BigChange pay

BigChange Pay: fast and convenient card payments on site or over the phone

Grow your sales by giving your customers more ways to pay. Accept credit and debit cards without fuss within BigChange. Powered by BlueSnap, a trusted global payments leader.

Take card payments

Take card payments on-site or from your offices

Take card payments exactly when and where you need to. Accept payments on-site with the customer. Or include a payment link with your invoices that customers can click on and settle instantly.

As simple as scanning a QR code

Engineers or technicians add parts and other items to the job. Then the customer simply scans the QR code on the engineer’s device to complete the payment on their own smartphone or tablet. It couldn’t be simpler. Plus the payment link can also be shared with customers by SMS or email.

Accept all major card types

BigChange Pay, powered by BlueSnap can accept payments with Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Know when invoices have been settled

Every card payment is logged against the relevant invoice in BigChange, whether fully or part paid. Giving you a complete picture of what is owed against each job.


Pre-authorisation is supported, allowing you to put a temporary authorisation hold on the payment card for an amount that will cover the cost of works. It helps ensure sufficient funds are available and helps prevent chargebacks. This is provided by BlueSnap. Please refer to your BlueSnap seller account for more information.

Powered by BlueSnap

To use BigChange pay you’ll need a BlueSnap seller account. BlueSnap can tell you about the benefits of their payment processing, processing charges as well as their processes for preventing fraud and managing chargebacks.

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