Quotes: create and share professional looking quotes and estimates

Win new business with easy to create fully-branded quotes and proposals. Then send, track progress and follow up all in one place.

A quote form with details
Win more work

Build and share quotes fast to win more business

Secure more new business with professional looking fully-branded quotes and proposals can be created without fuss. BigChange assists you with the job costing, making the process even more efficient.

Online quote acceptance

Impress new and existing clients with a slick online experience. They can accept, authorise and sign off new works in seconds.

Build templates easily in Microsoft Word

Create a custom quote template in Microsoft Word and then import it directly into BigChange. What could be easier?

Take away the guesswork with the job margin calculator

Understand and track the gross profit margin and markup on your jobs. Setup the system to factor in parts and materials, labour, travel time and other costs.

Keep track of live opportunities

See the quotes and proposals that you’ve shared in one place, so you can keep on top of your sales pipeline.

Automate follow up reminders

Don’t let new business opportunities slip through the cracks. Setup automatic reminders, that remind your team to follow up - and your customers to make a final decision.

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