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How to Deliver Great Customer Service: The Top 5 Methods

26 January 2022






> How to Deliver Great Customer Service: The Top 5 Methods

You could have the best product or service in the world, but if your customer service isn’t satisfactory, your reputation will suffer, and you could lose business as a result. In fact, 96% of people say that customer service is crucial in their loyalty to a brand.

Therefore, to ensure your customers come back to your company time and time again, you must consider ways to ensure they have a positive experience. Luckily, thanks to the latest workforce management technology, it’s never been easier to deliver outstanding service.

In this article, we’ll explain how to deliver great customer service and share why it’s such a vital part of the customer experience (CX).

How to Deliver Great Customer Service

With 54% of people saying that they have higher customer service expectations than they did just one year ago, businesses must find more innovative ways to stay ahead of the curve by using technology. 

Here are the top five ways you can use field service management software to create a personalised customer experience that will impress your clients and boost the reputation of your business:

1. Respond Promptly to Customers

For 70% of customers, speed of service matters the most. Therefore, to please your clientele, you must review your current processes and eliminate anything that slows down the workflow. 

For most field service organisations, inefficiencies are often caused by manual administration methods and outdated legacy systems. 

In contrast, you can streamline your processes and free up your employees’ time to respond more rapidly to customer requests when you use field service management software.

For example, as soon as your customers have booked an appointment, your back office team can schedule and dispatch a worker based on real-time data, such as the location of the technician or job constraints. They can also send automatic notifications to clients to inform them of the technicians’ whereabouts. 

With technology enabling you to respond to your customers instantly, you can rest assured that you’re delivering excellent service.

2. Personalise Your Service

80% of customers are more likely to purchase a product or service if the brand provides personalised experiences. Unfortunately, spreadsheets and paper-based documents make it much more challenging to provide communications tailored to each of your customers.

Instead, contemporary CRM (customer relationship management) systems can pull client data into company-branded templates, enabling you to automatically send emails and other routine communications at the touch of a button.

A personalised customer experience will make your clients feel more valued and increase the likelihood of using your business again in the future. Plus, clients who are impressed with your service may also recommend you to their friends, family and professional network.

3. Give Customers the Tools They Need to Help Themselves

Historically, customers that wanted to book or reschedule an appointment had to take time out of their busy days waiting on the phone to speak to someone. However, thanks to technological advancements in recent decades, it’s now much more straightforward for clients to manage their bookings.

Unsurprisingly, 67% of customers say they prefer self-service over speaking to a company representative.

As such, to deliver the best customer service possible and stand out from the competition, you should offer tools to help your clients help themselves. The good news is that many modern workforce management solutions include built-in self-service customer portals where people can easily manage their appointments online.

In addition to appointment scheduling, customers can also view the live progress of their technicians’ locations and download job cards and invoices once the work is complete. With full visibility and control over their booking, customers will enjoy a convenient service that will make them want to keep using your company over others that don’t offer self-service options.

4. Keep in Touch with Customers Once the Work is Complete

70% of the customer experience is based on how the client feels you are treating them each time they make contact with your business. Consequently, you should make an effort to check in with your customers at every stage of the buyer journey, even after the work is complete.

Using field service management technology, you can send your customers a satisfaction survey when your technician has completed the work to ensure they’re happy. If required, you can also set up recurring jobs with automated reminders so your customers don’t have to remember to book a new appointment each time.

By keeping your customers engaged throughout the customer journey and beyond, they’ll feel appreciated and will maintain a more favourable impression of your company.

5. Be Helpful and Anticipate Customer Needs

Organisations that prioritise the customer experience outperform those that don’t by a staggering 80%. Clearly, it pays to anticipate your customers’ needs and deliver on their expectations.

But, how can you anticipate your customers’ needs if you don’t have the necessary data or tools? In today’s digital world, clients are used to businesses helping them solve problems they didn’t even know they had. So, manual administration methods and paper-based documents aren’t going to give you the information you need to delight your clients anymore.

Fortunately, with cloud-based field service management software like BigChange, you’ll have access to all the data you need in the palm of your hand as it will log every interaction you have with your customers. 

Subsequently, you can do the following:

  • Schedule and dispatch workers depending on the customers’ requirements
  • Provide real-time status updates to keep clients in the loop
  • Create digital documents which reduce the risk of human error
  • Send online invoices the same day
  • Allow customers to pay electronically instead of waiting several days for a paper invoice

By anticipating your customers’ needs and offering helpful service, they will feel your company cares, making them more inclined to want to use your services again. 

To learn more about customer experience and how to map out the customer journey, click here.

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26th January 2022



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