What are the benefits of field service management software

February 6, 2023

Read this blog for the top reasons field service businesses are making the move to field service management software today.

Field service management businesses are having a resurgence. Research suggests that by 2026, the Field Service Management industry is projected to grow by 11.9%1.

This poses a real question: How are field service businesses achieving this elevated growth?

The simple answer? By using specialist field service management software. 

With tech built specifically for field service management, everything becomes so much easier to manage and customer satisfaction booms.

Ultimately, if you’re looking to streamline operations and boost your bottom line, you probably ought to be looking at field service management software.

Now, let’s dive straight into the top reasons businesses are making the move to this tech today.

6 reasons businesses move to field service management software

The number one reason businesses switch to field service management software is to escape the shackles of manual paper-based processes. You can read more about the benefits of going paperless with field service management software here.

These old-school ways slow down operations for so many reasons; like creating more admin, delaying invoicing, and breaking-down communication between field and back-office workers. This list goes on.

But moving away from a traditional approach and moving to digital and paperless system changes all this.

Here’s how 👇

#1: Optimise operations 🔁

When time is money, speed is key. And for field service businesses, being slow isn’t an option as it eats into profit margins.

But managing remote workers is a little trickier because they just don’t have access to the same systems.

Or do they?

This all changes with field service management tech. Let’s see why:

  • Automation of scheduling and dispatching - Quickly and easily redirect the nearest engineer to a new job (like an emergency call-out or new quote).
  • Real-time tracking and communication - Address any issues, like missing kit, quickly thanks to real-time job information which allows engineers to provide instant updates whilst on site via their mobile device or tablet.
  • Mobile access for field technicians - Plus, they can quickly receive back-office updates too, like any job changes, and they can access essential customer information (images, notes and history).

In a nutshell: It empowers engineers with the tools to communicate better, back-office teams (and even customers) get instant updates, and better scheduling makes operations just so much tighter.

#2: Boost productivity 📈

It’s easy to see alone how the above can improve productivity.

But there’s more…

  • Boost first-time fix rates - Thanks to two things: 1) quick access to an online comprehensive customer history, 2) the ability to check stock and assign the right parts and equipment to each individual job ahead of attendance.
  • Improved resource management - Quickly assess who is closest and has the right credentials if relevant (for example Gas Safe Certificate or 2-man team required), based on job updates, to minimise total travel time, fuel and overall job costs.
  • Increase the number of jobs completed daily - With better route planning and updates on job completion, field service businesses can optimise routes and better plan how long a job needs to fit more in a day. 

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#3: Deliver against customer expectations and meet SLAs 🚀

Customers expect first-time fixes, to know exactly when an engineer will attend (like tracking an Uber), to book their own appointments, and to be able to pay quickly via easy online methods.

And this is where digital solutions play a big part.

Here’s how:

  • Faster response times - Back-office teams can quickly respond to emergencies and new jobs with live tracking and quicker job scheduling.
  • Improved communication and coordination - Thanks to real-time job updates and tracking, customers can see exactly when engineers will arrive. And engineers are armed with all the information they need to complete the job first-time.
  • Automate service bookings - Administrators can create 'recurring jobs' so that the same jobs are booked automatically at specific dates and times in a preset pattern.  

In a nutshell: Field service management software becomes a competitive advantage. It allows you to improve your customer win-rate and retention because it delivers on customer expectations.

#4: Save money 💰

Just through reducing operational costs such as engineer’s travel time, overtime and fuel expenses you can start to see how field service management software allows businesses to reduce operational costs.

Here are just a few more ways:

  • Reduced overheads - Even the cost of paper, printing and postage associated with paper-based systems.
  • Improved inventory management - Like minimising surplus stock by ordering just what’s needed for a job.
  • Minimises downtime - With automated vehicle maintenance checking, businesses can save costly van break-downs. 

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#5: Better Business Intelligence and reporting 📊

Thanks to real-time data capture and analysis and an easy-to-use reporting dashboard, businesses can spot trends and discuss plans of action with senior stakeholders and investors.

For example, you can more closely track key service metrics like job completion times, technician productivity and customer satisfaction levels so you can improve service delivery. 

Here’s a little more on this:

  • Optimise profit margins - Businesses can see which jobs, routes and accounts lose money.
  • Get instant reports - Get instant reports on a range of areas like stock levels, customer response times and even driver performance so you can reduce fuel and vehicle maintenance costs.
  • Better forecasting - Better forecast future budgets with more accurate tracking of spending, labour costs, inventory and more.

In a nutshell: Real-time data is the crucial difference between traditional methods and new tech. You can actually see how you can take your business to the next level with streamlined operations, improved job profitability and increased customer satisfaction.

#6: Greater cash flow 💷

With the right field service management software, you can easily integrate your financial management software (like Xero and Sage) to boost cash flow. 

Let’s see how:

  • Improve quote and invoice accuracy - Based on resource, travel time and vehicle costs required. And invoice more accurately too with bespoke price lists and rate cards for customers, to eliminate queries and payment delays.
  • Generate invoices, quotes, purchase orders and credit notes in seconds - Cut hours from admin time by only inputting financial data once and automatically generating and sending financial documents to customers.
  • Provides quicker payment options for customers - Offering a range of convenient online payment options makes it easier for customers to pay so the money lands in your account sooner.

In a nutshell: Field service businesses can get paid faster, grow margins and take complete control of their finances by leveraging field service software.

Why field service management software is better than generic project management tools

The simple answer here is: Field service management tech is bespoke built for these kinds of businesses.

With this in mind, particular features are essential to the platforms to enable field businesses to grow.

For example, real-time job tracking and updates, checking in on inventory / stock, and even something as simple as accessibility to the tech from anywhere and at any time.

A lot of generic project management tools just don’t have this functionality. And that’s why field service software becomes a must-have for project management within a field service business.

Field service management software in action: UKDP Solutions

Here’s an example so you can see what we mean.

Off-mains drainage expert UKDP Solutions recently made the switch to field service management software.

The result?

  • 30% improvement in operational efficiencies - as engineers spend less time completing paperwork.
  • Saving tens of thousands per year in office rent - as the tech has allowed remote working.
  • Real-time updates have boosted customer service - thanks to automatically generating ETAs.

You can find out more, right here.

UKDP vans parked by field workers

Still need more convincing? Get in touch for a personalised demo and one of our field service specialists will talk you through exactly how it can help your business grow.

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