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Field service management software: your guide to better operations

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What is field service management software?

Field service management software is a tool that helps you and your team manage the entire operations of your field service business - that's everything from job management, customer relations (CRM), vehicle and equipment tracking, time and work tracking, automated reporting and invoicing, and feedback collection. It also manages stock, service contracts, SLAs and warranties, while usually providing a mobile app and integration with other business systems.

Simply put, it's an all-in-one system for managing every aspect of your day-to-day business activities.

Our platform simplifies business operations by combining everything into one easy to use mobile app and back office system. 

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Field services make up over 70% of the UK economy, so having the right Field Service Management Software in place is crucial.

Below is our comprehensive guide to Field Service Management software covering what it is, what it's used for, the industries we serve as well as the benefits and how to get started. We also wrote a blog about everything you need to know about field service management software.

BigChange: all-in-one field service management software

Here's an overview video of BigChange - the UK's #1 field service management software

What is Field Service Management Software?

Field service management software is a tool that you can use to manage your workers, equipment, and overall operations.

It's designed for industries where trade workers work at remote sites. This requires a constant balance of job scheduling, on- and off-site communication, customer service, inventory maintenance, and office administration. 

Our software handles all aspects of job management. It facilitates communication between field workers and the office. Additionally, it assists in scheduling jobs, tracking progress, and communicating with customers. It also helps with sending invoices and managing other important details necessary for successful job completion.

For help understanding field service software, read this blog.


Getting Started with Field Service Management Software

How to choose the best gas engineer software

To get started with field service management software, you might want to read our article on top tips for choosing field service management software. As well as tips for choosing the right one, you'll also find tips to improve your sustainability, since we found 1 in 5 (20%) of customers look for companies with sustainable values.

BigChange provides customised onboarding for your industry, operations, and team as your field service software provider. We'll pair you with a dedicated onboarding partner who will help you identify gaps, successes, and goals.

We will help you create a field services platform that meets your needs and solves the problems you want to solve.

You can always count on us for ongoing training and support, available 24/7, whenever you need it.

Key Features of BigChange Field Service Management Software

We wrote about the benefits of field service management software and why businesses are switching to a modern, digital system recently.

In the blog, we chose the top 6 but here's a comprehensive list of what you can expect by using field service management software:

Improved Efficiency

Field service management software simplifies your operations. The job scheduling dashboard ensures easy booking and automatic job allocation. Keep track of all things resource management so you can easily optimise and adjust your fleet when you need to. Through our easy-to-use platform, you can control all these basic functions within one for maximum efficiency. 

Greater Productivity

Job sheets make it easier for them to get the job done. Your employees can conveniently access all necessary information in one place. This includes contact details, compliance documents, and work history. Track progress in real-time, assign teams to nearby jobs, and provide assistance when necessary based on productivity updates.

Improved customer service

Customers benefit from field management software with updates and automated paperwork, making planning and organizing easier for them. It can help with on-time arrivals, faster issue resolution, and more successful fixes, improving customer satisfaction overall. It also means you can manage your customer relationships in one centralised space. Read more about using field service CRM software.

Save time and money

Save time and money by reducing paperwork and data entry, allowing your admin team to focus on more valuable tasks. Field service software helps you manage your resources to grow and improve your business operations. For more on improving cost efficiency with Field Service Management Software, read our blog.

Increased Visibility

Get better oversight on your team and more insight into their performance. Our field service software vehicle tracking feature provides real-time insights, so you can assess productivity and optimise your fleet. This level of visibility allows you to check in with your team, and help solve issues quickly and effectively. 

Compliance and Safety

With built-in features and reporting, you can include safety and compliance checks into your job sheet flow. Your field workers need to finish all required paperwork before completing a job. This ensures that they do not overlook any important regulatory steps. It stores documents, making it easy to find, review, and share important information whenever necessary. 


Designed to fit the size and pace of your operations, field service software adapts to changing business needs. You can adjust your system accordingly, whether you’re scaling up or down. It’s easy to onboard new workers or tailor your job management to a targeted team.


We’ll help you set up your field service software in a way that fits your business needs. Whether you want to focus more of your energy on managing your fleet or are committed to improving your CRM, there are plenty of ways to tailor features and tools to fit your industry and business goals.   


Nothing lost, everything gained – field service software can seamlessly integrate with your other essential business systems, simplifying your operations. We can help you with bookkeeping, financial management, and your telephone system, eliminating the need for manual data entry.


Field service software stores and sorts all your information for in-depth access to business insights. Use the business intelligence tool to examine your data, identify gaps and opportunities. Spot trends, and create strategies to simplify processes, save money, and make better decisions that help grow your profits. Read more about enhancing business intelligence in Field Service Management.

Mobile Accessibility

The app lets field workers use the software anywhere, connecting them to the office. As well as reducing admin, it means that everyone can see the same job sheets in real time. Your workers can manage their projects remotely, saving them time and allowing for better communication and more flexibility.

Paperless Workflow

Less paperwork, more organisation. Field service software simplifies your admin tasks by combining scheduling, notes, completion records, safety documentation, and invoicing into one streamlined process. Accessible via the mobile app and desktop software, this drastically reduces paperwork and manual processes. Reduce office headaches and be more eco-friendly by adopting an eco-friendly approach in all your operations. We wrote about the benefits of going paperless in field service management here.


All this efficiency can add to money in the bank. Field services software helps businesses achieve a strong return on investment. By streamlining operations, you can dedicate more time and resources to the things you want to focus on.

Optimise your fleet and schedule more jobs, while improved customer service boosts loyalty and repeat business. With business analytics on your activity, you can study, test, and improve operations for continued success.

