BigChange Apps Mobilise Garic’s Operations to Boost Efficiency and Service

Garic, the specialist welfare and site set up products provider to construction and other sites, has revolutionised its service operations with a mobile solution from BigChange Apps.

Garic has improved and streamlined their hire and service operations replacing 400 paper worksheets with an all-in-one tablet app that also provides job scheduling, asset management, live tracking and reporting.

A large part of Garic’s work involves servicing plant and welfare facilities – for example emptying waste, replenishing water and fuel. Garic recently launched a new remote equipment monitoring system called i-SITE that monitors fluids to alert service operations. Service drivers, who respond to automated service requests and scheduled jobs, are equipped with rugged Samsung tablets and are amongst the primary users of the 90 BigChange-connected devices currently in use.

With service operations previously managed at three regional depots, the company has been able to centralise the management of service operations with the BigChange mobile solution integrated with the inspHire hire management system. With their headquarters near Bury, Garic has depots in Bedford, Dudley and Bathgate, with plans for a fifth site in Thurrock this year.

Lee Williams, Programme Manager at Garic commented:“BigChange has been central to a drive to paper-free working through an initiative called the Digital Hire Cycle”Lee Continued:“It’s remarkable to think that we are replacing 400 paper worksheets with a simple tablet to manage over 100 job types. And not only is BigChange saving many hours a day by eliminating form filling and data entry, but with the improved accuracy of data we are significantly reducing invoice-related disputes.”“However, it doesn’t stop there. With real-time electronic information now available we get valuable management information from customer sites. For a hire business, quick turnaround is crucial and with BigChange we have much better visibility of our assets. For example, we now know the condition of plant before it arrives back at the depot so we can immediately schedule for re-hire or the workshop.”BigChange offers a cloud-based solution that requires no onsite software and is fully supported, eliminating the need for specialist IT support. Easy to use and configure, BigChange is unique as it is a truly multi-functional solution that handles tasks that are traditionally spread across a number of different systems. At Garic, BigChange is used for everything from worksheets, routing and job scheduling, to vehicle safety checks and driver performance assessment.

Lee added:“BigChange has been very accommodating to our needs and they have delivered a very simple solution to what is a very complex environment.”

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