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Leeds, 07 September 2022 – Plumbing & Gas Solutions is set to improve their efficiency, saving the company time and money, following the implementation of a BigChange job management system.

By automating workflows and connecting mobile engineers armed with tablets to back-office staff and management, BigChange is improving efficiencies, reducing outgoings and eliminating the potential for errors.

“Using BigChange we are changing our behaviours and therefore our culture,” said Darryl Taylor, the new Operations Director taken on to implement BigChange for Plumbing & Gas Solutions. “Management no longer needs to keep tabs on the workforce, engineers can focus on the job, not the paperwork, and our customers can engage with us when and how they want to. This will allow us to grow the business in a sustainable way to the benefit of our staff, our clients and our community.”

“Occasionally, paperwork that had not been correctly filled in or submitted was resulting in the odd job not being invoiced,” commented Carl Yeomanson, Managing Director of Plumbing & Gas Solutions. “This was not just costing us in terms of lost billing, parts would have been purchased to do the job, engineers were still being paid and we were using fuel and other consumables, to do the work. Due to the size of the projects we work on we know that in the first week of using BigChange we saved many hours of time scheduling jobs and had a more streamlined approach to our billing system!

“But the savings don’t stop there,” he continued. “There were other avoidable charges, such as lapsed vehicle leases, and we were not using our engineers to their maximum capacity.”

Plumbing & Gas Solutions was established in 2010 and was initially focused on domestic services; the company fitted the first bathroom for Homebase, which was recently sold for close to £100 million. Having consistently grown year on year, Plumbing & Gas now specialises in commercial and industrial reactive maintenance and retrofit projects, working for brands such as Centre Parcs, Stadium MK, Cranfield University and Bletchley Park. Plumbing & Gas operates a mixed fleet of vans and trucks and has the largest team of commercial gas engineers in the region

Using the BigChange job management plumbing software, which incorporates customer relationship management (CRM), job scheduling, live tracking, resource management, job finance and business intelligence, in one simple-to-use and easy-to-integrate platform, Plumbing & Gas now work smarter rather than harder.

Intelligent scheduling ensures the most appropriate resource is allocated to each task and ad-hoc requests can be accommodated, whilst engineers no longer have to physically check in at the office as there is a real-time flow of information between office and field, with job cards, completion reports and photographs available 24/7. Equipment-specific service histories, certificates and maintenance records can be accessed in just a couple of clicks, and the invoicing and payroll are automated based on vehicle tracking and digital reporting.

The BigChange customer portal allows Plumbing & Gas’ clients to self-serve with access to certificates, completed work reports and invoices, and they can even book their own appointments based on continuously updated engineer availability. Plumbing & Gas is also utilising the features of the BigChange CRM to boost customer service by reviewing dormant clients and identifying additional opportunities with existing relationships.

Plumbing & Gas’ engineers are also embracing BigChange with guided vehicle checks, advanced routing and even driver alerts for speeding and idling, which is creating healthy competition, further reducing costs and minimising environmental impact.

Five years ago I had a brainwave. BigChange, which was just a start-up back then, was starting to make an impact and we had amazing customers coming on board every single day. That’s when it hit me: wouldn’t it be incredible if I could help these companies work together to grow, and become more successful than they could on their own?

That was the seed of an idea that would grow into the BigChange Network, a directory where our customers could find contractors, share jobs, and expand, both geographically and in terms of the services they could provide. Today, we have over 550 customers on the Network and we’re beginning to see how collaboration is accelerating their growth and success. 

Imagine you’re a plumbing business based in Brighton, and a customer in North London needs a job done. It doesn’t make sense to send someone all the way from Brighton to do the work – not from a business or carbon efficiency standpoint. So, you look on the Network, find a great London plumber, give them a call, and then send the job over via the BigChange platform. Once they accept, you can track the work in real-time. Once the job is complete, you have all the paperwork required for the end customer, with your company branding, and you get the signed off job card including all the completed health and safety processes and photos. This collaborative system also means that you make a nice profit on a customer that you may have had to turn down otherwise. What could be simpler?

