Ben Fogle recounts his adventures on Motivational Monday

December 15, 2020

15 December 2020 - In December, BigChange welcomed Ben Fogle, broadcaster and adventurer, as its Motivational Monday speakerBen found fame on Castaway 2000, as one 36 people battling the wilderness to build a remote community on the Scottish island of Taransay.

Since then he has rowed across the Atlantic, completed the grueling Marathon of the Sands, raced across the South Pole and climbed Everest.

For this month’s Motivational Monday Ben took us behind the scenes of his adventures, sharing details of the physical and mental toll they took, what he did to pull through when things were at their lowest and the stories of the incredible people he met along the way.

Ben explained that the key to beating these feats of endurance was more in the mind than the body. He spoke about respecting the team you surround yourself with, seeing a positive side to stubbornness by using it to push through challenges, and the importance of self-responsibility when taking on risks.

We also welcomed Caroline Barber and Ernest Chanda from Transaid to talk about the incredible work the charity has been doing. Ernest joined the conversation remotely from Serenje in Zambia to explain the safe and sustainable transport solutions Transaid is providing to remote communities in sub-saharan Africa. You can donate here.

We’re excited to kick off 2021 with a virtual visit from Benjamin Mee, author of the inspirational book 'We Bought a Zoo'. You can register here. For this event, our charity partner is Living Potential Care Farm. Living Potential is at the heart of the community at Carlshead Care Farm, between Leeds and Harrogate. Offering daytime activities, work experience and qualifications in a supportive environment, they help people reach their potential, improve their health and fitness, and gain confidence. You can donate to this amazing cause here.

We’d like to thank all of the speakers who joined us in 2020 and we hope you’ll tune in for more enlightening conversations next year.

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