CEO’s Blog – BigChange customers appreciate the power of Google Maps

February 18, 2016

BigChange JobWatch is the All-In-One Mobile Workforce Management Solution. One Single platform brings together your back office, mobile workers & customers in perfect harmony.

The BigChange JobWatch system lets organisations eliminate paper letting them efficiently plan, manage, schedule and track their mobile workforce.

BigChange has worked closely with Google Maps over the last three years, they found the team highly Professional, Knowledgeable and Skilled. BigChange is committed to Google Maps for the long term and have renewed their contract which will see the base grow in the United Kingdom alone to over 50,000 subscribers by 2020.

Johann Levy Chief Technology Officer of BigChange and one of the world’s leading developers in Geographical based systems commented “After previously working with Microsoft MapPoint I can honestly say that the Google Maps platform has been transformational and the support has surpassed my expectation. We deal with humans at Google Maps not a website so we can interact with the team in respect of the new features, functionality and influence the product road map.”

The BigChange JobWatch System utilises Google Maps technology in many different ways from

  • Visualising customer data, locating vehicles, resources, stock, equipment, POI, territories and displaying the data on 4 different map options Road, Aerial, Ordinance Survey and Street views enabling better decisions to be made
  • CRM uses Address Auto-Completion for Business and POI Search to look up the Company Name, Address and or Post Code
  • The scheduling of jobs happens dynamically using Predictive Travel Time calculating the travel to and from destinations
  • Locate the nearest vehicle or resource to a location helps determine who can complete a collection or a reactive service call
  • Routing offers you options to choose the best route to take and traffic is highlighted on major roads with colour-coding to reflect the current volume of traffic in real time
  • Customers receive real time Estimated Times of Arrival using Real – Time TrafficMartin Port Chief Executive Officer of BigChange commented “Google Maps has really helped our company deliver a collaborative unique solution that is enabling Small, Medium and Large organisations benefit driving improved customer service, productivity gains and reduced accidents due excellent driver behaviour. Google Maps really impacts positively in so many ways and along with fantastic Enterprise Support 24 hours a day what more could you want from your Mapping partner”.

BigChange plans to integrate Google Apps into the JobWatch system this will give all companies a complete End to End Apps that will enable voice communication, email and document management working in synchronisation with BigChange JobWatch.

Martin Port

Founder & CEO

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