Real-life Success Stories: The Power Of Gas Engineer Software

Ann F Dewar
July 31, 2023

Gas engineer software (also known as job management software) is a tool designed to transform field service management challenges into opportunities for growth. But how do we move beyond buzzwords to real business benefits? By delving into real-life stories.

We've gathered case studies showcasing how businesses, much like yours, implemented BigChange to supercharge operations. From enhancing efficiency and customer service to streamlining field activities and decision-making, these are stories of transformation, powered by tech.

So let’s dive in and explore the potential this tool holds for your business too.

Warmaway using BigChange


Our first story features central heating specialist, Warmaway. With a growing customer base and a team of diligent engineers, managing their daily operations became increasingly complex. They tried to have a bespoke solution built, but this still limited them to just desktop use. What they needed was a tool to streamline their work processes in the back-office and on the road, making them more efficient and reducing the risk of missed jobs or errors.

How BigChange helped

This is where BigChange’s gas engineer software came into the picture. “Using BigChange, we can see exactly where our engineers are, where they are going next and how they are driving.”

By integrating the software into their workflow, they could schedule, dispatch, and manage jobs from a centralised system. This not only eliminated the need for back-and-forth calls between their engineers and office but also ensured everyone had real-time information about each job.

“The engineers know in advance what their day looks like and they know they have the information they need to deal with each and every job. With BigChange, even the back-office staff know they have the tools they need to get the job done from scheduling to keeping the customers informed and managing cash flow.”


The results were nothing short of impressive. Integrated with back-office systems, BigChange is improving the productiveness of engineers, with less time spent travelling and filling out paperwork, and increased the turnaround time between completing the work and invoicing the customer via a seamless integration with the company’s accounting software Xero.

Key takeaways

This case study highlights how implementing the right gas engineer software solution can significantly enhance operational efficiency. It streamlines work processes, reduces errors, and ultimately, allows businesses to service more customers effectively. 

Case Study 2: Enhancing customer service and business performance

Heatforce employee holding a mobile BigChange device


For our next case study, we shift our focus to Cardiff, home to national heating company, Heatforce. Despite their success, they faced an escalating challenge - managing their operations with disjointed systems, spreadsheets, and paper records. The administrative burden was causing a real headache, slowing down their expansion. They needed a solution and found it in BigChange's job management software.

How BigChange helped

By equipping their service engineers and electricians with mobile devices running JobWatch (an app linked to vehicle trackers) they were able to synchronise their field operations with a central management system. The real-time information greatly improved customer service, scheduling, and call-out response time. Moreover, instant digital communications, supported by comprehensive proof of work records, helped drive office efficiency and, as a result, increased the company's profitability. 

The results

The transformation was remarkable. Jake Maddocks, the Company Director at Heatforce, noted that BigChange had completely overhauled their operations. The live information available at their fingertips provided control beyond their initial expectations. Their office efficiency increased by 25%, and better job scheduling led to fewer miles travelled and improved productivity.

Further, the integrated platform also boosted their contract win rates and profitability, even amidst the challenges of lockdowns. With the company now maintaining 8,000 properties for local councils and expanding into electrical services and green energy, the flexible configuration of JobWatch was instrumental in swiftly adapting to diverse customer needs and expansion plans. Plus, with fleet trackers installed, Heatforce leveraged BigChange software to track driver performance. With incentives offered for higher scores, they noted a 20% improvement in driving performance.

Key takeaways 

This case study demonstrates the transformative potential of gas engineer software in enhancing customer service and overall business performance. It enables streamlined operations, improved scheduling, increased efficiency, and profitable expansion into new services. 

Case Study 3: Paving the way for national expansion

BigChange Moorhouse heating employee using JobWatch


In this case study, we look at Moorhouse Heating Limited (MHL), a gas, heating, and boiler engineering company. Originally a regional business serving the local domestic market, MHL decided to scale up. The challenge was to do so without increasing the admin burden on their staff. 

