A day in the life of an Events Manager

March 15, 2022

Our BigChange team is made up of amazing people and they want to share a snapshot of what it’s like to work in one of the varied roles around BigChange. First up is Georgia from the Marketing team…

Hello, I’m Georgia Murphy and I’m the Customer Marketing & Events Manager at BigChange. This is the first blog I’ve ever written, and what better topic to write about? An event!

Overview and location 

We attended our first show of 2022 last month, the Executive Hire Show, located at the Coventry Building Society Arena. I must say what a lovely venue! The venue was big, without being too large, and was well-lit with plenty of space for visitors to walk from stand to stand comfortably. Our stand was A10, located in the atrium, a stone’s throw away from the main hall. I believe we were situated in a great place, close to the hustle and bustle of the Hire equipment being showcased in the main hall, but still far enough away to ensure we could have meaningful conversations with the guests. This enabled us to showcase what BigChange has to offer through many tailored demonstrations of our Job Management Platform.


We arrived on Tuesday to set up our stand for the show to begin the following day. The set-up was easy, knowing we had our trusted and very valued handyman Ian to help us take care of it. The stand was built for us on arrival; so all that was left to do by our team was to set up the equipment, brochures, and merchandise ready to greet the visitors. We made sure not to forget the apples and Haribo we had brought to entice people to our stand, too!


We were pleasantly surprised with the number of people who turned up to the show across both days, the first day being the busiest. I would say this is usually normal for a show, although some people may have decided to have a lie-in after the previous night’s Executive Hire Show party & award ceremony. While the second day, therefore, didn’t initially appear as busy as the first, it did pick up towards lunchtime, and our sales team was kept exceptionally busy with plenty of demos and product talk – which is our main aim from attending trade shows such as these.


An essential part of any show is the catering, early starts and long days mean lots of coffee is in order. I was disappointed to discover that tea and coffee were not available for exhibitors. However, all visitors were handed a voucher on entry for a coffee and pastry– what a nice touch! I do think that offering exhibitors free tea, coffee, and even water should be part of the package when you sign up for any event. Exhibitors must stay hydrated and well-fed to present the best of themselves on the stand. 

Lunch, on the other hand, was excellent. The show had many different food stalls, offering a wide range of different cuisines. I opted for a homemade sausage roll, and it went down a treat. Some of the team even opted for the pizza on offer, fresh from the oven! – it smelt great and, from what I hear, tasted even better. 

Overall, from my perspective and fellow BigChange team members, the show was a success. We met lots of existing customers as well as new potential users of BigChange. We can’t wait to sign up for next year… as long as beverages are included.

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