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How Preventative and Predictive Maintenance of Vehicles Saves You Money






> How Preventative and Predictive Maintenance of Vehicles Saves You Money

When it comes to fleet management, it may seem sensible to repair your vehicles as and when they become damaged. However, in reality, reactive fixes cost an eye-watering three to nine times more than pre-planned maintenance, ultimately creating a large dent in your profits. 

In addition to being costly, unplanned maintenance can severely hinder or bring your projects to a halt, setting you back days, weeks or even months. Therefore, to lower expenses and keep all your appointments on track, you must conduct routine maintenance on your vehicles before it becomes too late.

In this article, we’ll explore the ways proper vehicle maintenance can save you money. We’ll also explain how field service management software helps you to keep track of your fleet, making it simpler than ever before.

How Proper Vehicle Maintenance Keeps Costs Down

1. You Only Replace Parts that Need Replacing

It can be tempting to ignore minor issues with your vehicles — especially if they present no risks to your drivers — as a way of reducing costs. However, what starts as a small problem can quickly become more serious and financially damaging than you initially suspected. 

In the long run, it makes good business sense to replace single parts as and when they wear out instead of waiting for a complete breakdown. Plus, there are hidden bonuses to keeping your vehicles in excellent condition. For example, regularly replacing your tyres can increase your fuel efficiency by up to 10%.
With field service management software like BigChange, proper vehicle maintenance is simple. Your engineers can complete daily walkaround checks of their vans and raise any potential problems with your fleet manager using the mobile app. As such, you’ll have a complete record of each vehicle, allowing you to perform maintenance before repairs start eating into your profits.

2. There’s a Lower Risk of Expensive Legal Issues

Unfortunately, there were over 100,000 road accidents last year in the UK. With your engineers spending a large chunk of their days travelling between jobs, it’s paramount that you do everything possible to prevent them from becoming part of the statistic. 

If you don’t regularly take the time to maintain your fleet, you are putting people at risk. For example, one of your vans could suddenly break down on the motorway, causing a collision that injures your employee or others. 

Aside from being a terrible experience for your employee, if you’re found guilty of health and safety negligence, you may have to face lengthy legal battles and hefty fines. In fact, the Sentencing Council introduced harsher penalties in 2016 for companies that fail to manage health and safety matters competently. Now, the average fine sits at £150,000.

Fortunately, by encouraging every engineer to complete a daily check of their vehicle and record their findings on the app, you can guarantee that you’re following health and safety best practices. As a result, you and your employees can rest assured that the likelihood of a serious accident is significantly lowered.

3. Working Vehicles Prevent Delays to Profitable Projects

Each year, around 20% of a fleet’s vehicles incur downtime due to accidents. Although some breakdowns are inevitable, regardless of how well you care for your vehicles, there are ways to substantially reduce the frequency and length of the downtime.

Firstly, as we mentioned before, daily vehicle walkaround checks are a must-have to ensure that your fleet is DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) compliant. In addition to improving health and safety measures, when your engineers consistently record their findings, you’ll have a comprehensive record of each vehicle’s history, which provides proof of compliance and any work carried out.

Secondly, you should monitor your drivers’ behaviour on the roads. With BigChange’s field service management platform, you can see reports on speeding, harsh acceleration, braking, cornering and idling. Your engineers then receive a score that builds an accurate picture of their driving style over time, giving you the chance to offer additional training to those who take more risks on the road.

By eliminating risky behaviour and driving styles that create more wear and tear on your vehicles, you’ll be able to reduce each vehicles’ downtime and maintenance costs annually, meaning you can continue taking on more projects that boost your bottom line.

4th February 2022 - It’s Easy to Lower Expenses with Field Service Management Software

Field service management eradicates the headaches associated with maintaining a fleet by digitising the entire process. Instead of needing to fill out several forms each day that could be lost or forgotten about, engineers can complete vehicle checks from their mobile devices in a matter of seconds.

Then, your fleet manager can see everyone’s reports, making them aware of any frequent issues or potential fixes they need to perform. Performing regular maintenance on your fleet is the best way to ensure that vehicles don’t become too pricey to repair or create long periods of downtime that reduce your profits.

Make Preventative and Predictive Maintenance Simpler on BigChange

Your fleet is a crucial component of your business, but it doesn’t have to be expensive to maintain.

With BigChange, your drivers can easily identify and report vehicle defects, enabling you to fix minor issues before they become major, costly problems.

Plus, our driver behaviour analysis feature provides you with complete visibility over each engineers’ driving style, so you can offer additional training to those who are more inclined to take risks on the road. 
Discover how BigChange can make your business grow stronger here and arrange a free demo today.

4th February 2022



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