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Women make up 16% of the workforce in IT. At BigChange we’re doing better than that, averaging 27%. But we aspire to a 50-50 split. How we can meet this challenge was our focus on International Women’s Day.

Jo Godsmark – our Chief Operating Officer – was joined by six colleagues from across the business, to share experiences of being a woman in tech – and to reflect on why they are the exception in the industry.

Self-selection bias was identified as a key issue. Jo called for more and more women to apply. “I genuinely believe all of our recruiting managers want more women and support them in the business,” she said. “But we don’t receive the volume of applications we want.”

Catriona Faulds, Project Manager in the Customer Success Team, continued: “You feel like you have to meet the whole [job] criteria as a woman, to be a perfectionist, to really outshine yourself to land the role. I feel that you find a different confidence in male candidates, who think they can grow into a role, or step up if selected.”

“I think you can follow that gendered difference through to discussions about pay rises, promotions and opportunities,” said Jo. “I think sometimes women can be less vocal. We therefore have a great obligation as managers and leaders to design processes that don’t rely on people jostling for position, but instead assess fairly on someone’s worth.”

Several employees said that the norms of their upbringing were vital to their success.

“There was a moment where my mum went back into education later in life and it changed the views of me and my sister about what was really achievable,” said Catriona. “She became the breadwinner after university and suddenly the family dynamic changed. I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do what I’ve done if I hadn’t seen that.”

Lubov Krasicova, leader of the Automated Test Team, also saw her childhood as crucial. “In Ukraine we have a communist heritage,” she said. “At that time, a lot of women began to work in technical professions so it was normal. My mother-in-law was a rocket constructor.”

Solving this problem requires making changes now, to improve things for future generations.

Erica Donnelly, a Report Developer in Professional Services, said how, “Starting early and having an exposure to the subjects is obviously important. Even though I went to an all-girls school the subjects weren’t gendered, I got to learn about woodwork, soldering, electronics.

“Later in life, getting women into more powerful roles will provide a role model and an aspiration for younger generations. Knowing you can enter into a role because you have someone who is already there is so powerful.”

A powerful discussion also identified both being undervalued or joked about, and employers who wouldn’t let them balance work and family, as barriers to women fulfilling their full potential in tech.

Tansy Sheehy, Customer Service Director, encouraged women to go for it because, “The tech field doesn’t have a criteria you have to fit”.

You can watch the full discussion here:

International Women’s Day 2021 comes at a challenging time. While female doctors and heads of state leading the charge against the pandemic have been put in the spotlight, globally, women’s job losses due to Covid-19 were 1.8 times greater than men’s, while mothers were 50% more likely than fathers to have permanently lost or quit their jobs.

At BigChange we’re proud to promote these conversations, and to set testing goals for ourselves to get more women into tech.

Leeds, 24 November 2020 – BigChange has introduced two new pieces of functionality to JobWatch that will help customers to work more efficiently.


20th October 2020 – BigChange is pleased to announce the latest version of JobWatch, version 5.13, is now available.


20th October 2020 – In October, BigChange hosted Midge Ure OBE as its speaker for Motivational Monday.


When Michael Cairns, Director of Celsius Plumbing and Heating, came to BigChange, his expanding company was quickly outgrowing its old service provider.


14th September 2020 – When should leaders invest in homegrown talent or go headhunting? Is there a place in a team for driven but disruptive employees? Is leading with transparency always the right way?

7th September 2020 – BigChange gave a big virtual welcome to Tracy Edwards MBE, this month’s Motivational Monday speaker.


For August’s Motivational Monday we welcomed Gabby Logan to BigChange

In a fascinating hour, Gabby explored her journey to the top in the male-dominated world of sports broadcasting, how COVID-19 might make us work smarter not longer, and how she first met Martin Port over a pizza 30 years ago.

Gabby has been a leading sports broadcaster with Sky, ITV and the BBC for over 20 years. As a presenter of Inside Sport, Final Score and the Premier League Show – as well as anchor of coverage of Olympic Games and World Cups – she’s become a household name.

Her success makes her a female role model in an industry now much more diverse than when she began. Gabby talked us through what she’s learnt on her journey, from being told she wouldn’t be able to combine being a barrister and a mother, to reaching the very top of another male-dominated world.

In the video, which you can view below, she also discusses the latest news in the world of sport, like the growth of activism in football, and the struggle to get more kids involved.

Some key takeaways from Gabby’s visit include making a leap of faith to achieve your dream, not getting down on yourself about mistakes that are out of your control, and the importance of being a role model.

Thank you Gabby, for the inspirational stories – and for your repertoire of impressions!

