Brace Yourselves: Seamless On-Site Payments Launching Soon!

Jonathan Isaacs
August 24, 2023

At BigChange, we always look to supply more value, improve user experience, and help streamline your business processes. That's why we're thrilled to give you a sneak peek at a game-changing feature heading your way later this year.

🚀 Introducing On-site Payment Capability 🚀

Ever wished for a more efficient way to handle payments at the job site? We thought so, so we’ve been working on a solution behind the scenes. The results are going to revolutionise the way you do business. Quick, Convenient, Cash Flow Boosting!

Taking payments at the point of job completion means no more waiting and no more chasing. Experience smoother cash flow, fewer late payments and a more satisfied customer base as they can pay using the method they want.

An Intuitive & Seamless Experience!

The upcoming feature promises not only functionality but also ease of use. The onboarding? A breeze! Your customers will be able to view invoices prior to payment, ensuring clarity and trust.

Beneficial for Both B2C and B2B!

Whether your business is B2C or B2B, this feature is designed with flexibility in mind, accommodating varied business requirements and customer journeys.

💬 Heard [it] on the grapevine💬🍇

"We believe this upcoming feature will not just be an addition, but a significant step in driving operational excellence for our users."

Jonathan Isaacs, Product Marketing Manager at BigChange

"Having closely worked on this, I can confidently say that our users are in for a surprise. It's not just about a new feature, it's about a whole new experience!"

Freddie Car, Junior Product Manager at BigChange

🔔 Stay Tuned for the Big Reveal! 🔔

We're bursting to share more, but good things come to those who wait. As the launch approaches, we'll be unveiling more details, benefits, and tips to get the most out of this game-changing feature.

📞 Want to Be in the Know?

Not a member of the BigChange family and want to know more? Book a call with our product experts today to get an exclusive preview.

Already a customer? Your dedicated Customer Success Representative or RoadCrew member is just a call away!

Brace yourselves for a transformative addition to the BigChange job management system, because, as always, we're committed to ensuring every change is a BigChange for the better!

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