Proof of service

Proof of service: your complete digital audit trail

Capture the proof-of-work needed to avoid customer disputes and invoicing delays. All captured as part of the workflow.

Capture the proof

Capture photos before, during and after each job or task

Capture and annotate multiple photos on-site before, during and after works. These are automatically saved in the cloud and can be accessed on-demand. Share with customers on jobsheets. Giving you a robust audit trail.

Signature capture and customer sign-off

Get digital customer sign-off on the smartphone or tablet. This syncs instantly with your back-office team, enabling them to raise your invoices immediately - ultimately giving your cashflow a big boost.

Everything’s securely recorded, time and location-stamped

Photos can be time and location stamped, so you know exactly when and where they were taken. The BigChange app captures the exact job start and end times.

Remote sign-off or contact-free signature capture

BigChange features both remote sign-off and contact-free signature capture, ensuring you can get acknowledgement of completion even if the client can’t be physically on-site.

Live tracking for accurate arrival and departure time records

BigChange’s integrated vehicle tracking logs the times your vehicles arrive and leave site.

Everything’s stored securely in the cloud

BigChange’s cloud based system gives you the peace of mind that your business critical proof of work data is securely stored.

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