BigChange Integrates With BT Cloud Phone!

January 5, 2016

Make every second count – with JobWatch CRM and BT Cloud phone integration.

Did you know? – your call handlers can waste up to 15% of their time searching for customer records!When it comes to maximising customer satisfaction and back-office productivity, every second counts.

With this in mind, we’ve added an instant link to the BT Cloud phone system as part of JobWatch’s inbuilt CRM.

JobWatch will instantly recognise your incoming calls and automatically load the matching customer record, saving time and enhancing the customer experience…

Within seconds you can:-View customer records and history-Schedule a new job in seconds-Locate the nearest Driver or Engineer to the customer-View and edit tickets / notes and financial documentsNotice the difference

According to productivity Analysts Aberdeen, companies with CRM phone integration enjoy 44% greater customer retention. Plus top performing businesses are 38% more likely to seamlessly integrate their CRM system with their telephony.

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