Watch the Video:

If you were unable to join the live event, you can now catch-up with Martin’s webinar on the 25th of June.

Hear how Martin has used his experiences in business across the years to develop and build the BigChange business system, focus on customer service, drive efficiency and improve culture. All through his tried and tested strategies, which he shares with you as a recipe for success for any business.

Featuring Rebecca Burn-Callander, former editor of The Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph as the webinar facilitator.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could manage your mobile workforce in the cloud, all linked beautifully with your Sage accounting software?

With less paperwork and freedom from double-keying from one system to another. You’ll be able to say goodbye to whiteboards and spreadsheets. You’ll be able to schedule work smartly, in a matter of clicks and be able to utilise an easy to use app. Giving your engineers and drivers all the information they need to carry out every task, including risk assessments.

Customers can be informed by text message, letting them know that you’re on your way, while you have complete visibility of everything.

After the work has been completed, industry job cards and certificates are created instantly, and all without a single piece of paper.

Imagine if, as you created the invoice, all the information would instantly be kept in sync with Sage as well as your payments, purchase orders and contacts.

With BigChanges 5 in 1 mobile workforce management software and job management system, you have all this and more.

Discover a truly integrated solution for field service management that combines everything you need to run your business, beginning to end.

The BigChange platform provides you with a CRM so all your customer records and data are secure in one place.

With the BigChange platform you’ll have access to intelligent job scheduling, a mobile workforce app that does everything for your team whilst on the go, live tracking of your vehicles, plus access to the BigChange network that will allow you to collaborate with other subcontractors and businesses.

And the icing on the cake? Seamless integration with Sage, so everything is synced.

Watch the Video:

The power of BigChange seamlessly integrated with your Xero accounting software.

Business owners in the UK and beyond will now be able to manage their workforce, schedule jobs, meet health and safety requirements, and issue invoices, without having to waste time updating their accountancy package separately.

Leeds-based BigChange, which has created a 5-in-1 technology platform for managing mobile workers, has announced a seamless integration with online accountancy giant Xero.

The move promises to eliminate the need for ‘double keying’, whereby information has to be re-entered into separate apps or software packages. Research shows that this ‘double keying’ can lead to workers wasting as much as two hours in front of a screen each day.

BigChange founder Martin Port commented:

“We all rely on technology to run our businesses – and our lives. Apps and software make us more efficient, and remove a lot of the grunt work, allowing us to focus on the stuff that really matters. But when these apps can’t communicate with each other, we are forced to type out the same data over and over, which increases the risk of errors creeping into records.”

“It has always been our aim at BigChange to bring the world’s best software systems onto our platform. I am delighted that Xero, a leading online accounts software, is now available to our users.”

Users are able to access Xero through a user-friendly link in BigChange. Settings are configured directly in JobWatch and contacts, financial information, and invoices are easily and securely passed between the two systems in real-time. This makes it easy to see the most and least profitable jobs, for example.

Early adopters claim that the BigChange integration with Xero has already been a significant time-saver.

Julie Simpson, financial advisor at CRS Communications (Fire & Security specialists) said:

“The integration between Xero and BigChange is fantastic as records are completely synchronised between the two systems, saving us literally hours of time.”

“It makes our job a lot easier and we are much more efficient.”

According to Michael Cairns, managing director at Celsius Plumbing & Heating,

“The BigChange/Xero link not only saves a lot of admin time but on my mobile phone, I can immediately see what’s been invoiced and access our financials, anywhere, anytime. It basically unlocks accounts and opens opportunities to improve the way we work as a business.”

When invoices are created in BigChange’s JobWatch system, the information is automatically passed to Xero.

“The new link between BigChange & Xero is now seamless and instant no delays. We only have to enter data once and that cuts hours off our admin time. Now anyone can raise an invoice we don’t have to rely solely on the accounts team. This system automation will allow us to grow without increasing our back office headcount.”

BigChange not only drives efficiencies, it also allows users to team up through its network. This helps customers to scale, taking on new jobs and trusted tradespeople across multiple geographies with little risk.

According to Chris Langrick, chartered accountant and director of Langricks, the Xero integration will encourage even more forward-thinking accountants to recommend BigChange to their clients.

Chris explained:

“Accountants need to be thinking about how they can advise their clients to use technology to operate in a more efficient manner,”

“BigChange’s Platform offers many advantages and now that financial information automatically ingrates with Xero, it’s even more attractive; a no brainer. In these uncertain times, there has never been a greater need to embrace the benefits of smart technologies like BigChange.”

Watch the Video:

BigChange welcomed Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson on the 1st of June to be our latest Motivational Monday speaker.

