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Pollock (Scotrans) Ltd

BigChange for Scotland’s premier transport company Pollock Scotrans.



Transport, Logistics & Delivery



United Kingdom

Workforce/fleet size

Pollock Scotrans has introduced the latest cloud and mobile technology from BigChange to improve its transport and logistics operations.

Hours of office admin saved

The 160-strong fleet operation is being managed with the BigChange 5-in-1 cloudbased platform that live connects in-cab mobile tablets to back office management software and real-time vehicle tracking.

Drivers use BigChange tablets for recording their timesheets and expenses, as well as for vehicle check reports and capturing timed-stamped photographs. Clipped into dashboard mounts, the tablets provide messaging, navigation and traffic reports on the move. Vehicles are also live tracked for monitoring journeys to ensure efficient routes are used and vehicles are on time, backed up with reports on fuel consumption and driver performance.

Fraser Pollock, Managing Director of Pollock Scotrans commented:

Reduction in fuel use

“Pollock Scotrans has embraced BigChange in all areas of the business from Driver, Vehicle and Job Management, we have seen tangible benefits and can honestly say the system is helping us streamline our 80 year old business.”

Driver performance is important for improving safety and reducing fuel consumption and BigChange has proved very useful according to Mark Jackson, Operations Director at Pollock Scotrans, who also sees the driver check app providing big benefits.

Pollock Scotrans’ customers are benefiting directly from BigChange and already live tracking information is being sent directly to clients to monitor transport of their goods.

“Our ultimate aim is to go completely paperless and BigChange will be playing a big part in that transformation. The move to electronic reporting with a one-system-does-all solution will allow us to deploy a seamless end-toend digital process that will have far reaching benefits to the business. With real time operational visibility there are big management and customer service benefits and BigChange is already boosting efficiency and productivity.”

Fraser Pollock,
Managing Director of Pollock Scotrans

“The driver check app has eliminated paperwork and ensured drivers complete inspections properly. Real-time reporting of defects including photographs means we can immediately alert the workshop about crucial defects allowing immediate scheduling for repairs.”

Mark comments.


Pollock commented:

“Integration with our customer systems will provide a significant saving in time both in creating jobs and in providing post job information, whilst also improving customer service with speed and quality of information if a query arises.”

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