How BigChange helped

MHL engineers began using BigChange which replaced all paperwork and synchronised in real-time with their centralised management software. This end-to-end and cloud-based system allowed MHL to make a strategic move into the commercial sector and start working nationally. They even recruited gas and boiler experts as part of a nationwide network of subcontractors.

Since implementing BigChange's heating engineer software two years ago, MHL has doubled its turnover and tripled its field service engineering team without adding more office staff. Tim Moorhouse, the Managing Director of MHL, stated that BigChange was crucial for their expansion. They needed a platform that could eliminate paperwork, automate operations, and remove barriers to growth.


Centralisation, synchronisation, and standardisation of reporting and procedures were key to managing their expansion. With BigChange, MHL gained the same management control, visibility, and customer service capability they would have with fully employed personnel, but with much greater business agility. New engineers simply downloaded the JobWatch app, and they were immediately equipped to do everything electronically, from tracking and navigation to electronic data capture and electronic signature sign off. This seamless integration met even the most stringent reporting requirements, including those of facilities management. And in terms of admin, Moorhouse predicted a 90% increase in efficiency when they return to full operations.

Key takeaways

This case study shows the role of gas engineer software in enabling nationwide expansion while maintaining control and visibility. It enables scalability by digitising and automating processes, reducing admin burden, and enhancing reporting capabilities. Showing that whether a business is looking to expand regionally or nationally, BigChange can be an invaluable asset.

Case Study 4: Achieving significant cost-savings with Gas Engineer Software


Our final story takes us to Leeds, home to Plumbing & Gas Solutions, a company specialising in commercial and industrial reactive maintenance and retrofit projects. Despite their success and growth, the company struggled with inefficiencies, including improperly filled paperwork, resulting in unpaid invoices and subsequent financial losses.

How BigChange helped

In search of a solution, they turned to BigChange's gas engineer software. The system's automation capabilities and seamless connection between mobile engineers and the back-office staff improved their efficiency, reducing costs and eliminating potential errors.

“Using BigChange we are changing our behaviours and therefore our culture,” said Darryl Taylor, the new Operations Director taken on to implement BigChange for Plumbing & Gas Solutions. “Management no longer needs to keep tabs on the workforce, engineers can focus on the job, not the paperwork, and our customers can engage with us when and how they want to. This will allow us to grow the business in a sustainable way to the benefit of our staff, our clients and our community.”


The impact was significant. Plumbing & Gas Solutions experienced huge improvements in their workflows. The software enabled intelligent scheduling, ensuring the most suitable resources were allocated to each task, including ad-hoc requests. With real-time information flow, engineers didn't need to check in physically at the office, freeing up more time for actual work.

Billing became more streamlined. Previously overlooked charges, like lapsed vehicle leases and underutilisation of engineers, were now effectively managed. In the first week alone, the company saved many hours on job scheduling and experienced a more efficient approach to their billing system. Additionally, with the BigChange customer portal, their clients could access certificates, completed work reports, invoices, and even book their own appointments, further enhancing customer service and engagement.

Key takeaways

This case study shines a light on the substantial cost-saving potential of gas engineer software. By automating workflows, streamlining billing, and optimising resource management, businesses can significantly reduce their outgoings. Also, the software improves customer service and engagement, strengthening relationships with clients. 

Make the move to gas engineer software

From Warmaway to Heatforce, to MHL and Plumbing & Heating Solutions, these real-life gas engineer software success stories highlight how businesses, facing challenges similar to yours, have integrated software solutions into their workflows.

The results have been impressive – improved operational efficiency, enhanced customer service, streamlined field operations, and better decision-making processes. However, the value of the software is not confined to these benefits alone. 

By adopting software like BigChange, businesses also position themselves as forward-thinking and responsive to customer needs. They become more competitive and equipped to deal with the ever-evolving market conditions. 

So, whether you're already considering a move towards gas engineer software solutions, or simply exploring the benefits they offer, remember that the potential of the right tech extends far beyond immediate operational improvements. It's about paving the way for a successful and sustainable future in the plumbing and heating industry.

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