5 reasons your business should be using job tracking software

January 20, 2023

In these difficult economic times, you need to grab any opportunity to give your business that crucial competitive edge. Job tracking software has become an essential tool for businesses of all sizes and industries to do just that. Why? Because it allows businesses to monitor the progress of jobs 24/7.

So what exactly is job tracking software?

In a nutshell, job tracking software provides you with an end-to-end overview of your business,
covering everything from where your drivers are at all times, to job progress and your finances.

You might be wondering ‘Why do I need this when I am managing well without it?’ Well it falls into
the category of things you don’t know you need until you have it – think Wikipedia or Google. It is
not only labour saving, it helps you in ways you may not have considered, so let’s dig deeper.

In this blog post, we will discuss the big 5 reasons why you should be using job tracking software in
your business.

#1 Increased Efficiency

One of the biggest advantages of job tracking software is the immediate boost to efficiency the right
software will give you across your whole business

You can easily monitor driver location and the progress of jobs, ensuring that they are completed on
time and to the required standard. This can help to increase productivity and reduce the risk of
delays and missed deadlines, helping you smash those all-important SLAs.

Furthermore, job tracking software can also help you identify and resolve any bottlenecks in your
processes and your job scheduling, which can further increase efficiency. And we all know what first
time fixes add to both customer satisfaction and your bottom line!

#2 Better Communication

Good comms are an essential element of every successful business but implementing them is
another matter entirely. Silo working practices are a huge problem for businesses and can be made
even more difficult where you have multi-site structures.

Job tracking software makes collaborative working a doddle, linking employees across your company
regardless of department or location, whether working in the office or on the road.

If you have chosen job tracking software that also has a mobile app, it can be used to assign jobs
instantly, sending through digital worksheets, photos and information without the need for any

Not only that but shared software acts as a single source of truth, meaning that everyone is on the
same (digital) page and that there are fewer misunderstandings.

#3 Improved Accountability

Most of you will be familiar with the painful complexity of trying to track who did what when across
your business. This is especially true if you are using a paper system, or a number of different
softwares that don’t ‘speak’ to each other.

Job tracking software simplifies things by tracking the progress of jobs from scheduling to
completion, with some offering financial integration with packages such as Sage and Xero.

This allows you to establish not just accountability for work but also a real sense of ownership, with
everyone clearly understanding their role in the health of your business.

Job tracking software allows managers to see who is responsible for each task, when it is due and
whether it has been completed or not.

👉This can help to increase productivity and can also be used to set goals and targets for

#4 Better Resource Management

Job tracking software can revolutionise the way that jobs are allocated by your scheduling team.
Intelligent assistance may well form part of the software package, automating considerations such
as employee credentials, and customer time constraints to optimise journey planning. This can
result in huge savings on fuel economy and often frees up time on the schedule for additional jobs.

Being able to track the locations of resources, vehicles and equipment means that you can respond
instantly to urgent job requests

And it’s not just field workers who benefit from job tracking software. Huge numbers of repetitive
tasks, such as notifying customers with confirmations, sending updates, issuing financial documents
and chasing payments can all be automated, meaning you need less administrative staff whilst
remaining hyper-efficient!

#5 Better Decision Making

So what can you be doing with all of the administrative time that has now been freed up? Simple. It
allows you time to focus on strategy.

Job tracking software can provide you with a wealth of data that you can sort and filter.

On an overview level, this data can be used to identify areas where your business could improve
efficiency, reduce costs, or increase revenue.

On a granular level, job tracking software can be used to track the performance of specific
employees, for example, to identify any areas where they may need additional training or support.

Final thoughts

Job tracking software is a powerful tool that can help businesses of all sizes and industries to:

It will provide you with the kind of personalised business intelligence and reporting that you simply
can’t achieve in other ways.

It helps keep different departments and sites aligned with your business goals.

Job tracking software can give you real competitive advantage right across your business.
Are you ready to hear more?

Why not contact BigChange for a chat about ways that job tracking software can help fast track your
business growth.

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