Norspace boosts hire services with mobile tech from BigChange

Norspace Hire has boosted customer service and reduced costs since rolling-out job management software from BigChange.

Used to schedule and report on its delivery and service teams using mobile devices in the field, the system is giving Norspace real-time visibility of the entire mobile operation. Norspace supplies temporary accommodation and welfare facilities in Ireland, and since implementing BigChange earlier this year, the company has improved cash flow through quicker, more accurate invoicing, increased sales and boosted customer satisfaction.

“I truly believe that most problems in business are caused by a lack of communication or communication of the wrong information,” commented Matthew Smyth, Managing Director of Norspace Hire, “and BigChange helps to eliminate this."

“Using BigChange mobile devices, our drivers capture real-time information which is communicated instantly to our back office who can share it with customers to either confirm the job was completed as scheduled or to explain why the job wasn’t completed. This information is time and date stamped, recorded to an exact location and backed up by photographs. It takes a couple of seconds on site to capture the information and is instantly available for back-office staff to view and share with customers or management.”

Matthew Smyth, MD, Norspace Hire

Prior to the implementation of BigChange job management software, Norspace relied entirely on paper job cards, phone calls and texts. Issues, for example, blocked access to customer sites or lost keys, could take days to be reported to the depot and communicated back to a customer, potentially resulting in credit notes for un-serviced units, lost charges for extended time on-site and unanswerable customer queries.

“BigChange reduces the potential for complaints,” Smyth added.

“We record, access and share information in seconds and with just a couple of clicks. This has all but eradicated negative customer experiences and gives us room to manoeuvre as situations change.”

Matthew Smyth, MD, Norspace Hire

Norspace Hire, headquartered in Lisburn with depots across Northern Ireland and the Republic, is a family-run business with over 35 years of experience providing temporary accommodation and welfare facilities for the construction, infrastructure, health, education, and events and hospitality sectors. Norspace operates a fleet of trucks ranging from small service vehicles to articulated lorries and loader cranes. Offering a range of products and services, from portable toilets to full-scale onsite temporary accommodation, Norspace projects range from 1 day to many years.

Since implementing the BigChange job management platform, which incorporates customer relationship management (CRM), job scheduling, live tracking, field servicemanagement, job finance and business intelligence, in one simple to use and easy-to-integrate platform, Norspace has seen a marked improvement in customer feedback and staff satisfaction. Intelligent and responsive scheduling allows Norspace to react immediately to unforeseen circumstances. Customisable job cards and reports have significantly improved efficiencies onsite and in the back office, which gives Norspace the right platform to maintain high service levels and customer satisfaction.

Office worker using two screens in an office setting.
Norspace Hire using BigChange in the office to manage their daily jobs.
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