Digital waste transfer notes: A strategic move for waste businesses

Oliver Abrahamson
March 4, 2024

Last year, the National Waste Crime Survey 2023 suggested that almost a fifth (18%) of all waste in England is illegally managed.

Roughly equating to 34 million tonnes of waste, and £1bn lost in evaded tax and illegitimate business, it’s clear that smarter regulation is needed.

Working with devolved administrations, the UK Government is set to implement mandatory digital waste tracking in April 2025. Marking a significant shift in waste management practices, the regulation will help businesses follow their duty of care towards waste.  

But what do these new regulations mean for waste businesses? And how can using job management software aid effective and compliant waste tracking?  

Understanding mandatory digital waste tracking

Before delving into the benefits, it’s crucial to understand the new regulation itself.  

Digital waste tracking is a government initiative aimed at improving the management and oversight of waste in the UK. Using digital waste transfer notes (WTNs), waste will be tracked from its creation to its disposal or recycling – providing real-time data on its journey.

While the regulation will initially be implemented on a voluntary basis, by April 2025, all types of waste will need to be tracked digitally. The Government intends to provide support to help businesses transition to digital waste tracking.

Once fully implemented, all waste producers, carriers, and receivers will have to use the digital waste tracking service – including businesses, local authorities, waste operators, and waste brokers and dealers.  

What are the benefits for businesses?

The new system will be introduced on a voluntary basis in 2024. By adopting digital waste transfer notes ahead of the mandatory regulation enforcement, your waste management business is positioning itself well for a smooth transition and potential operational advantages.

Here’s why:

Improved operational efficiency

Streamlining processes through automation reduces manual work, thus leading to significant cost savings in the back-office. Real-time updates provided by the digital system enables quicker decision-making

Improved compliance

Adherence to regulations is guaranteed, reducing the risk of non-compliance and potential penalties. Compliance not only safeguards your business, but also enhances its reputation amongst both new and existing customers.

Enhanced sustainability

By monitoring and effectively managing waste, businesses can reduce their environmental impact. The data supplied can suggest opportunities for more sustainable practices, contributing to Environmental Social Governance (ESG) goals and improving public image.

Better data management

Accurate, real-time data reduces errors and informs decision-making. Available data can also highlight trends, inefficiencies, and opportunities for improvement. Overall, waste management becomes more effective when influenced by data.

Competitive advantage

Early adoption of digital waste transfer notes can position waste management businesses as industry leaders, attracting clients that value innovation and responsibility. The shift from paper-based processes also presents new opportunities for innovation, potentially opening new revenue streams – like offering new services or recycling initiatives - too.

Leveraging job management software for digital waste notes

Simply, utilising job management software ends the need for physical waste transfer notes.

As software like BigChange has a fully integrated CRM, new and old waste transfer notes are safe, secure, and easily accessible. With the necessary information at your fingertips, you can breeze through both random checks and planned audits knowing that your business is fully compliant – both in the office and on the road.

The BigChange system allows you to create templated waste transfer worksheets which are automatically added to the job. When your engineer opens the job on their tablet, they will always have all the WTNs that they need and be able to answer them in a couple of clicks.

Since the job sheets are digital, they are available to your office as soon as the job is completed, as well as to your customer via their portal.

Getting started with digital waste transfer notes

Embracing digital waste tracking ahead of the 2025 mandate not only ensures early compliance, but also offers a number of benefits, such as improved operational efficiency and cost reductions.  

Plus, leveraging job management software can further streamline operations, and provide better data management – making the transition smoother and more efficient.

Ready to streamline your waste transfer notes, and stay ahead of the curve? With the right tools, the new mandatory digital waste tracking regulation is an opportunity to make your business more efficient and compliant. Talk to one of our experts today to find out more.

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