In fact, our innovative customers are using the Network to solve increasingly complex business challenges. Lori Kidd, who manages the Network, has found all kinds of fascinating user cases. “We have some customers who offer maintenance but might be approached by customers looking for an installation,” she explains. “If they say they can’t instal the equipment and the customer goes elsewhere, that other company may end up servicing the equipment later, so the customer has lost out twice. We are seeing those companies finding an installer through BigChange and then handling all the future maintenance afterwards.”

I love hearing stories about how smart business leaders are using the Network to test out new services, expand their geographical reach, and take on urgent jobs when they are booked solid. I’d like to share some of these with you today. Even if you’re not a BigChange customer, I hope these insights fuel your ambitions, and if you are, and you’re not on the Network, I hope this inspires you to take the plunge!

Offering a seamless service

Steve Baker is the founder of Jardak Services, which started out as a contract cleaning company but now offers a full facilities management service. The business has been going for 22 years, and now employs 60 staff. Steve believes that the Network has transformed the way he contracts out work. “We have a sister business, called Trustwater, which offers fire risk assessments and health and safely consultancy,” he says. “Trustwater is on BigChange too, so we use the Network to refer jobs between the two businesses while ensuring that all our paperwork and processes are completely consistent. It’s an example of how you can use the Network internally to make the sub-contracting process even more seamless.”

Contract out with confidence

Dan Rochester founded Target with his brother Dean in 2014. From a standing start, the property management and fire protection company has grown to employ 90 staff and turn over £8.5m. “We have found the Network really helpful for finding like-minded companies and sharing jobs,” he says. “Because you are dealing with a BigChange customer, you know what kind of company it’s likely to be. We have found the standard of work has been very high, and we know that they can provide all the information we need in the right format for our records and our health and safety processes.”

Boost your revenues

Aaron Eastwood is the co-founder of Site Secure, a CCTV manufacturer and fire alarm installation firm. The business has been running since 2018 and joined the network a little over a year ago. “We always use the Network as the first port of call to find sub-contractors,” he says. “Without the Network, we could use some of the people we already have on our books as approved contractors but there would definitely be some work we would have to turn down without it, especially the stuff that is out of our area or is really urgent.” Aaron says that the Network has increased revenues by 10%-15%. “That has the ability to grow as we use the Network more and more,” he adds. “We are doubling in size every year.”

Free publicity!

“I can’t understand why every BigChange customer isn’t on the Network,” says Jardak’s Steve Baker. “It’s free publicity for your business. Once you’re set up to take on jobs, you don’t have to do anything, and the referrals come in whenever someone needs your help on a job.”

A virtuous cycle

When you refer a job to a contractor through the Network, you forge a new professional relationship that could result in more work coming your way in future. “We’ve had a few instances where we have referred work to a BigChange customer and then they have given us work back,” says Site Secure’s Aaron Eastwood. “We always give new contractors a ring when we find them on the Network, so you get to know each other.”

Sharing best practice with existing customers

It’s always useful when you find out an existing customer is already on the BigChange platform, according to Dan Rochester. “You can work together to improve the reporting and processes that you get from each job. I have one client that I work closely with, and we are always sharing our learnings and helping one another to get even more out of the software. I’ve made a lot of changes to our back end – it looks very different to the off-the-shelf product now – and I’ve shown him all our workarounds.”

Save time and resource

“When you search for contractors on BigChange, it shows you the exact catchment area they work in, and all their specialist services, which is a real time-saver,” says Jardak’s Steve. “We would otherwise use Google to try and find someone but then you often call up and they don’t work in the area that you searched for, or they don’t offer the specialist service that you need. Given that we only tend to subcontract out the more specialist stuff, we can’t afford to waste time ringing around.”

If your main focus is on acquiring new customers, you should know that you’ll spend five times more than you would by simply retaining your existing clientele. In fact, your current customers are also more likely to be loyal to your brand, try new products and spend more in the long run. 

Therefore, to survive in today’s turbulent, post-pandemic market, you must prioritise customer retention. But, with your technicians — the faces of your organisation — scattered across the country, how can you ensure that they’re representing your company appropriately? 

