Citrus Stays Connected and Compliant with BigChange

Working with local authorities, social housing providers and construction companies, Citrus uses the 6-in-1 solution to replace previously manual, paper-based planning processes, improve customer and compliance reporting, and have full visibility of its field operation. The BigChange connected mobile app and back-office system is also boosting health and safety and reducing the company’s environmental impact.
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Citrus had already invested in a work management app but still relied on large amounts of paper, spreadsheets, and even the occasional whiteboard, to manage and report on a team of nearly 40 field engineers.


Citrus looked at other options but describes the decision to adopt BigChange as a ‘no-brainer'

Using the BigChange job management system Citrus has automated many routine tasks. Being able to bulk upload addresses to the CRM reduces the time taken to raise individual jobs and ensures tenants' details are up-to-date and matched to the correct client.

Job scheduling tools, including the customer booking app, help Citrus book routine callouts and maintenance visits, well in advance, taking into consideration engineer location and availability.

Kirstie Winstanley, Scheduling Manager at Citrus said;

“BigChange allows us to schedule engineers based on the priority and timeframes of the job and its location. This reduces downtime, with engineers no longer having to drive long distances between appointments, and, on particular contracts, we can automatically optimise the routes, grouping jobs in the same postcode.”

Vehicle tracking provides live information meaning customers can be kept informed of ETAs and time onsite, and this information can be used to locate engineers if an incident occurs, or backup is required.

Customisable job cards allow Citrus to tailor the information they capture and record for specific contracts, and, because everything is electronic, there is no longer a need to produce, complete and scan reams of paper. Job reports are also being used to record materials used by engineers, so weekly stock orders can be placed and collected, reducing time spent visiting wholesalers, and further improving engineer efficiency.

Further benefits from BigChange include automated job reporting; this gives customers evidence, comprising of date, time, and location stamped photographs, to supplement completed job cards and certificates of completed works, for KPI reporting and compliance recording. Citrus is also boosting its internal reporting with accurate status updates of jobs booked and tracking of quotes and monitoring success rates.

Kirstie continued;

“BigChange allows us to digitally record, share, store and access accurate details of every job. This allows us to create bespoke reports for customers or management, with just a few clicks, which can be shared direct from the system or collated within customisable report templates.”

Based in Merseyside, Citrus operates across the Midlands, Northwest and Northeast regions, offering electrical installations and testing. Citrus has recently expanded its original offering to include fire services. Employing a growing team of specialist engineers ,from just a handful at its inception to a directly employed workforce of nearly50, Citrus is proud to work with clients such as Magenta Living and Redditch Borough Council.

“We use BigChange for all aspects of the business, from job reports and tracking to financial management and accounting. In addition, the customisable nature of the system allows us to offer, and deliver, a truly bespoke service to our clients.”
Daniel Kelly
Director, Citrus Group
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