Pre-planned maintenance made easier with JobWatch

December 15, 2020

15 December 2020 - December’s JobWatch update makes job planning, completion and billing even more efficientOne pre-planned maintenance job could bring a lot of tasks with it. For engineers, that means having to ask a customer to sign-off each one individually - causing frequent disruptions to their work..

So, we’ve made a big change to our pre-planned maintenance functionality in JobWatch, adding group-job templates - a predefined set of tasks in a job. This helps engineers complete tasks more efficiently: you can start all tasks at the same time and get a single sign-off from the customer once the job is done.

For back-office workers, this makes jobs more manageable. Instead of transferring tasks one-by-one to different engineers, BigChange has made it easy to move whole groups quickly.

Another new feature is the ability to set up jobs to recur automatically. Let’s say your business has won a big contract for pre-planned maintenance across a number of different customer locations. Previously, you would’ve needed to manually create jobs, at each location, at regular intervals for the length of your contract.

Now BigChange lets you set up a job once, and automatically replicate it for as long as you need.

If your work involves carrying out different tasks each time you revisit a site, a new functionality can help you catch up on tasks you might have missed or been prevented from doing. Now, you can configure JobWatch to automatically add outstanding tasks to the group-job for your next visit.

Finally, BigChange has improved invoicing for pre-planned maintenance work. There are new options on how and when invoices are created. Instead of just including jobs that are completed, you can build an invoice for jobs created, planned and due in the invoice period. This makes invoicing more flexible, offering an option to cover every eventuality.

BigChange has also made invoices reactive, automatically adjusting to variations in the contract over time. For instance, if you have to complete more tasks than originally scheduled for in a Job, just add a job to the contract in JobWatch and the invoice will update too.

You manage the jobs, the invoice will manage itself.

Click here to watch introductory videos on these amazing features on the BigChange Help Centre.

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