The answer lies with job management software

Arming your field-based workforce with the latest technology provides them with everything they need to do an outstanding job every time. In this article, we’ll explore the advantages of using a job management platform and share how it leaves a lasting impression on your customers. 

How Your Technicians Can Improve Customer Retention

89% of companies see customer experience as a critical factor in driving customer loyalty and retention. Therefore, your technicians must be aware of how to deliver excellent service. Here are our top three tips:

1. Boost First-Time Fix Rates

Field service organisations that achieve a first-time fix rate of over 70% boast an impressive 86% customer retention rate. Customers don’t want to have to wait around all day for a technician to arrive, only to find out that they can’t fix the issue and will have to come back. 

Fortunately, with job management software, enhancing your first-time fix rates has never been simpler. Once a customer makes an appointment via the self-service booking system, your back-office team can assign a technician based on location, skillset, job constraints and vehicle type. By assigning the best person for the job, you can ensure that they’ll complete the project in one appointment.

Plus, many state-of-the-art platforms link with your inventory to give you complete visibility over your stock and assets. As such, your team can simply assign parts and tools directly to a job, meaning that your technicians will never turn up unprepared. 

Upon their arrival at the client’s location, your technicians can use their mobile devices to find out everything they need to know about the job and see what equipment they have available. Instead of having to reschedule another appointment to fix an issue, they can focus on doing what they do best. 

2. Operate Compliantly

Now, more than ever, customers are aware of the importance of proper health and safety measures. For example, according to the BBC, 40% of Britons want to keep wearing masks in shops and on public transport permanently, indicating that many people are still uncomfortable returning to ‘normal’.

Even without COVID in the picture, proper health and safety measures are critical to ensuring your workers carry out their jobs safely and that there will be no severe repercussions further down the line. That’s where job management software comes in.

You can set mandatory workflows in the system that your technicians must follow before they’re permitted to carry out any work or access their timesheets. They can fill out the forms and risk assessments from their mobile devices and send the results to your back office instantly, providing you with a thorough record for future reference.

If there are any hazards that could jeopardise the job, your team can mitigate the issue and enable the work to continue without any delays. Using technology to remove roadblocks and improve health and safety measures will give you and your customers peace of mind that the work will be completed on time and to a high standard. 

3. Invoice Instantly

On average, it takes around 25 days for a small-to-mid-sized company to process a single invoice manually. Unfortunately, not only can slow invoicing methods lead to late payments, but they’re also inconvenient for your customers, who will have to wait weeks to pay for a service. 

In contrast, your technicians can handle the invoicing process from their smart devices when you use job management technology. Once the work is complete, they can pull through pre-existing information about the job for an accurate cost and send it to your customer for approval in seconds.

Customers will also appreciate the convenient payment methods that modern technology provides. For example, with a platform such as BigChange, people can pay using credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, direct debits and eWallets. 

Making the invoicing and payment process straightforward will help you stand out against competitors that rely on outdated manual methods. As a result, customers will want to use your business time and time again. 

Arming Your Field-Based Workers with Technology is the Key to Retaining Customers

According to PWC, 46% of people will abandon a company if they aren’t knowledgeable. Thankfully, technology has the power to ensure that your technicians have all the knowledge they need to hit the ground running every time they head to a new job. 

With the BigChange Mobile Application, your technicians can communicate with your back-office and customers in real-time. They will also have access to a range of valuable features, such as:

  • Expenses log
  • Photo and signature capture
  • Stock and equipment quantities
  • Risk assessments
  • Customer relationship manager
  • Timesheets

With so much information available at the tap of a button, you can guarantee that your technicians will leave a favourable impression on your clientele.

Your Customer Retention Rate will Skyrocket with BigChange

All the essential information your business could need at the click of a button.

BigChange’s field service management system gives you a 360˚ view of every account, contact site and contract. Deliver positive customer experiences at every level thanks to an array of dynamic product features.

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Did you know that only 12% of customers say they fully believe when companies claim they put their customers’ needs first? In today’s world, where customer expectations are high, it’s not enough to simply do a satisfactory job and move on. For field service businesses to stay afloat in a competitive market, they must consider how to take the overall customer experience (CX) to the next level.