Tanni is one of the UK’s most successful and celebrated Paralympians, breaking 30 World Records during her career on the track. But not only is Tanni an incredible athlete, she is also a truly inspiring person who has contributed hugely to empowering other people with disabilities, in both the UK and abroad.

As you will see in the video below, Tanni spoke to us about her amazing career, both on and off the track, highlighting challenges she has had to overcome to get to where she is today. Key takeaway messages from Tanni included to never be afraid to lose (knowing that you can come back stronger), believing that with hard-work you can achieve your goals, and to always ‘pay it forward’ when you yourself have benefited from something.

Tanni also touches on the impact that the current Covid-19 pandemic has had and what coming out of isolation means, particularly for people with a disability.

Thank you, Tanni, for an amazing and inspiring insight into your life.

Watch the Video:

A Message to BigChange Customers.

Martin Port, Founder and CEO of BigChange:

I wanted to tell you personally, that I’m thinking of you, thinking about the challenges you’re facing at the moment. But what I want you to know, is that BigChange are here for you.

Roadcrew is available 365, we want to spend time supporting you, to help you, and enable you to carry on with your work where possible.

Even though our offices are closed, we are here for you. We have an army of people manning the phones from their bedrooms, from their living rooms, from their home offices. They’re all there for you. And we’re going to make sure that you know that we’re only a call away.

Please keep in touch, anything you need, we are here for you.

Thank you.

Watch the Video:

BigChange have recently launched two amazing new Microsoft add-ins for Outlook and Word.

BigChange is now seamlessly intergrated into the Microsoft ecosystem, enabling customers to easily attach email information into CRM notes directly from Microsoft Outlook, or create professional-looking templates in Microsoft Word and simply upload them into the BigChange system.


The BigChange Add-in for Microsoft Outlook is available NOW! Have you downloaded it yet?

This amazing new feature allows BigChange customers to seamlessly attach selected emails and attachments to their CRM Notes – existing or new – without having to leave Outlook.

This ensures important information can be quickly and easily stored centrally against Notes, a must for seamless remote working.

Find out all you need to know about this game-changing new add-in here.

Watch the Outlook Video:


The BigChange Microsoft Word Add-in for creating templates is now available for you to download! BigChange customers can now easily create professional-looking templates themselves in Microsoft Word.

Customers can design their own financial documents, Health & Safety Forms, Certificates or standard job cards in Word and use the new add-in to insert the required keywords. The finished document can then be uploaded to BigChange and saved as a template ready to be used in the usual ways.

Where keywords have been inserted, BigChange will automatically populate the datafields upon document creation. It’s as easy as that! You can find out full details of this amazing new functionality here.

Watch the Word Video:

Introducing ‘Job Hints‘ – BigChange has introduced an exciting new feature that will help you schedule your jobs more efficiently.

Have you ever found yourself visiting the same site/client several times over in a short period of time, when you know deep down you could have combined the visits?

When creating or scheduling a job from the back office, it is useful to know of any other jobs waiting to be scheduled, or already booked in, at the same site. This information allows you to combine jobs, therefore reducing travel costs. The JobWatch system now displays this information as a useful hint when creating jobs. As a job is created and a contact is entered, a hint now appears below the contact name detailing the number of scheduled jobs within the next 7 days and unscheduled jobs for this contact.

You can watch the guide video below for full details of this great new feature from BigChange:

We’ve introduced a new feature to help you quickly access information on key features in the JobWatch platform.

Here at BigChange we invest time in ensuring that there are Help Centre articles – and sometimes videos – to take you step-by-step through how our features work.

JobWatch now includes a ‘floating’ Help Button, providing easier access to specifically relevant content. The button has been designed to show content from the help site applicable to the page you are on when you click it, as well as a useful search box.

This great new feature makes it easier for you to access the help exactly when you need it!

Take a look at the video included below for full details of this new feature:

In Jobwatch you can now see both the current and 5-day weather forecast for the location of your jobs.

Does the weather affect when you can complete your jobs? This great new feature from BigChange makes it easier for you to plan ahead for work that can be affected by the elements.

When creating a job, once the contact’s location has been auto-populated, you will now see that a weather icon at the top right showing the current weather at the location is displayed.

BigChange new job weather

Hovering over the icon will display descriptive text, whilst clicking on it will display the forecast for the next 5 days at the job’s location in 3 hourly increments:

BigChange weather display

When you view a job after it has been scheduled, the weather icon displays lower down and shows the predicted weather for the actual date and time of the job.

