How Gas and Plumbing Businesses Get More Customers

December 20, 2021

Read this blog for top tips to secure more plumbing and heating customers.

Despite 2020 being one of the toughest years in recent economic history, growing a plumbing and heating business was still a viable business endeavour.

🔍In fact, 23% of the people surveyed in the UK said they hired a plumber in 2020 — making them the most in-demand tradespeople in the country. 

If the plumbing industry can thrive in 2020, imagine what’s possible in the future. But no matter what year it is, how to get more customers is still a top concern for plumbing and heating business owners. 

There are so many ways to grow your plumbing business. Like having an excellent online presence, working with top-of-the-line plumbers, and utilising an online all-in-one workforce management plumbing and heating software.

With this in mind, in this article, we’ll delve into exactly how to attract more customers and why industry leaders are leaning on plumbing and heating software to improve marketing and business operations.

Let’s dive in.


From leveraging online marketing through to leveraging networks, these are our top tips to attract more customers and grow your gas plumbing business.


Don’t have a website? If you haven’t got a website, we strongly advise getting one. You might think they are unnecessary given the demand for gas and plumbing services but as your competitors have one and are likely attracting your customers.

Already have a website? Don’t just stop there. Your website can work much harder at attracting new customers if you keep it updated.

Let’s show you how…

Using a field management CRM (customer relationship management) system, you can keep track of every interaction you’ve had with your clients, from bookings, phone calls, invoices, to customer satisfaction surveys. Not only that, your CRM can inform you of what industry the majority of your customers work in, where they’re located, and their feedback. 

Tying it back to your website, you can then use this client data to tailor your website to your customers’ requirements and even provide special offers tailored to the most in-demand products and services.

Key takeaway: If a customer easily sees that you offer a service they need, you’re more likely to get found and Google, and generate more new customer enquiries. 


It’s no surprise that having good reviews on Google, where customers can see your business’ location, is one of the best ways to grow your gas and plumbing organisation. 

If you haven’t already done so, make sure you claim your business on Google immediately and add your phone number and website to your listing. From there, you can use your CRM to go through previous customer satisfaction surveys and contact people who were happy with your work to see if they would write you a Google review. 

Key takeaway: The more positive reviews you receive on Google, the more trust you will instill in prospective clients.


Of course, individual gas and plumbing jobs generate income, but most businesses seek out larger jobs and projects whenever they can. Securing larger contracts often requires building your contacts in your location and industry, something many plumbing and heating organisations simply don’t have time to do.

🔍In fact, 41% of people say they don’t have time to connect with other professionals in their field. 

Fortunately, with some plumbing and heating software, networking is so much more straightforward. Let’s explore how…

With leading plumbing and heating software you can get access to a list of other global professionals and provide you with collaboration opportunities. 

Here’s how this works:

  • List your company on the network for free and begin receiving requests from other providers immediately - So you’ll be able to work with other field service companies on larger, more profitable projects without needing to hire additional resources. 
  • List jobs that you have available, including the skills required to perform them - As such, you can begin informing your clients that you have extra services at your disposal should they be looking to hire a field service team for a larger project. 

Psst. Did you know, with the BigChange Network, members can network through monthly virtual meetings, which allows organisations to build professional relationships and share tips on how to grow a business?


🔍One in three customers say they will walk away from a brand they love after one bad experience.

With this statistic in mind, it’s imperative that you ensure your team always delivers a positive experience to your customers. 

If you’re running a plumbing business, it may be difficult to manage every single interaction your employees have, but what you can ensure is that they’re always well-briefed on any job they’re scheduled to complete. 

Unfortunately, using paperwork, spreadsheets, and multiple different applications can make it easy for communication errors to come about.

The result? Important information about a plumbing job can get lost, duplicated, or recorded incorrectly, which makes it difficult to hit service agreements and deliver a consistent service to your customers. 

This is where plumbing & heating software tech comes in. 👇

Put simply, it helps you keep all essential information in one place. From appointment bookings, job details, invoices, payments, and even geofenced locations, you can equip your field staff with everything they need to impress your clients.

Not only that, but your back-office staff will also have access to the job information including real-time job tracking data on the assigned heating engineer's location and job status.

Using a platform that’s easy to access via a mobile device and tablet means your workforce can use it on the go. They’ll have access to all the job information, communication with the back-office staff, and lists of any tools they need in the palm of their hands.

Key takeaway: Heating and plumbing software allows your entire business to update jobs in real-time, keeping the back office and field teams on the same page. Plus, it makes things much easier for plumbing and heating engineers. They’ll never have to arrive at a job unprepared again, allowing you to deliver excellent customer service.


With a never-ending demand for plumbing services, now is the time to strategise. 

Setting up a website, claiming your business on google, collaborating with other providers, and delivering excellent service are all sure-fire ways to grow your plumbing business. However, every one of these steps is much easier when using an all-in-one field service software. 

BigChange’s cloud-based field service management software comes with a CRM that gives you a snapshot of your customers, their industries, and locations that will help you create a compelling website suited to their needs. Want to find out more? See how BigChange’s plumbing and heating job management software solution can make your business grow stronger here and arrange a freedemo today.

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