Competitive Advantage

Using field service management software can put you ahead of your competitors. Customers like modern technology because it helps you give better service and makes their lives and yours easier. Understanding the inner workings of your business enables you to make informed decisions and identify opportunities for growth and success. By having a clear understanding of your business operations, you can strategically plan and take action, giving yourself a competitive edge.


Why Choose BigChange?

Features that boost your business

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Day-to-day improvements lead to big-picture benefits. Our software makes your daily tasks easier by simplifying administrative work and organising job-related activities in one location.

With our field services software, you can manage scheduling, resource allocation, job tracking, invoicing, and customer communication seamlessly.

Read more about how the best field service software can boost growth.

A reliable foundation for growth and training


We’re here to support you so you can focus on the things that matter to your business. BigChange job management is a secure, cloud-based platform, which means you can trust that things will work exactly when needed.

Your team can access the software anywhere, which keeps everyone informed and working together. You can easily access historical data and project activity from your system when needed.

You can read more about how you can address the skills gap with field service management software

Comprehensive onboarding and support


We can help you customise your field service management software to fit your business operations. We offer round-the-clock support and continuous training.

As part of our onboarding process, our team will work closely with you to understand your operations and priorities and set the platform up to suit.

We’ll provide training for your team, so people across all capabilities and comfort levels will feel confident using the software. You’ll also have ongoing access to BigChange University, which allows you to level-up and learn.

Ongoing innovation

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We know how quickly field service industries can change, and your software needs to be a step ahead.

We wrote a blog on what we know will be the future of field services: automation.

We’re constantly improving, optimising, and adding to the features you depend on, so you can continue to get the most out of your field services software.

Explore some of the recent new features and innovative updates we’ve made to help you remain competitive.


Industries We Serve

field service industry trends

Businesses that manage workers and tradespeople who provide services at customer locations use field service software.

We know field services industries are changing constantly. In fact, we wrote a blog on the upcoming field service industry trends.

This is common across a range of industries, such as facilities management, plumbing, heating, building maintenance, and electrical contracting.

Our software helps businesses manage tasks like scheduling, timekeeping, equipment, and invoicing all in one place.

You can customise each feature to fit the unique needs of your service, so you can tailor each feature to suit your workforce and type of service. 

Customisation and Integration to Meet Business Needs 

cloud based system

Your field service management should feel like an effortless part of your daily operations. Our platform can be tailored to suit your service area, so it works exactly in the way you need it to.

Whether you need to address a skills gap or onboard more workers, our job management platform will fit your structure.

You can create custom job sheets that include all the essential information related to a specific job type.

Create an automated CRM system to inform your customers with payment confirmations, appointment reminders, and relevant communications. Create a fleet management dashboard that provides you with an overview on your team’s activity. 

We will help you organise your system to meet your needs. This includes the option to integrate it with your existing financial software.  

Client Success Stories

Crucial office dashboard view

We helped Crucial Engineering to organise and streamline its processes, organising daily operations to support growth and expansion.

Using field service software helped them grow by 800% and expand their services into new areas. Read the full story about Crucial Engineering’s experience with BigChange and field service software.

Discover how BigChange has supported field service businesses in enhancing operations, expanding services, and increasing profits. 


Frequently asked questions

How does this help progress jobs?

Field service software is an end-to-end solution that helps to organise every aspect of a job. It begins with scheduling and job allocation, with on-the-job support through equipment tracking, field notes, and compliance documentation. After a job is completed, you can also send automated invoices and payment reminders.

Is FSM software mobile-friendly?

Ours is! With the mobile workforce app, your field service team can access all software features on-the-go. They can check job details, update notes, fill compliance forms, and collect customer signatures while working on-site.

Your system automatically provides your office team with everything they need to do their part.

How does FSM software handle inventory management?

You can use job sheets to create equipment and resource lists for each job. This helps you keep track of your inventory and quickly identify any shortages.

What about data security and compliance?

Our secure cloud-based system lets you access your files from anywhere without worrying about data security. Find out more about our policies.

What kind of training and support is available?

As part of your field services software solution with BigChange, you have access to 24/7 support and ongoing training. Your team can also learn at their own pace with comprehensive resources and modules in BigChange University.

Are there case studies or success stories available?

Yes – you can explore how other businesses have implemented field service software and the impact it has had. Check out our recent success stories.

Can I customise FSM software to suit my unique needs?

We'll work with you to customize your field service software based on your business needs and goals. Contact us today to request a demo and learn more.

Is there a trial or demo available?

Yes, simply reach out to our team to book a demo today.

How quickly can we implement FSM software?

Onboarding and implementation typically takes between 8-12 weeks, although some of our customers get up and running much quicker. We have online training available that you can complete in your own time and for most industries, we have templated sites that have popular job types, worksheets and templates set up and ready to use.

What reporting and analytics features are included?

With business intelligence and reporting, you can easily see and generate reports on your finances, vehicles, stock, and worker performance.

Is FSM software scalable for business growth?

Yes, we have designed our platform to grow alongside your business and your team. You can add, tweak, and optimise features to suit the size of your fleet, the number of jobs you complete, and the types of services you offer. Get in touch to learn more.

Does the software offer mobile workforce management tools?

Yes, our system includes a mobile workforce app for iOS and Android that allows your team to access job sheets and key information via their phone or a tablet while out in the field.

Can I track people on location?

The job sheet app has vehicle tracking and real-time updates. This allows you to see where your team is on the road. It also allows you to see how a job is progressing onsite.

Can I create an invoice and get paid?

Yes, through our financial management feature you can generate invoices and automated payment reminders. BigChange can integrate with your existing payment systems. This integration makes it easier and quicker for you to receive payments. Additionally, it helps you manage your cashflow more efficiently.

What is the user experience like for field technicians?

Our platform is user-friendly and customizable. You can create job sheet templates that are easy for your technicians to use, even when they're on the go.

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