View the video included below, which showcases this useful new addition in full:

Let BigChange save you time by automatically scheduling your follow-on jobs!

This amazing new feature from JobWatch allows our customers to automate the process of booking their follow-on jobs, completely negating the need for manual input. New follow-on jobs can be automatically triggered and scheduled until the work is done, with no additional admin needed.

We know a lot of our customers are already very excited about this new feature! Could it help you? To find out how this feature can start saving you time, take a look at the handy video guide below.

BigChange Audit is a simple yet comprehensive online application which allows companies to self-audit and help directors, managers and employees truly understand the legal responsibilities.

BigChange Audit enables straightforward auditing and visibility of all aspects of transport compliance. Utilizing cloud-based hosting allows for remote visibility of uploaded evidence providing at-a-glance compliance checks and a central repository. In total, BigChange Audit provides a cost-effective solution to address several specific risks within the business.

There are four modules which are relevant to different fleet profiles:

What is the basic functionality of BigChange Audit?

BigChange Audit provides clients with the ability to review their fleet and safety compliance; it encourages ownership of compliance by people doing the job. It’s a cloud-based audit tool which requires uploaded evidence and includes an extensive Knowledge Bank to aid users to understand and answer the questions. Easy to view dashboards also help users see where issues exist and help them to address them. Questions cover both the existence of clear processes and the active use of these processes.

Who is this product ideal for?

All clients running a fleet – where it is a few vans or a major large goods vehicle operator. The product makes visibility easy across a large geographical area. A simple red/amber/green dashboard shows a simple, visible compliance status with the ability to click through to get more detail where issues exist

What tangible impact can BigChange Audit have on your business Health & Safety compliance strategy?

BigChange Audit can make a swift and significant impact on improving a client’s fleet compliance; it can be used by the people involved in the day-to-day management of the vehicles to improve their ownership and understanding of all aspects of fleet risk: safe driver, safe vehicle and safe journey. BCA provides a value-for-money approach to demonstrating that the company is meeting its moral and legal obligations, with a clear audit trail. It is a flexible tool which can also be used for internal and external audit.

What are the benefits to the customer?

  • Audit your operation using up to date guidance and industry best practice standards,
  • Keep depots involved inputting responses and uploading evidence,
  • Complete online visibility of compliance status across the company;
  • Compliance status dashboard, audit trail and action lists accessible anywhere.
  • Make big reductions in miles travelled and time spent auditing your transport operation

BigChange Audit example diagram

What services or onboarding is included in the implementation of BigChange Audit?

We offer client-tailored support from as little as half a day a month; we always do a full training session and ensure that clients are “over the hump” with their initial gap analysis.

How does BigChange Audit meet the needs of growing businesses in implementing industry best practices?

BigChange Audit is an ideal tool for growing businesses as it enables SMEs to punch above their weight against larger competitors as clients can be confident their audits are being done in an up to date, compliant environment. BigChange Audit can also be used as evidence of best practice when clients are bidding for business.

How can customers find out more about BigChange Audit?

Please visit or call Ruth on 0113 4571000.

BigChange, the mobile workforce technology company, today announced that it has signed former England football captain and manager Kevin Keegan OBE as an ambassador and the first coach of its new club for entrepreneurs.

Keegan, who won 63 international caps for England and captained his country on 31 occasions before moving into football management, will play an active role in the BigChange Entrepreneurs’ Club, a new initiative from the company to help company owners develop their leadership skills and improve business performance.

Launched today, the Club provides a forum for the owners of organisations that work with BigChange to meet and discuss ideas with like-minded entrepreneurs once a quarter. Keegan will support BigChange’s efforts by providing leadership coaching and mentoring to members.

Keegan believes that his experience in top-flight football will inspire a premier level of performance among the Club’s members and help them achieve more business goals.

Kevin Keegan comments:

“Management in football is similar to business. You’ve got to get the best out of your people and you’ve got to keep delivering year after year. The companies that are successful are those where leaders are passionate about making progress, they want to see how far they can take their ideas and they inspire that passion and commitment among their people too. I see that passion at BigChange and I’m excited about working with the team and its customers. There’s a great buzz at BigChange, there’s a nice mix of youth and experience, and not only can I give something to help take the company forward, I can learn things here too.”

Martin Port, founder and CEO of BigChange, comments:

“Kevin Keegan is one of the most iconic world footballers of his generation and an inspiration to me. He has achieved a huge amount both on and off the field and we are delighted to have signed him to BigChange. There is an enormous amount that businesses can learn from his focus, passion and leadership experience. The entrepreneurs and business leaders we work with are progressive and ambitious, and I am looking forward to working with Kevin to help inspire them to reach an even greater level of performance.”

