Integrating job management software with other business systems

Andrew Knight
August 21, 2023

Running a business is hard when your job management software and finance software don't talk to each other. You end up doing double the work entering info in multiple systems. And important details fall through the cracks.

Connecting and integrating your job management and accounting software fixes these problems:

  • Everything is in one place so you don't lose data.
  • You get a complete view of jobs, hours, expenses, invoices, payments, etc. 
  • Work flows smoothly from start to finish without hassle.
  • You save time, avoid mistakes, and get paid faster.

In this article, we'll look at the benefits of integrating job management software. Plus, we'll look at popular job management and accounting software options that play well together.

The problem with using different systems 

Many businesses use different software programs that don't talk to each other. For example, they might use one program to manage jobs and another for accounting and finances. 

When programs don't share information, it causes problems:

  • 🧑‍💻You have to enter the same info in multiple places. This wastes time and can lead to mistakes.
  • 🔀You don't get a full picture of what's going on in the business. Everything is scattered across different systems. 
  • 💔Work doesn't flow smoothly from one task to the next. The systems aren't in sync.

This is why it's better to use an integrated system like BigChange that handles job management, accounting, and finances in one place. All the data is connected, so you avoid duplicate work and get a complete view of the business.

Integrated systems save time, reduce mistakes, and help you make smarter decisions. The days of scattered systems that don't talk to each other are over.

The power of integration

More and more field service businesses are realising they need to link up their software programs. For example, joining job management platforms like BigChange with accounting systems has become a must-have for many field service management companies.

Connecting these programs together:

  • Removes duplicate data entry
  • Automates workflow
  • Provides a complete view across the business

This integration isn't just nice to have - it's essential for companies to stay competitive today.

Why? Because the integration of job management software with accounting and finance systems is not simply about having one platform; it's about creating an ecosystem where data can flow freely, leading to improved operations, more efficiencies, and decision-making.

Exploring accounting and finance software

When it comes to managing finances, businesses have a tonne of software options to choose from. However, two names stand out as popular choices due to their comprehensive features and user-friendly interfaces: Sage and Xero. 

BigChange’s integration with these accounting giants can unlock a new level of efficiency and accuracy. Let’s take a closer look:

Sage: a trusted name in accounting software

Sage is a comprehensive business management and accounting software that offers a wide range of capabilities, from invoicing to inventory management. Sage allows businesses to track income, expenses, and other financial data, providing real-time insights and financial reports to support informed decision-making.

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Xero, on the other hand, is a powerful, cloud-based accounting platform loved by small to mid-sized businesses. With its intuitive design and robust features, Xero makes it easy for businesses to manage their finances, process invoices and bills, reconcile bank transactions, and gain insights into their financial performance.

Accounting integrations with JobWatch

Connecting BigChange's job management tools with accounting software like Sage and Xero creates a smooth workflow. It boosts efficiency, accuracy, and insight across your business.

Here's how the integration works:

  • Data connections are set up between the programs 
  • They are configured to share info like customer details, invoices, bills, job expenses
  • The systems can then communicate in real time 
  • Data flows automatically between them
  • No more manual data entry needed

With BigChange integrated into Sage or Xero, everything stays perfectly synced. Information is shared seamlessly between your job management and accounting tools. This powerful combo saves time, reduces mistakes, and gives you real-time financial visibility into your business.

How job management software integrates (4 examples)

There are several key areas where job management software integration with finance and account tools adds value. Let’s take BigChange’s integration with Sage and Xero as an example:

1. Customer details stay in sync

Any addition or update to customer information in BigChange can be automatically reflected in Sage/Xero, ensuring that all systems have the most current and accurate customer data. This is particularly useful for maintaining up-to-date billing addresses, contact details, and credit information.

2. Automated invoicing and billing

Once a job is marked as complete in BigChange, the system can generate an invoice automatically, including all the job-related costs. This invoice is then sent automatically to Sage/Xero for processing, ensuring that billing is prompt and accurate. 

3. Payments synchronisation

All payments received through Sage/Xero can be automatically synced with BigChange. By syncing payments between the systems, you gain clearer insight into cash flow and which invoices are still outstanding. This helps improve collection times and strengthens financial oversight across your business.

4. Real-time accounting data access

One of the most powerful aspects of this integration is the ability for BigChange to pull real-time accounting data from the system. Access to real-time account balances, for instance, can provide businesses with an immediate view of their financial health, helping them make informed decisions on the fly.

👉In short, by connecting a tool like BigChange with Sage/Xero, businesses create one seamless platform. This streamlines work, improves accuracy, and provides instant financial insights.

How job management software integration supercharges your business

Integrating BigChange and accounting software creates a seamless environment that transforms key operations.

🚀Efficiency soars

  • Automation eliminates double data entry across systems
  • Staff save hours previously spent on manual tasks
  • More time focused on high-value work like job coordination 

📑Quoting and invoicing improve

  • Real-time access to customer/job details enables accurate quoting 
  • Quotes easily become invoices and sync for on-time payment
  • Cash flow strengthens with timely, error-free billing

🏹Financial visibility expands

  • BigChange pulls real-time accounting data into one dashboard
  • Get instant insights into revenue, costs, profitability, etc.
  • Make smarter decisions backed by live financial metrics

📈Data consistency aligns systems

  • Sync'd customer info across all departments and platforms
  • Inventory, job expenses, billing details stay up-to-date
  • The entire business runs on unified, accurate data

🎯Compliance & auditing simplified

  • Automated syncing maintains financial compliance
  • All transactions are clearly tracked across integrated systems
  • Streamlined reporting and transparent auditing

👉In summary, integration optimises workflows, maximises insights, boosts productivity, improves cash flow, and strengthens compliance. In short, it really does take your business to the next level.

Pick the right job management software that connects easily 

As we’ve seen, connecting your job management and finance tools is crucial today. It supercharges efficiency, billing, reporting, and more.

BigChange stands out for its seamless integration with Sage and Xero. It offers:

  • Robust features for managing all job operations
  • Flexibility to meet your industry's needs 
  • An intuitive design that's easy to use
  • Tailored solutions to help your business thrive

Plus, BigChange isn't just compatible with Sage and Xero - it's strategically aligned. This powers up your efficiency and insights. Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, BigChange has the right features and support. 

Are you ready to integrate BigChange into your tech stack?
Get in touch with our experts or request a demo today. See how BigChange can optimise your business operations through smart connections.

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