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Harness the Power of Reviews: Boost Trust & Grow Your Business with BigChange

18 October 2023

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> Harness the Power of Reviews: Boost Trust & Grow Your Business with BigChange

Online reviews have become a pivotal element in today’s digital-centric world. Their influence on customer trust and business growth is undeniable. Recently, controversies surrounding reviews on platforms like Amazon, as highlighted by Which?, have emphasised the need for businesses to have robust systems in place to ensure genuine feedback.

BigChange provides an unrivalled suite of tools designed to help businesses navigate online reviews with integrity and ease.

📝 1. Streamlined Review Requests with Tailored Templates 📝

Asking for feedback shouldn’t be a big task. With BigChange, businesses can create custom templates, containing relevant keywords, appropriate to the recipient. These templates can be sent via email or text post-job completion, ensuring feedback that’s specific and insightful.

The BigChange system showing a template, in front of it, an email showing the template when populated, an email requesting a review.

🛠 2. Intelligent Review Filtering for Precision 🛠

You may not want to ask for a review after each job has been completed, for instance if the issue has not yet been resolved. BigChange’s platform allows users to set up rules, filtering out job outcomes that shouldn’t trigger a review request. This ensures that feedback is only asked for when it’s needed.

Auto document sending displayed, showing that it is only triggered on completion.

📊 3. Capturing Insights, Even Without a Review Platform 📊

While we strongly suggest setting up a review site on something like Google or Trust Pilot for enhanced exposure, BigChange understands different businesses will have different needs. Even if you choose not to go with a review platform, BigChange has you covered.

Utilise 3rd party worksheets or workflows to collate review data seamlessly direct within the BigChange platform. And for those periodic reviews? Export your data into excel files for comprehensive analysis.

The digital word-of-mouth is more influential than ever. We believe that managing reviews should be as effortless as providing great service. Our platform is crafted to ensure businesses not only meet but exceed customer expectations, turning positive feedback into a powerful growth lever.

Jonathan Isaacs, Product Marketing Manager at BigChange

💼 Authenticity in Action 💼

Keen to master the art of getting reliable feedback with minimum amount of effort? Prospects can request a demo today and take the first step to anchor your business in a realm of transparency and growth.

For our existing customers, please reach out to RoadCrew or your dedicated customer success representative to understand how you can leverage these features to their fullest.

Jonathan Isaacs

18th October 2023



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