But, anticipating customer needs and delivering a service that genuinely impresses them can be tricky if you rely on outdated systems and spreadsheets to manage your client relationships. 

That’s where field service management software comes in.

In this article, we’ll explore how the latest technology gives you the tools you need to satisfy your customers and maintain your client base.

Using Technology to Delight Your Customers

1. Automate Processes to Save Customers’ Time

As technology is becoming more integrated with many aspects of our lives, customers want companies to provide the convenient digital services they’re accustomed to elsewhere. In fact, 70% of people now expect business websites to include a self-service application.

By providing your customers with an online bookings portal, you’re allowing them to make and manage appointments in their own time. As such, they won’t need to sit on the phone, waiting to speak with a representative. 

When using field service management (FSM) software, all customer bookings come straight to your back office. The system then assigns the job directly to a customer profile, so you have a comprehensive record of all interactions you have with the client, eliminating the need for error-prone spreadsheets and hours of manual administration tasks.

Plus, storing all customer information and interactions within a central CRM (customer relationship management) system enables you to take automation one step further. Customers can receive real-time, accurate updates instead of waiting at home all day, waiting for a technician, or needing to call into the office to find out when they will arrive.

State-of-the-art FSM platforms pull through information from the CRM to send automated texts and emails to customers. The notifications provide your clients with an estimated time of arrival and a GPS tracking link so they can see the exact location of their technicians — allowing them to go about their day without worrying that a worker could turn up at any moment.

2. Get the Job Done the First Time

Unfortunately, companies with a first-time fix rate of under 70% notice that their customer retention rate declines by 10%. When customers make an appointment, they want you to solve their problem on the agreed date, so you must have the tools to get the job done the first time.

Thankfully, field service management platforms make high first-time fix rates a possibility. For example, once your customers make their bookings, your back-office team can assign technicians to the job based on skill set, vehicle type and location. 

Then, they can allocate stock, equipment and assets to each project, so your technicians turn up to every job with the correct gear. Your workers will never have to waste time making another appointment again because they realise they don’t have the right part in their vans. 

As a result, you’ll free up more time for your technicians to attend additional bookings each day, meaning you can deliver a speedier service to your customers. 

3. Listen to Customers’ Feedback

According to data from Microsoft, a colossal 89% of customers want the option to provide businesses with feedback. Therefore, you should provide your clients with a platform to share their opinions.

Fortunately, field service management systems like BigChange make capturing customer feedback simpler than ever. Once the technicians have completed their jobs, the platform will instantly generate a personalised email with a customer satisfaction survey included. The email serves as an opportunity to thank customers for their patronage and collect their thoughts on the service, making them feel valued. 

Aside from making clients feel appreciated, the email serves as a chance for you to see if any trends are emerging from the feedback. With such vital data at hand, you’ll be able to make changes to your business that you know will delight your customers and keep them coming back time and time again.

Delight Your Customers: Field Service Management Technology is the Key

In the UK, 47% of people say they have higher customer service expectations than they did just one year ago. Consequently, field service organisations need to think outside the box and leverage the power of new technologies to stay ahead of ever-changing demands.

Field service management software automates the time-consuming, admin-heavy aspects of managing customer relationships, benefitting both you and your clients. Your back-office team will appreciate the extra time they have to focus on more business-critical tasks, and your customers will enjoy the convenience of managing their bookings online.

Subsequently, you’ll likely find that your bottom line is boosted, your customer retention rates skyrocket, and you’re able to attract more clients.

Anticipating Your Customers’ Needs is Simple with BigChange

Some systems manage relationships. BigChange helps you master them.

Our fully integrated CRM system gives you a 360˚ view of every account, contact site and contract. Deliver positive customer experiences at every level thanks to an array of dynamic product features.

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Historically, field service businesses that want to expand have had to rely on unfamiliar subcontractors and invest money in hiring more staff to keep up with the volume of work. However, it can be tricky to maintain a smooth operation when you don’t have visibility over your workers or control over the processes they use.

Plus, with the skills shortage making it increasingly challenging to find talent, companies will need to consider other, more modern ways to grow. Luckily, technology can provide a cost-effective and convenient solution.

