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Storm-Proof Solutions: Discover How BigChange Transforms Post-Babet Repair Work

25 October 2023

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> Storm-Proof Solutions: Discover How BigChange Transforms Post-Babet Repair Work

In the wake of Storm Babet parts of the UK have been left with a huge demand for immediate restoration and repair work. At times like these, the spotlight falls on skilled tradespeople who are on the front lines restoring normality. The need to act quickly calls for an organised, efficient, and swift response, and that’s where BigChange’s Job Management System shines.

🛠️ 1. Swift Scheduling for Urgent Repairs 🛠️

When natural disasters occur, trades industries are likely to find themselves swamped by urgent work. The pressure is even greater when people are desperate to get back into their homes before Christmas.

So how do you juggle the workload?

When BigChange’s smart scheduling feature is pivotal, enabling trades like electricians, plumbers, and builders to efficiently manage and prioritise the influx of repair requests. This ensures that the most critical repairs are attended to promptly, providing much-needed relief to the affected communities.

🗂️ 2. Stock Level Management for Essential Supplies 🗂️

The demand for repair materials has skyrocketed, as has the need to ensure that the parts that are needed are on site when the job takes place. BigChange’s platform offers real-time stock level management, ensuring that trades are well-equipped to tackle the repair tasks at hand. This level of organisation minimises delays and maximises the effectiveness of the restoration efforts.

📱3. Seamless Communication Between Teams 📱

Coordination between various trades is crucial to speeding up the restoration process. BigChange’s platform allows for seamless communication between teams, with in app messages, dialogue comments and alerts, ensuring that everyone is on the same page regarding the progress and next steps in the repair and restoration journey.

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📡 4. Real-Time Tracking for Efficient Operations 📡

With BigChange’s integrated tracking feature, the back office staff can instantly see the location of each person and vehicle. This allows real time re-deployment of the closest resource when needed, in addition to providing the reassurance of knowing the location of each person.

💰 5. Swift Financial Processing for Prompt Invoicing💰 

Post-repair, timely invoicing is crucial, be it to individual clients or insurance companies. BigChange streamlines the financial processing, ensuring that invoices are sent out promptly (and even automatically), which in turn, aids in maintaining a healthy cash flow for trades.

The essence of BigChange lies in its power to revolutionise how trades operate. In the aftermath of a storm, while paper solutions falter in the face of adversity, BigChange stands strong, ensuring every task is tracked, every job is completed promptly, and every customer is served with excellence.

Jonathan Isaacs, Product Marketing Manager at BigChange

🌐 Forward With BigChange 🌐

Ready to leverage BigChange in navigating through restoration challenges? Explore how our Job Management System can be your anchor in managing repair and restoration work efficiently. Request a demo today and set your trade business on a path to unmatched organisation and community service.

Jonathan Isaacs

25th October 2023



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