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Burry Sealants celebrates a year of BigChange success

Construction sealant application company Burry Sealants has seen a 20 percent expansion of its workforce following the deployment of a cloud-based job management system from BigChange. Burry has also opened a new regional office and completed 13,000 jobs achieving an overall growth of 20 percent.
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A reliance on paper worksheets and manual job management processes was limiting growth and impacting customer service.


A multifunctional system that can be tailored and personalised allowing for the capture of job critical information for internal management and customer reporting.

With a real-time connected mobile app and central management system, BigChange has helped Burry achieve this by improving both back-office and field efficiency, reducing paperwork, and improving customer service with better reporting and faster invoicing.

“As the company has grown and evolved, we knew we needed to reduce our reliance on paper worksheets and manual job management processes.

“We wanted a system that would allow us to plan, schedule, communicate, monitor, and report, and, when we came across BigChange at the Fire Safety event – we only went over to get a Crème Egg – we instantly knew that it was the system for us.” Dean Burry, Director & Co-founder, Burry Sealants.

Since implementing the BigChange job management system, which incorporates a mobile workforce app, customer relationship management (CRM), job scheduling, live tracking, financial management, and business intelligence tools, Burry has seen its business increasingly grow. It has launched new regional management operations in the East Midlands and Oxfordshire areas and has seen a vast improvement in efficiency.

Technicians and applicators are equipped with mobile devices that allow real-time communication between the site and back-office. Schedules and job sheets are automatically created and sent and can be filled out, complete with digital signatures and time, date, and location stamped photographs, and are logged in the central management system, without a piece of paper being issued. The ability to digitally capture information whilst on-site is also improving customer reporting as tailored job sheets allow for engineers to record evidence if they are unable to complete a job for whatever reason. This flow of information is improving customer reporting, reducing queries, and streamlining the issuing, and ultimately payment, of invoices.

“We selected BigChange because of the multifunctionality it offers in a single system. Also, having spoken to other companies about how they use the software, we realised it can be tailored and personalised for our requirements.” Dean Burry, Director & Co-founder, Burry Sealants.

BigChange is also helping Burry manage its stock more efficiently. Supplies from the yard are allocated to a specific vehicle and then logged when the material is used on a job. Real-time tracking also helps monitor vehicle locations for customer reporting, fleet security, and workforce health and safety.

“BigChange means we can do what we do better. We can focus on the job at hand as we know the paperwork and the admin side are taken care of. As a result, we are more efficient and our customer service is much better, which means we can expand and evolve at a sustainable rate.” Ryan Burry, Director and co-founder of Burry Sealants.


Burry Sealants is a family run business, established in 2011 and based in Devizes in Wiltshire. Providing mastic application, passive fire protection, and cosmetic repair services, Burry now operates three regional teams covering the Midlands and the South-west. Burry works with most of the UK’s largest developers and most prestigious house builders as well as construction companies including, BDW, Bloor, McCarthy and Stone, Mildren Construction, and Cala Homes.

“We selected BigChange because of the multifunctionality it offers in a single system. Also, having spoken to other companies about how they use the software, we realised it can be tailored and personalised for our requirements.”
Dean Burry
Director & Co-founder, Burry Sealants.
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