Female leaders share experiences and insight at BigChange roundtable

20th October 2020 - This month BigChange hosted a roundtable conversation for women in senior leadership roles, about the success of women in business and challenges they have overcome. BigChange’s Chief Operating Officer Jo Godsmark was joined by four leaders, who told of their journey founding or reaching the top within businesses, and offered advice to younger women seeking to do the same. They were Pat Blount - Company Director at Blount Shutters; Jo Till - Director of GTAccess Ltd; Heather Taylor - Commercial Manager of DFP Services; and Tina Hunn - Director of East Coast Pest Control. Our speakers discussed ways to improve the representation of women in the mobile services industry and explored what it means to be a senior woman in business. They also looked at pressing issues - like whether homeworking during the pandemic has set women in business back. With all four speakers part of the BigChange network, this event also covered how BigChange has transformed their businesses and what more we can do to support them.Jo Godsmark, BigChange Chief Operating Officer, said: “We started this to explore the topic of women as leaders and what lessons we can give the younger generation. However, it became clear that, while BigChange already hosts forums where leaders can discuss issues that are important to them, and how they can get the most out of our services, we haven’t been doing the most we can for the female entrepreneurs and business leaders in our community. “This is another way of reaching out, breaking down barriers and getting women talking to each other. As managers, senior partners and leaders of entire businesses, we can learn from the experiences of one another and be really transformational.”

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