Read on to find out more about the BigChange Network and learn how networking with other businesses will enable you to enhance your operations.

What is the BigChange Network?

Joining BigChange means that your business can gain access to the BigChange Network, where you can connect with thousands of trusted, like-minded organisations around the country. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with each other to expand your services without the risk that usually accompanies company growth.

Since the Network is integrated with our BigChange job management software platform, you won’t have to wrap your head around another system. Instead, you can simply manage your subcontractors using the back-office technology you currently use for your own team, making for an efficient and uncomplicated workflow. 

Want to discover more? Check out this informative video.

The BigChange Network: How Technology Can Help Your Business

Here are just some of the ways the BigChange Network can benefit your organisation:

1. Straightforward Networking Opportunities

Did you know that 41% of people want to network more frequently but believe they don’t have the time? In-person networking events can take a significant chunk out of your day when you could be focusing on running your business. But, in today’s talent-short market, networking has never been so crucial.

With the BigChange Network, you won’t have to leave your office to enjoy the benefits that networking provides. Rather, you can post your organisation on the system for free and start receiving connection requests immediately. From there, you’ll have the choice to collaborate on projects with a range of different, BigChange-approved field service companies.

You can also specify the types of jobs you have available, along with the skills required, so you can rest assured that you’ll only be working with the most relevant subcontractors. 

2. Complete Visibility Over Operations

Over 75% of field service organisations currently rely on third parties to carry out work. Although reliance on subcontractors is a necessary part of scaling your operations, it comes with a whole host of potential issues. 

Whether you pin your reputation on an unfamiliar technician who does an unsatisfactory job, or you have to spend time chasing them because your customers need an update, you’ll quickly find that traditional methods of hiring subcontractors do more harm than good.

That’s where the BigChange Network comes in.

All businesses on the platform are approved BigChange members, so you can be confident that you’ll only be working with the most reputable engineers who will represent your company appropriately. Plus, you can see how each job is progressing in real-time as subcontractors can provide you with live updates straight from their mobile devices.

You’ll receive an alert as soon as the subcontractor has completed the work, ensuring that everything remains on schedule and your customers are satisfied. 

No more waiting. No more chasing.

3. Control Over Processes

81% of customers claim they need to trust a brand in order to buy products or services from them. Consequently, if you’ve spent time and effort building up your reputation in the market, it can be daunting using a third party to represent your business. 

Not only could they fail to meet your high standards, but paperwork with a different organisation’s branding on it could be confusing to your customers and potentially cause them to lose trust in your company. As a result, you’ll be spending more time resolving problems than focusing on business-critical tasks.

When you become a member of the BigChange Network, you don’t have to worry about confusing processes. You’ll be able to carry on using your preferred worksheets and procedures to ensure the subcontractor completes the job exactly as you expect. Additionally, customers will receive paperwork with your company’s branding, so they know a trusted technician has carried out the work.

You’ll also be able to invoice as usual, using agreed rates shared via the Network. As such, you’ll still benefit from the convenient, paperless processes that the BigChange job management platform provides, and your customers won’t notice any difference from your usual service.

Networking with Other Businesses is Simple when You Use BigChange

Increase your reach without high levels of capital expenditure.

The BigChange Network is a seamless way of connecting with other trusted contractors and subcontractors in our system. Experience the perks of expanding your business without worrying that unfamiliar contractors are misrepresenting your brand or carrying out unacceptable work.

Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to increase your bottom line even further by selling your services to other BigChange users around the world.

Want to find out more?

Discover how BigChange field service management software can make your business grow stronger here and arrange a free demo today.

Did you know, up to 76% of customers decide to purchase from a brand based on customer experience alone? Therefore, to continue growing your customer base, you must consider how your clients will perceive your business at each stage of the buying process.

To create a superior customer experience at every buying stage, you should think about every touchpoint before, during and after a sale. Being efficient at booking, job execution, and aftercare can set you apart from your competition. 

This article will guide you on how you can build relationships, optimise your schedule, drive growth and improvement, and strengthen your customer experience on BigChange.

