The benefits of using job tracking for field service management

Ann F Dewar
October 2, 2023

Imagine dozens of field service tasks seamlessly being run without a single hiccup. A day when your field service operations are so efficient, they practically run themselves — just a smooth, seamless operation.

Say hello to job tracking software. 👋

With this tech, you can streamline your operations like never before. It’s revolutionising field service businesses because it literally keeps the control within your reach – right at the click of a button.

Keen to learn how? Let’s dive into the core benefits of using job tracking in field service management.

Job tracking software: What actually is it?

In the simplest terms, it's technology that replaces manual and paper-based traditional systems. But as you’re probably well aware, manual systems are full of inefficiencies and bottlenecks between back office and field teams.

Instead of messy spreadsheets and multiple software solutions pieced together, job tracking software does exactly what it says on the tin – and more. In real-time, you can track job statuses, resource allocation, and inventory levels and use this to improve operations and efficiency.

And it doesn’t stop there. You can also capture data behind these processes so you can see how the business is performing against KPIs so that you can make smarter, quicker decisions for the future.

Leading field service businesses use this to change strategies, boost profit margins, and take a bigger piece of the competitive pie. 🥧

Want to learn more about how it does this? Read on. 👇

What is Job Tracking Software?

5 top benefits of job tracking software

You're likely wondering, "What makes job tracking software worth the investment?" Good question. The answer lies in the benefits that go beyond tracking. From boosting efficiency to improving customer satisfaction, job tracking software is packed with features that can transform your field service operations. 

So, let’s delve into the five key advantages that could redefine your approach to field service management:

#1: Cost savings

Saving money while increasing both your profit margin and your bottom line is a top priority for any field service business. This is why many turn to more innovative ways to track jobs.

Cue: job tracking software.

Digital job tracking eliminates a huge chunk of paperwork, which drains both cash flow on paper usage costs, takes up lots of office space, and time spent filing and retrieving documents.

💸Bottom line: With digital job tracking, you can see idle time reduced so you can book more jobs within a day (rather than hiring more people – which is key when there’s a skills shortage in the industry). It’s simple maths: more jobs equals a healthier bottom line.

#2: Increased efficiency

As well as reducing paperwork, automation minimises manual work, and this is something job tracking software excels at.

For example, you can forget about laboriously filling out schedules or using clunky spreadsheets for job tracking. A digital system makes job allocation faster, with user-friendly features, such as drag-and-drop scheduling.

What's more, you can send rush jobs to engineers within minutes of receiving them and they can immediately reroute using the inbuilt satnav. On top of this, the job sheets will have been sent to their device, together with any notes and documents. And they can then complete them quickly because they are laid out in the best possible format for the job. It all adds up!

💸Bottom line: In essence, job tracking ensures all teams are continuously in the loop. It provides real-time data for rapid decision-making, be it handling emergencies or generating new quotes. The positive impact on day-to-day operations is not just theoretical; it's visibly noticeable.

#3: Happier customers

When your team has instant access to job updates, customer communication improves dramatically. It's simple: being in sync allows you to keep customers informed about job progress with ease. 

Plus, with the right job tracking software, you’ll also be able to provide automated and real-time customer updates – like ETAs and live tracking of an engineer's whereabouts. And you can schedule jobs more easily in advance and prepare for jobs – ensuring all the right details, kit needed, the right engineer is sent, and stock is available — and inform customers of this.

💸Bottom line: Job tracking clearly improves customer experience, but it also makes operations slicker so you can increase first-time job completions and fixes. And say goodbye to waste.

#4: Better communication

Breakdown in communication is commonplace with businesses that rely on remote employees. But that’s all changed since COVID-19 and advances in tech.

Digital job tracking acts as the glue that holds together back office and field-based teams – ensuring everyone is on the same page. And when inevitable and unavoidable changes happen, it's quick to notify everyone involved.

💸Bottom line: Goodbye chaos, hello smoother, leaner, more profitable, and less stressful operations.

#5: Ease of compliance

Most field service businesses are hit with some form of compliance requirements. And that’s something job tracking helps with.

With advanced job tracking features, you have multiple advantages. Capture digital signatures, automate record-keeping, and use geo-tagging and time stamps. Add to this custom compliance checklists with mandatory steps and tick boxes – and not only do you have an audit trail and easy-to-find history, but you also ensure jobs follow a set process that encourages adherence to regulations.

💸 Bottom line: The right job tracking tech doesn’t just make your life easier and operations more efficient, it also helps prevent compliance breaches, which could result in fines and reputational damage.

[Checklist] How to choose the right job tracking software

So, how do you find the best option when there are so many to choose from? Some of the options you’ll come across are general project management tools, and some are built specifically for field service management businesses.

To truly optimise operations, you need the right kit. Here are some pointers…

Step 1: Check your team’s needs – To get everyone's buy-in and bring on a solution that actually helps with business operations, you need to know how your teams operate to find a tool that eases their daily stresses and manual work. Having everyone on board with the same tool is key to seeing overall boosted performance.

Step 2: Look for essential features – Not all job tracking tech is equal. Based on your team's needs, list off key features and narrow it down to the solutions that tick those boxes. That may be real-time tracking, automated scheduling, or more advanced compliance features. If you’re not sure what your business needs, you can find the key job tracking features here.

Step 3: Think scalability – The right tech will help your business scale and grow with ease 🚀 So, with this in mind, you’ll want to look for a solution that isn’t capped by its functionality. For example, you may need unlimited users as you take on more and more people.

Step 4: Testing 🎤 – The tech needs to be user-friendly. So make sure you book a demo. You don’t want to get hoodwinked by a jazzy website and excellent demo videos. You want to see it in live action. And make sure you book a personalised demo so the provider can show you exactly how the tech can help your business – after all, every field service business is unique.
Step 5: Check out reviews – A good test is to look at how businesses are rated on things like Capterra. Pssst.Take a look at BigChange’s reviews. We’re rated 4.5 out of 5 stars.

6 signs you've outgrown your current job management software.

Boost profits today with the right job tracking software

We may be biased, but BigChange really is the best option for field service businesses. Why?

Just take a look at a handful of reasons hundreds of businesses trust our tech above all others. Or, cut straight✅ Real-time visibility: Big to reading real-life case studies, here.

Unparalleled efficiency: Our all-in-one platform includes job tracking so that you can automate numerous time-draining admin tasks. We cover everything from scheduling to invoicing, and more.

Change gives customers complete visibility. It’s essential to improving delivery and meeting customer expectations.

Robust compliance features: From digital signatures to custom checklists, we’ve got you covered.

Seamless integration: Worried about how the software works with your existing systems? Don’t be. We’ve designed our tech for the smoothest integration.

Data-driven insights: Our real-time reporting dashboards mean businesses of all sizes can track performance and identify areas for growth.

Scalability: And price isn’t an issue. We’ve several packages to cater for different sized businesses and differing needs. And we’ve flexible tech and features to cover your exact needs. There’s no one-size-fits-all with us.

Support and training: Plus, we don’t leave you in the dark post-sale. Along with our 24-7 support line, we’ve got many tutorials and guides – and even a university to support you long after you install the kit so that you get ROI.
Ready to increase profit margins today?Request a bespoke tour of our job tracking software. And we’ll show you which features will perfectly support your business to track every area of business performance.

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