Jardak Uses BigChange to Speed Contaminated Cargo Clean-ups

Jardak Services is using the latest mobile workforce management technology to improve visibility and reporting for its property support services team working with organisations such as Savills, Wickes and Tarmac.

Ready to clean, mend and refurbish, the Jardak workforce ranges from part-time cleaners through to full-time, multi-skilled engineers.  Using the cloud-based, 5-in-1 BigChange solution, Jardak has created automated, end-to-end job workflows, reducing paperwork and improving efficiency. The BigChange mobile app gives management 24/7 visibility complete with automated alerts.

Steve Baker, Building Services Director at Jardak Services comments:

"Unlike other solutions, BigChange delivers on its promises which helps us deliver on ours!"

"From part-time operatives accessing job sheets on their smartphones through to full-time engineers sharing detailed site history and equipment specifications on their tablets, BigChange allows us to create fast, efficient and paperless workflows from initial enquiry through to invoicing".

Steve continued:

"Using BigChange, we can also see where our staff are and set up alerts to allow us to react if, for any reason, there is a change in planned versus actual".

"This means we are always ahead of the game with interventions if required and can keep our customers updated".

In a new move by the Hertfordshire-based property support services, Jardak is now using the single platform CRM, Job Scheduling, Mobile App, Vehicle Tracking and Online Portal, from BigChange to speed contaminated cargo clean-ups. Jardak has recently automated the management of this service with integrated barcode scanning, stock inventory and condition reporting, as well as certification to industry standards. The use of BigChange has significantly reduced turnaround times for each vehicle and Jardak estimates it can now save an average of 95 percent of each contaminated load, saving hauliers and insurers thousands of pounds per load. 

Peter Howson, Managing Director of Jardak Services commented:

"Contamination of goods in transit has always been a problem with incursion by vermin, water and other damaging substances".

“However, we are increasingly seeing damage to trucks and their loads caused by stowaways. This not only presents a problem with the safety of the goods themselves, but it also has potential impacts on brand integrity for both the haulier and final recipient".

Peter continued:

"Using BigChange, we scan and record the barcode of each pallet as it is unloaded. Our clinically trained, vaccinated and insured operatives then perform a thorough inspection prompted by a BigChange generated checklist. We compile a detailed report, complete with photographs, which BigChange automatically sends to the client before any contaminated goods are removed and disposed of and the trailer is cleaned and decontaminated".

"The remaining goods are then repacked, restacked and any damage caused by clandestine access is repaired before we produce a certificate of safety and hygiene, again using BigChange, to allow the haulier to complete the delivery".   

Jardak has also recently started using the BigChange Network to improve communication and collaboration with its sister company Trustwater and to manage and build on its network of sub-contractors. The BigChange Collaboration Network provides a secure and private environment for businesses to connect with other businesses and discover new opportunities. Using the Network, organisations can allocate customer’s jobs to each other, automatically track job progress, streamline reporting and billing, whilst maintaining brand presence and quality assurance standards.

Peter concluded:

"The Network allows us to identify and connect with other BigChange users who have a specific skill set that we may need but can’t cover in-house, for example pest control or air conditioning".

“Using BigChange we can store up-to-date accreditation checks, seamlessly communicate every aspect of the job from quote to invoicing all whilst maintaining our high customer service levels and own branding".  

Jardak employee holding a JobWatch mobile device
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