Delivering Great Service at First Contact

Traditionally, customers would have had to pick up the phone, use a contact form or send an email to scope out booking a job with a field service provider. However, 42% of people vastly prefer online scheduling over picking up the phone. The ”first contact” is crucial to get right, or you could miss out on business — solely because customers want to finalise their booking at their own leisure without talking to a representative.

Using a job management platform makes it easy for customers to see your availability and book jobs with you. Making the ”first contact” stage as simple and customer friendly as possible is one of the most effective strategies for creating an excellent customer experience.

A Great Customer Experience During the Booking Process

In this day and age of immediate gratification, it’s not surprising that 70% of customers have said that speed of service matters the most when dealing with a business. But, unfortunately, out-of-date legacy systems and slow manual administration processes for bookings aren’t going to cut it anymore. That’s where BigChange comes in.

Using a Self-Service Platform

88% of consumers expect an organisation to have some form of self-service portal available. If your business is still using a ”contact us to book” method for customer appointments, you should consider adopting software that allows customer to manage their bookings online. Not only do self-service portals improve the customer experience, but you will likely see an increase in bookings because of the convenience it provides.

An added advantage of using an  online self-service portal is that it will send an immediate alert to your back-office staff. Your team can then use the information the customer provided to schedule and dispatch the most appropriate technician, based on factors like:

  • Customer location
  • Traffic information
  • Vehicle type
  • Job constraints
  • Necessary qualifications
  • Equipment needed

Gathering all the Information

In the field service world, high first-time fix rates are essential to a good customer experience. Companies with a first-time fix rate of over 70% manage to retain 86% of their customer base. If they achieve less than this, their retention rate drops by 10%. Therefore, in the early stages of the booking, it’s essential to gather as much information as possible about the job and the constraints that might be relevant so that your engineer can fix the customer’s issue the first time.

Using a job management platform like BigChange to gather information and allocate the right assets to a job means your technicians can confidently arrive for appointments with all the right tools to complete the job the first time. In addition, efficient information gathering creates a better customer experience because your engineers won’t have to return with parts or equipment that your staff may have missed in the initial stages of planning the job.

Optimised Schedule

Currently, employees believe they spend around two hours each day on pointless administration tasks. Manual administrative processes can slow the workflow internally and make for a bad customer experience if important information is missed or bookings fall through the cracks. 

With the intelligent scheduling assistant on BigChange, you can optimise your schedule and free up more time for both back-office staff and your technicians to attend additional jobs each day. 

The scheduling software can create a more streamlined calendar based on appointments, their purpose and the time they took. The system then frees up any time that had previously been unavailable for booking due to manual scheduling or human error. 

56% of field service professionals say that their customers are demanding faster response times. By using software that optimises your schedule, you’ll have the resource to attend more emergency appointments and act quickly on incoming customer requests.

What Customers Expect on the Day of Service

Now, the day of the appointment has arrived. Let’s look at how you can streamline the customer experience in this part of their journey.

Ensuring Parts and Equipment are Available

According to a report, a staggering 43% of small businesses fail to track their assets and inventory effectively. Using manual or paper methods for asset tracking opens your company to many risks caused by human error. 

Engineers could inadvertently take spare items or writing on forms can be ineligible, and such mistakes can mean things can go missing easily and replacements can be costly. Not to mention that a lack of necessary items lead to slow response times for a customer while you get parts or tools back in stock.

Instead, you can digitise your asset management. BigChange allows you to create a detailed register of equipment and parts, and you can track the movements of items using serial numbers, barcodes or QR codes. Your technicians can then check inventory in and out directly from their mobile devices, and you will have better visibility over your valuable equipment. Doing so means your customer will never suffer a wait for parts or tools that were an oversight in the planning process.

Identifying the Quickest Routes

Using software to manage your people allows you to match the right person to the right job quicker than ever. For example, you might have a technician in a nearby location, but traffic could cause them to take longer to arrive than another available person. These scenarios are where software can help streamline the customers’ experience. BigChange can identify the quickest routes for your field service workforce and match the best person for the job based on time and travel.