BigChange provides a pioneering mobile workforce management system used by over 1,000 organisations globally that combines CRM, smart job scheduling, vehicle tracking and a series of mobile applications to eliminate paper record keeping and automate many of the manual processes undertaken by mobile workers. Easy to use and install, BigChange provides a unique system and has disrupted a market that was dominated previously by enterprise players who sold almost exclusively to large corporates that could afford complex, lengthy and expensive implementations.

Your customers already use apps everyday to book everything from taxis to takeaways.

Now they can book your services in seconds, with the new on-demand booking app from BigChange. It’s here for all services and all sectors, whether you serve businesses or consumers at home. Begin your own on-demand revolution today!

Want more? Our latest video, Happy Customers; Happy Business is now also available to watch on YouTube.

Over the last 5 years BigChange has built a great company and I want to share with you some of our accomplishments since we launched in January 2013. We’ve created THIS VIDEO that features some of the major highlights.

Growth – Both our company and our customers have grown significantly over the last 5 years. Since Year 1 we have grown from a £300k annual turnover to £7m in 2017. There are many great entrepreneurial customer stories of growth driven using BigChange technology. We have recorded over nearly 1 billion kilometres of driving equivalent to 2,330 trips to the moon or 16 trips to mars, customers have invoiced fast approaching £200m through the system and completed over 4m jobs, 1 job every 2.5 seconds.

Awards – In 2017 alone, we won over 10 awards including the prestigious Deloitte Fast 50, recognising the fastest growing tech businesses. We ranked 25th in the UK and 98th in the Fast 500 in EMEA.

Unique Technology – BigChange has developed a 4-in-1 System that is unique in the marketplace and includes Customer Relationship Management (CRM)Job Scheduling, a rich Mobile App for Tablet or Smartphone and integrated Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management. This innovative system continually evolves with new features. Our latest development is the BigChange “Uber for Service and Transport” customer branded on-demand Booking App (iOS/Android) where BigChange clients can rapidly deploy their own app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, request a demonstration now.

Investing in People – We now have a 60-strong team who continually strive for excellence and are collectively responsible for our rapid growth and achievements. I am proud of our success. We provide lots of employee benefits including a series of “Motivational Mondays” that we have held at the beginning of each month as part of our Team Building events. We kick off 2018 welcoming Toya Wilcox with her own unique story and journey through life.

RoadCrew Customer Service – A highly dedicated team that is growing fast, and providing the very best service and support 24/7 . RoadCrew provide Implementation, Training & Technical support for the Office Employees, Drivers & Engineers every individual can call us at NO COST for telephone support.

Customers – 650 Companies representing over 15,000 mobile subscribers reaping the benefits of the BigChange system in the UK, Europe, USA and Australia. We have no barriers, our system can be used in any country in the world as it is multilingual and multi-currency. BigChange has customers operating in many Public & Private sectors including Construction, Hire, Highways, Civil Engineering, Utilities, Facilities Management, Waste & Recycling, IT Services, Medical, Foodservice, Transport & Logistics, Passenger Transport Home Delivery and Couriers.

Benefits & Savings – Customers have generated significant financial tangible and intangible benefits, including and most importantly, improved Customer Service all driven by the use of BigChange technology. Glowing testimonials, Press Coverage and Case Studies prove the added value that the system delivers. (Hyperlink website)

CEO Shop Floor Days – I want to meet as many customers as possible in 2018. I would like to visit your offices and understand your businesses better and even go out with Engineers and Drivers, to make sure you’re getting all the benefits out of the BigChange system. Please let me know dates when you will be free just email offering me dates any Tuesday, Wednesday or a Thursday.

Partnerships – We work closely with technology leaders such as Google, Samsung and Amazon, as well as industry trade bodies such as the Road Haulage Association, Freight Transport Association, Service Associations and Tech North.

Corporate Social Responsibility – At the heart of BigChange is a real commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. As a Corporate Partner of the fantastic charity Transaid we are getting involved with as many events as possible. I along with a group of Transaid’s key supporters I will be making a trip to Zambia in March 2018, to better understand the international development organisation programmes in the country. Also, various other charities which include amongst others BRAKE, the Road Safety Charity and even a local social enterprises.

We look forward to welcoming many more new customers in 2018 and continuing our strong partnership relationship with growing existing customers.

All at BigChange wish you a joyful festive season and a happy and healthy New Year.

All the best

Martin Port Signature

Martin Port

Tel +44 113 4571000 Ext 333
Mobile +44 7973 671779

3150 Century Way
Thorpe Park
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