encourage even more forward-thinking accountants to recommend BigChange to their clients.

Chris explained:

“Accountants need to be thinking about how they can advise their clients to use technology to operate in a more efficient manner,”

“BigChange’s Platform offers many advantages and now that financial information automatically ingrates with Xero, it’s even more attractive; a no brainer. In these uncertain times, there has never been a greater need to embrace the benefits of smart technologies like BigChange.”

Watch the Video:

15 April 2020 – Customers can sign-off work remotely or at a distance with this new feature. (more…)

BigChange have recently launched two amazing new Microsoft add-ins for Outlook and Word.

BigChange is now seamlessly intergrated into the Microsoft ecosystem, enabling customers to easily attach email information into CRM notes directly from Microsoft Outlook, or create professional-looking templates in Microsoft Word and simply upload them into the BigChange system.


The BigChange Add-in for Microsoft Outlook is available NOW! Have you downloaded it yet?

This amazing new feature allows BigChange customers to seamlessly attach selected emails and attachments to their CRM Notes – existing or new – without having to leave Outlook.

This ensures important information can be quickly and easily stored centrally against Notes, a must for seamless remote working.

Find out all you need to know about this game-changing new add-in here.

Watch the Outlook Video:


The BigChange Microsoft Word Add-in for creating templates is now available for you to download! BigChange customers can now easily create professional-looking templates themselves in Microsoft Word.

Customers can design their own financial documents, Health & Safety Forms, Certificates or standard job cards in Word and use the new add-in to insert the required keywords. The finished document can then be uploaded to BigChange and saved as a template ready to be used in the usual ways.

Where keywords have been inserted, BigChange will automatically populate the datafields upon document creation. It’s as easy as that! You can find out full details of this amazing new functionality here.

Watch the Word Video:

Introducing ‘Job Hints‘ – BigChange has introduced an exciting new feature that will help you schedule your jobs more efficiently.

Have you ever found yourself visiting the same site/client several times over in a short period of time, when you know deep down you could have combined the visits?

When creating or scheduling a job from the back office, it is useful to know of any other jobs waiting to be scheduled, or already booked in, at the same site. This information allows you to combine jobs, therefore reducing travel costs. The JobWatch system now displays this information as a useful hint when creating jobs. As a job is created and a contact is entered, a hint now appears below the contact name detailing the number of scheduled jobs within the next 7 days and unscheduled jobs for this contact.

You can watch the guide video below for full details of this great new feature from BigChange:

We’ve introduced a new feature to help you quickly access information on key features in the JobWatch platform.

Here at BigChange we invest time in ensuring that there are Help Centre articles – and sometimes videos – to take you step-by-step through how our features work.

JobWatch now includes a ‘floating’ Help Button, providing easier access to specifically relevant content. The button has been designed to show content from the help site applicable to the page you are on when you click it, as well as a useful search box.

This great new feature makes it easier for you to access the help exactly when you need it!

Take a look at the video included below for full details of this new feature:

In Jobwatch you can now see both the current and 5-day weather forecast for the location of your jobs.

Does the weather affect when you can complete your jobs? This great new feature from BigChange makes it easier for you to plan ahead for work that can be affected by the elements.

When creating a job, once the contact’s location has been auto-populated, you will now see that a weather icon at the top right showing the current weather at the location is displayed.

BigChange new job weather

Hovering over the icon will display descriptive text, whilst clicking on it will display the forecast for the next 5 days at the job’s location in 3 hourly increments:

BigChange weather display

When you view a job after it has been scheduled, the weather icon displays lower down and shows the predicted weather for the actual date and time of the job.

View the video included below, which showcases this useful new addition in full:

BigChange brings you another paperless solution that allows you to automatically and seamlessly capture digital signatures and customise acceptance information, issuing a digital receipt when the document is signed.

This very exciting new function gives customers the ability to ‘legally’ accept quotations and order forms/contracts through JobWatch.

Upon acceptance of a quote, a “Certificate of Completion” is created and sent alongside the quote, which shows:

  • signatories details;
  • times and dates of receiving/viewing/completing the document;
  • the IP address from the computer which signed the document;
  • the operating system and much more.

All of this ensures a legally binding quotation/contract.

Take a look at the helpful video below, which will explain the new feature in more detail and guide you through exactly how to do it:

Let BigChange save you time by automatically scheduling your follow-on jobs!

This amazing new feature from JobWatch allows our customers to automate the process of booking their follow-on jobs, completely negating the need for manual input. New follow-on jobs can be automatically triggered and scheduled until the work is done, with no additional admin needed.

We know a lot of our customers are already very excited about this new feature! Could it help you? To find out how this feature can start saving you time, take a look at the handy video guide below.

Your customers already use apps everyday to book everything from taxis to takeaways.

Now they can book your services in seconds, with the new on-demand booking app from BigChange. It’s here for all services and all sectors, whether you serve businesses or consumers at home. Begin your own on-demand revolution today!

Want more? Our latest video, Happy Customers; Happy Business is now also available to watch on YouTube.



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