Notification Features with Geolocation

On the day of an appointment, there is nothing worse for a customer than waiting at home all day because they were given a vague timeslot. Therefore, providing your clients with transparency about the job status and their technicians’ locations is essential. If a business sends automatic updates, then 68% of customers have a better opinion of the company.

BigChange’s field service management software allows your customers to get notifications about their appointment status and see the precise live location of their technician via the geolocation vehicle tracking feature. Never again will your customers feel like they’re left in the dark about the status of a job.

Excellent After-Appointment Care

Brands with superior customer experience bring in 5.7 times more revenue than competitors that don’t focus on their clients’ needs. 

It’s no secret that customers who are satisfied with the service they received will be more willing to purchase your service or product again. Plus, people who have a favourable view of your business are more likely to spread the word to their social circle, family and professional network, providing you with a new audience that could potentially turn into sales. So, how do you improve the after-appointment experience?

Follow-up Appointments

We’ve seen how using online scheduling software that allows your customers to manage bookings on their own is one step towards creating an excellent customer experience. You can go one step further to delight your customers by making it simpler than ever to book repeat appointments.

BigChange’s recurring job templates are perfect for customers who know they have many jobs for you. The recurring job feature enables you to group jobs so you can schedule them all in one go. So, not only have you saved your customer time and stress, but the software makes for less administrative work for your office staff simultaneously.

The software still has features that allow you or your customer to create an automatic follow-up job if the customer requires more, unexpected work, in future. Fortunately, the new appointment for the additional work will also link to any previous jobs. Thus, all the relevant job history is readily available for the customer or engineer working on it.

Easy Payments

For the average small-to-mid-sized company, it takes approximately 25 days to process an invoice manually from receipt to payment. As a result, businesses have to deal with overdue payments, processing costs and employees wasting time on drawn-out manual methods. However, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software with integrated payment gateways can speed up the payment process. 

Integrated payment solutions allow you to automatically send your customer an invoice via the CRM — where all your other documents are stored — and receive the funds instantly. So once the job is complete, your customers won’t have to wait for several days to receive an invoice as they have in the past. 

Instead, your technicians can fill out all the necessary paperwork directly on their mobile devices and send the invoice across immediately. Customers can then view the invoice and pay online the same day, making it more convenient for the customer, and better for your cash flow.

Better Security

79% of customers say they are concerned about how companies use their data. However, unlike spreadsheets and manual paperwork, CRM systems allow you to carry out GDPR-compliant management of individuals’ data. For instance, customers can edit their contact preferences, opt-in or out to marketing, which gives them more control over what you do with their information.

Plus, many advanced CRMs include robust security features. BigChange’s system secures all data in AWS (Amazon Web Services), the world’s most comprehensive and widely-adopted cloud platform. Your customers can then have peace of mind that their data is safe during their experience working with you, and beyond.

Asking for Customer Feedback

Though your interaction with the customer is almost over, it’s essential to understand what you could have done better. In fact, 77% of customers say they view companies more favourably if they seek out and apply customer feedback. 

However, when using multiple systems, spreadsheets and physical documents to manage your operations, it can be tricky to collate customers’ opinions, much less do anything useful with the information.

That’s where CRM systems come in.

As soon as your technicians have completed their jobs and marked them as complete from their mobile devices, you can automatically send digital satisfaction surveys to your customers to ensure that they’re happy with the work you completed and their overall experience with your company.

Improving Your Operation

Once you’ve gathered your satisfaction surveys, the BigChange CRM automatically stores all interactions. You can then easily access survey results in the future and use them to adjust your services based on customer feedback about the previous stages of their purchase journey.

Using software like BigChange’s field service management system eliminates many tiresome and time-consuming processes throughout the customer journey. The technology can free up your staff time to focus on more business-critical tasks to make your customer experience the best it can be at every stage of their journey with you.

Deliver Excellent Field Service Customer Experiences Effortlessly, on BigChange

Manage your entire operation on a single platform. 

BigChange is the complete Job Management Platform that’s helping field service businesses across the UK to win more work, take control of their operations and deliver winning customer experiences.

Our fully integrated CRM system gives you a 360˚ view of every account, contact site and contract. Deliver positive customer experiences at every level thanks to an array of dynamic product features.

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