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Welcome to BigChange university

Learn. Assess. Build. Win!

Get up to speed on our software

BigChange University, or BCU as we call it, is where you will learn about the BigChange Job Management Platform, its features, and functionality. The training covers a wide syllabus, including the configuration and use of platform features.

The content has been broken down into easily digestible, bitesize modules, and ordered to help maximise your understanding at each stage.

BCU works alongside our onboarding process to ensure that you have BigChange set up quickly, in exactly the right way for your business.

Get started

On-demand virtual training, available 24/7

BCU is available to you, on-demand, 24/7, enabling you to learn at a pace that suits your availability.
Our core learning modules are sequential, taking you through each step of the educational process in bitesize chunks.
With three different learning pathways from beginner to expert, you can upskill your whole team faster than ever before.

New features, new modules...

BigChange University is continuously updated, including support for new product features, helping you to get the best value from BigChange. Our advanced and expert learning modules provide further how-to demonstrations of the key features of BigChange, supporting you to fully configure and utilise the platform for your business’ needs.