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Working with RAAC? BigChange has Your Back!

20 September 2023

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> Working with RAAC? BigChange has Your Back!

In light of recent concerns surrounding the safety of Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC) in buildings across the UK, the importance of prompt, precise, and efficient inspections has never been more important. The construction and engineering sector is on the front line, ensuring that buildings are safe to be used.

So, how can modern tech solutions, like BigChange, help in this challenging task? Let’s delve into some of the ways BigChange is supporting companies on the front line.

🏢 1. Risk Assessments at Your Fingertips 🏢

Safety is top priority when dealing with RAAC inspections. BigChange provides dynamic risk assessments that can be tailored for specific sites or tasks. We offer an integrated system that makes sure these assessments are read and signed by the appropriate professionals, before the job can be started. This not only ensures that every procedure is followed accurately but also offers a transparent record for accountability.

Split image, on left two workers in high vis jackets wearing masks. On right a man holding a phone with risk assessment questions on.

📸 2. Photo Documentation for Thorough Reporting 📸

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially in the context of structural safety. Using BigChange digital job sheets allows engineers to effortlessly take photos on-site and attach them directly to the job. This offers a clear visual record and can prove invaluable for tracking deterioration or highlighting areas of concern.

Split screen, on left a man in van driving looking at tablet. On right two paper showing site inspections.

📜 3. All Your Docs in One Spot 📜

When on-site, engineers need immediate access to a variety of documents – from site plans to previous inspection reports. With BigChange, all relevant documents can be attached directly to the job, ensuring you have information right at the right time.

🛠️ 4. Real-Time Job Tracking for Rapid Response 🛠️

At the moment, there is very high demand for inspections to take place. BigChange’s real-time job tracking and smart scheduling means that engineers can be swiftly dispatched to areas of concern, ensuring rapid responses when they matter most.

🌐 5. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work 🌐

Given the scale of the RAAC issue, collaboration between multiple teams, from schedulers, engineers through to finance teams for invoicing is essential. BigChange’s all in one system allows seamless communication, ensuring that everyone is on the same page, allowing you to deliver top notch customer service.

In challenging times, technology guides us towards innovative solutions. At BigChange, we’re not just helping our customers address the challenges posed by RAAC – we’re transforming the way businesses operate efficiently in carrying out inspections. By leveraging the power of the BigChange system, we’re ensuring that inspections are precise, thorough, and timely, creating a safer tomorrow for all.

Jonathan Isaacs, Product Marketing Manager at BigChange

💼 Always Innovating, Always Supporting 💼

Not yet signed up to BigChange? Witness firsthand how our Job Management System can revolutionise your RAAC inspection and repair processes. Request a demo and let us show you the future of efficient, safe, and accurate inspections.

In the face of challenges like those posed by RAAC, a dynamic, tech-forward approach is key. With BigChange, you’re not just adapting – you’re leading the charge towards a safer, more secure future. Because with BigChange, every shift towards safety and efficiency is a significant leap forward.

Jonathan Isaacs

20th September 2023



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