Paul Witter is leading a BigChange towards Collaboration

July 16, 2019

Utilising the diverse skills of your team and available networks are critical in the modern business arena. No longer can one person problem solve and innovate, provide customer service and keep up with technical advancements, thus collaboration is key!

That is why BigChange created the Collaboration Network, to better focus the collective capital of our customers knowledge and build a forum to subcontract and connect with other high-quality users of the BigChange system across the service sectors. From Aggregates and Building Maintenance to Field Service and Waste and more, BigChange partners can utilise our shared network to extend geographical reach and capacity, providing customers with the best service opportunities regardless of your resource availability or service limitations.

With the rallying success of the Collaboration Network so far, we have hired Paul Witter as the network’s full-time Managing Director. We recently sat down with Paul to discuss his journey to BigChange and how the BigChange Collaboration Network will be providing important services to existing customers.BigChange: Please provide a bit of background about yourself, professional experience and unique skill set geared towards your current positionsPaul Witter: I have over 30 years of work-place management experience, of which 18 years have been spent within the building services industry. Over this time I held several senior roles, both Operationally and in Commercial / Financial Management. Prior to working in the Building services sector, I also ran my own company and worked within the domestic insurance repair market, before spending a number of years quantity surveying.

Having managed the national hard-services engineering division within Bilfinger, with sales in excess of £27 million per annum and delivering services to over 500 clients across 4,500 sites nationwide for a number of years, I then joined TECS Group in 2016 where I successfully led the strategy to grow the business exponentially. Taking the business from start-up to £4m turnover in two and a half years, through both acquisition and organic growth.

These opportunities have allowed me to develop a broad range of skills and understanding of the management of business and delivering services to a wide spectrum of clients.BigChange: What was the impetus of the BigChange collaboration network?Paul Witter: BigChange saw the opportunity to add further value for its customers, helping them to improve their efficiency, capacity and service quality through broadening their reach and availability of suitable resources. We have created a platform where customers can work together for the benefit of their customers, supporting sustainable business growth.BigChange: Who stands to benefit the most from this feature?Paul Witter: Companies of all sizes will benefit from this feature. The collaboration Network allows companies to work together in real time using our system to manage all of the activity. When our customers collaborate they manage the works in their usual manner, so all of the key attributes of their jobs such as SLA’s, Risk management & financial protocols remain the same as if they were completing the works themselves. The Consumer sees no difference in the service and application, which is a huge demonstrable benefit.BigChange: What are the customers saying about the collaboration network?Paul Witter: The Network has been well received by our customers and we already have over 100 businesses that are using it now. Customers like the simple functionality, their ability to manage works using other companies with full visibility as works are completed and that they can do that anywhere geographically.BigChange: What should users and potential users be looking forward to in the coming months, in regards to networking events and product functionality?Paul Witter: We will be holding more Network events in the coming months from September through to November this year and bringing customers together at these events to both network and have a say in the future development of our system. We are currently working to build upon the system functionality. For example, we are enhancing the user interface further so that our customers can simply manage all their business on any device from anywhere at any time.BigChange: Why does BigChange value collaboration?Paul Witter: BigChange is an advocate of building strong business relationships and working with Customers to support them achieving their aims and improving their business functions which are key to them scaling their businesses. We’ve achieved this by creating a fantastic system that genuinely meets our customer’s needs. Collaboration is really the next step as it allows our customers to work with others in the same way, whilst maintaining their quality and standards, expanding their reach geographically and at times where otherwise they would not have the resources to complete works or it would not be commercially viable.BigChange: How can people learn more about developments in the collaboration network?Paul Witter: We are available to discuss the network at any time and would encourage all customers whether existing or new to contact us directly if they have any questions or to share their opinions. All of our upcoming events and developments are available to view at and we would recommend customers attend our networking events where they’ll have opportunity to meet with us and likeminded businesses directly.To learn more about the BigChange Collaboration Network please visit

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