Live alerts bring your up-to-the-minute progress to customers with ease!

July 22, 2019

Live text alerts ensure you and your customers always have your finger on the pulse as jobs are happening.

From alerting customers of driver and job progress to keeping the back office in sync with all invoicing, task completion and driver behaviour, live alerts are increasingly providing vital insights into how your business operates. By providing text-based transparency, via a simple set of preconfigured messages your customers always feel in the know, increasing retention and satisfaction across the board.

A host of occurrences happen daily and threaten to jeopardise the plan; from traffic and urgent unplanned jobs to visits and drops that take far longer than estimated. By creating a stressfree means to update customers and support staff on the daily ebb and flow of driver or engineer progress, confusion is lost and jobs can be optimised accordingly.What are Live Alerts?With the rise and use of mobile devices—estimated at 5 billion worldwide and climbing—alerts via text message are quickly becoming the ideal method for today’s modern businesses to make instant connections with their customers and employees.

With all-in-one systems, such the feature-rich mobile workforce management software by BigChange, seamlessly directs attention to potential late arrival through alerts, allowing office-based teams to update customers and adjust the plan. Alerts can also highlight excessive working time, unauthorised out-of-hours use and safety-related concerns such as working time directive and speeding.

Live Alerts can be customised to report on multiple factors and occurrences. Alerts can report on vehicles, web-users or mobile resources all triggered by predetermined system indicators.Keeping Customers in the Loop:“Arrival alerts, like all notifications, rarely go unnoticed, with an open rate for SMS at 98%. With SMS messaging, delivery based businesses can share real-time tracking and transit information so customers know exactly when their order will arrive. ETA alerts are extremely useful for on-demand retailers who are providing quick fulfilment of everything from groceries, dry-cleaning, pet food, and just about anything else you can buy online. The familiarity and deliverability of text messaging provides a comfortable back-and-forth of interaction with customers.”

With simply constructed and dispatched messages your customers can instantly view live driver progress, and receive easy to understand messages regarding job completing or anticipated delays. By creating a clear flow of communication customers always feel they are being kept in the loop while the back office doesn’t have to worry about constantly updating customers on any change to route or service capability.Back Office has its fingers on the pulse:Live alerts provide the back office with instant access to critical data points impacting mobile technicians and on-site progress. With automatic text alerts sent when:

  • A task is completed
  • A driver has exceeded their geofence (left a specific territory or county for example)
  • A driver is exceeding the speed limit
  • Parts required on site

The back office is able to have a complete picture of mobile technicians progress on their various jobs including a breakdown of individual job completion and driving habits. By creating a system of automatically triggered live alerts, the back office is able to seamlessly integrate and update job histories and requirements in real time. Additionally, with the automatic functionality of live alerts, your back office staff is now free to prioritize their time on more important tasks like getting new customers or supporting your mobile workforceCase Study ROI:

  • “I need to be able to locate the nearest vehicle when a customer calls in. With the BigChange system, if I need to tell the driver something, I can message him directly. I receive alerts if the vehicles move after 8 pm and before 6 am. This gives us peace of mind.”- Jalpa Upadhyay, Office Administrator, American Dry Cleaning
  • “JobWatch has made a BigChange to our customer service operation. Customers get text alerts reminding them of their agreed delivery time and driver-tracking.” – Claire Wild, Distribution Administration Manager, HU Housing Units
  • “The BigChange system means the delivery team and our customer contact centre are always in perfect sync.”- Mick Eaton, Appliances Direct
  • “BigChange provide immediate and clear evidence detailing when our drivers turn up on site. keeping customers informed of ETAs.”-Mark Emery, GAP Group
  • “Going with BigChange has improved our professionalism and efficiency. we always know where our engineers are so we can inform our customers. Eliminating the need for calling to and from the office.”- Danny Bee, Service Solutions Ltd

What kind of live alerts can you expect with BigChange?“By integrating SMS notifications within your CRM, whether you are a furniture retailer or a Facilities Management company, alerting customers throughout the entire process via text-based messaging enhances the business-customer relationship.” But that’s just one part of how live alerts can save your business time, money and stress. With fully stacked mobile workforce management systems, like BigChange you can expect to receive real-time text alerts for:

  • Engine idling
  • Vehicle movement
  • Vehicle geofence entrance
  • Job status changes
  • Accident or logged vehicle event
  • Jobs that will run over the scheduled time
  • Answer at risk on the worksheet
  • ETA
  • Reported vehicle defects
  • Task is overdue
  • Vehicle requires service
  • MOT expired
  • Customer service reminder
  • Sales appointment completed

How can BigChange Transform your business?BigChange’s 5-in-1 platform enables businesses of all sizes to better manage and monitor many of the most significant factors driving customer satisfaction. With BigChange, your back office can easily monitor, schedule & dispatch service requests to optimise your team’s strongest skills and prevent unneeded travel. Using advanced smart scheduling technology, JobWatch by BigChange can optimise your business, improving technician response times and productivity by over 10%.

Through the use of an integrated Mobile Workforce Management platform, technicians have access to critical service data and can be supplied essential parts to resolve any service request with the click of a button.

Additionally, the use of preventative maintenance workflows directed via the Mobile workforce management system dramatically improves the rate in which service technicians resolve all issues fully, while also alerting the operator to any upcoming scheduled maintenance.

By improving transparency via live alerts and broad system visibility, and collaboration between all aspects of operations through the implementation of mobile workforce management software, such as BigChange, your business can drastically improve productivity, collaboration and customer retention.

To learn more about how JobWatch by BigChange can help you plan, manage, schedule and organise your business click Here.

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