Fleet Management

Driver behaviour: fleet compliance is tamed

Manage your fleet in the same place that you manage your planning, scheduling and mobile workforce. From vehicle checks to MOT reminders and fleet documentation, BigChange has you covered.

A compliant fleet

Understand how your drivers behave out on the road

Integrated vehicle tracking captures data about individuals’ driving style and reports on idling, speeding, cornering, braking and harsh acceleration. This lets you build an accurate picture of drivers who pose a risk and need additional training. Many customers use this data to highlight and reward drivers who are safe, responsible and eco-minded on the road.

Vehicle checks with defect reporting and photo capture

You can setup daily electronic vehicle walkaround checks that makes it easy for drivers to identify and report any defects or potential problems. They can add notes and annotated photos and fleet managers are instantly alerted. Fleet managers also have a single source of truth for managing defects.

Avoid downtime and stay compliant with proactive fleet alerts

Stay on top of critical fleet maintenance, servicing, MOT and insurance schedules with alerts that ensure your team are informed. Reminders will keep flowing until activities are marked as complete. Essential for keeping your Operator license safe and compliant.

All your vehicle documentation in one place

Upload fleet documentation against each vehicle’s profile. These MOT, insurance, lease, O License and maintenance documents are stored safely and securely online.

Import and link fuel card data

You can link fuel card transactions to actual vehicle mileage (verified by the integrated vehicle tracking). Identifying discrepancies and calculating accurate MPG figures.

Lower your fuel bill by up to 10%

Research involving 734 customers showed a 10% decrease in average distance per job one year post-adoption, due to smarter scheduling; leading to lower fuel costs and reduced carbon footprint.

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