Do you book follow-on jobs manually? Stop!

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Do you book follow-on jobs manually? Stop!
22nd September 2020 – It’s difficult to notice the simple, time-wasting tasks you do everyday. To you, they’re minutes, sometimes seconds, but given enough time they stack up to become hours or days.

Imagine if you could do all your repetitive work at the touch of a button. That is what BigChange’s automations offer.

By automating simple processes, businesses can free employees from routine work to focus on what they do best. Processes can be carried out reliably – on-time, everytime – so companies and customers get what they want, when they want it.

If you’re still repeating tasks on JobWatch, maybe it’s time to find out how BigChange can help.One easy automation that comes as part of the standard functionality for all BigChange JobWatch customers, is the automatic creation of Follow On Jobs. If the work isn’t complete on your first visit, there’s no need to create further jobs manually.

Users of BigChange will already be used to selecting either a Positive and Negative job result. With automation these responses can be used to automatically create a follow on job, until the desired outcome is reached.

Information like the job contact, skill constraints and financial line items can be carried over to the automatically generated follow-on job. There are also custom options, allowing for manual input, like a previous engineer’s comments, to be carried over.

You can read a full guide to automating follow-on jobs here.

For more complex needs, a host of bespoke automation wins can be built into JobWatch to streamline your work.

All custom solutions, built by BigChange’s professional services team, start with an event or ‘trigger’. It could be a new contract being confirmed, changes to job status or (in the case of follow-on jobs) whether a job is completed successfully or not. You can then lay out automated actions to take place as a result.

For example, if a job is flagged as ‘Project complete’, an invoice can be created from the line items and sent automatically. Or in the event of a customer being unsatisfied on a feedback document it could trigger a call within 24 hours.

You can be creative. For instance, BigChange’s team can use weather data to enable JobWatch to automatically create jobs which match preset temperature thresholds and optimise a route for your mobile workforce.

If you’re interested in using more complex automation to drive efficiency in your business, you can contact the professional services team at: